Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 404

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The Legendary Man

No Point In Letting Them Live
“I got it now!”
In an instant, realization dawned on Roger.

Even if the person had died, the evidence of his crime would not be erased. Samuel was still the
mastermind of the explosion of Velarium Hotel’s presidential suite.
It was obvious that Jonathan wanted an explanation from him.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ll look into this matter and give you a satisfactory outcome!” Roger patted his chest as
he assured, “Dead or alive, as long as he violated the law, we will bring him to justice!”

“Okay!” Jonathan nodded firmly.
“But, Mr. Goldstein…” Roger trailed off, hesitating. “Samuel was murdered. Can you prove your
innocence? As in showing us you have an alibi…”

“Of course!” Jonathan simply said, “Yesterday, I didn’t step out of my room for the entire night. If you
don’t believe me, you can ask the hotel staff or their lobby manager. Of course, you can ask Ms.
Hansley as well. She stayed in my room last night until after midnight.”

“Okay, Mr. Goldstein.”

Roger heaved a sigh of relief instantly. As long as Jonathan had an alibi, Roger could completely
ignore those rumors and the pressure the Wagner family was putting on him.Playvolume


After all, the Wagner family was one of the four prominent families in Gronga, and an insignificant
sheriff like him had no power to go against its influence.

Even the chief superintendent has no choice but to yield to the demands of the Wagner family, let alone

“Oh, by the way, there is something I think I need to remind you of!” Jonathan glanced at Roger calmly.
“I think there’s something wrong with the suspect you guys have in mind.”“How so?” Confusion was
written all over Roger’s face.

“The ones you should suspect the most are not me but those assassins who haven’t received their
money,” Jonathan uttered. “Even though they didn’t complete their mission, don’t forget that they lost
over twenty comrades. Do you think it’s possible that they asked for compensation from the Wagner
family, but the Wagner family refused to give it?”

“Mr. Goldstein, you mean…” Roger gasped upon realizing something. “It’s the members of the assassin
organization who killed the Wagner brothers?”

“I can’t say for sure,” Jonathan answered placidly. “That is just my speculation. Take it with a pinch of

“I think there’s absolutely no problem with your guess.” Upon hearing Jonathan’s opinion, Roger was
astonished to the bone.Never had the sheriff thought that not only would Jonathan give him his
cooperation, but Jonathan would also help him to think of a way out.

No wonder! No wonder Mr. Goldstein could intimidate the chief superintendent even though Mr.
Goldstein is only in his twenties.

“Mr. Goldstein, sorry to bother you. I’ll take my leave now!” After his job was done, Roger no longer
dared to ask any more questions. He then immediately waved his hand and took his men
away.Meanwhile, after the sheriff left, Cecilia brought a glass of water over to Jonathan and said,
“Master, I can’t believe you solved it so easily!”She initially thought that after the Wagner brothers died,
the Wagner family would seize the opportunity to make a fuss, so she didn’t expect Jonathan could

solve the problem with just a few sentences.“Do you think Asura only knows how to use brute force and
assassination to solve problems?” Jonathan shot her a nonchalant look as he drank the glass of
water.Having fought countless battles these few years, he had encountered different types of
opponents.Every warlord who exercised total control over a region was whip-smart.Those warlords had
numerous soldiers and firearms, and they even had many think tanks and military advisors.If Jonathan
didn’t even have his own ways and tactics to deal with his enemies, he wouldn’t have the ability to wipe
out the factions across the world and trample them underfoot.“Master, I didn’t mean it that way…” Upon
hearing Jonathan’s words, Cecilia became slightly anxious. “I thought you wouldn’t even bother to play
such a cheap trick on them!”Yesterday afternoon, after the police left, she immediately sent someone to
find out who was behind the bounty.Within an afternoon, she managed to find that it was Samuel.

To her, as long as one had money, there was nothing in either Jipsdale or Gronga that could not be

Even though Wilson had passed away, the Hansley family still existed.

I, Cecilia Hansley, am still the third eldest daughter of the Hansley family!

“This is not a cheap trick.” Jonathan shook his head and took a sip of the water. “It’s just to help the
police in Gronga to close the case.”

“Then, the Wagner family…” Cecilia trailed off.“There’s no point in letting the Wagner family live!” A
casual remark from Jonathan sentenced the Wagner family to death.

For him, squashing the Wagner family was as easy as squashing an ant.

Since the Wagner family has a death wish, I shall grant their wish then.

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Cecilia was not surprised at all because that was exactly what he
would do.

He’s the legendary Asura!

The Wagner family meant nothing to Jonathan. They weren’t even worthy enough to be his enemy.

A word from Jonathan was enough to bring about their downfall.

Ring! Ring!

Just then, the sound of a telephone ringing filled the hotel room.

Jonathan casually took the hotel’s telephone and answered it. “Hello?”

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