Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 403

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The Legendary Man

Do You Believe The News

“Is he really dead?”

Anson doubted what Samuel had said and took it to be utter nonsense.

“You think I’m lying?” Samuel snickered and added coldly, “Would I lie to a useless jerk with no arms
and legs?”


His words sent Anson into an uncontrollable tremble.

“Here’s a Hallsbay Bank check for ten million!” Samuel flicked the check at Anson’s face. “This amount
should be enough for you to indulge in women for the rest of your life. Leave before daybreak
tomorrow. I have no wish to see you in Gronga ever again.”

“Ten million?” Anson’s face darkened upon hearing that amount. “Are you taking me for a beggar? One
hundred million and not a cent less, or I’ll not leave Gronga.”

“Money is useless if you can’t live to spend it. I take it that you understand this rationale,” said Samuel
coldly. “What do you say if I get someone to kill you the moment you step out of Gronga? By then, you
won’t even have a million, let alone one hundred million.”

A threat! A blatant threat!

When Anson heard that, his face turned purple with rage. “Where’s our father?”

“He doesn’t wish to see you,” replied Samuel in a chilly tone. “You are the greatest humiliation in his life
—a son who’s a squanderer and philanderer and who has allowed his excesses to reduce him to a pile
of garbage. He is very disappointed in you.”

“That’s not possible!”

Anson added in disbelief, “I’m his flesh and blood. How can he not want to see me?”

“You’re free to believe whatever you want to.” Samuel could not be bothered to waste more time with
him. “But come tomorrow morning, if I find that you are still in Gronga, you can go to hell and meet the
mainland guy.”

So saying, Samuel stood up and left.

At the very moment when he was about to open the door, the door to the ward slid open silently.

“Both of you are not going anywhere!” A voice rang out from outside the door.

Soon after, a young man in his twenties strode into the room.

“Who are you?” uttered Samuel as he moved to draw his gun. Before he could do anything, Anson
screamed from his sick bed, “It’s you! You’re not dead?”

“Of course, I’m not!” replied Jonathan with a faint smile as he walked into the room.

“So, you are that mainland guy.” Samuel stared intently at Jonathan. “It’s not possible. The room was
blown to smithereens, and not a single soul survived. How can you still be alive?”

“Do you believe everything on the news?” sniggered Jonathan as he casually closed the room door.

“F*ck the bl**dy news!” cursed the enraged Samuel.

He had totally lost his cool. “Since the explosion did not kill you, I’ll make sure I do!”

Samuel immediately drew his gun and fired, all in one breath.

He would not waste time with the dead. This guy deserves to die, and it makes no difference whether it
is sooner or later. Regardless, he must die at all costs.

Bang! The loud gunshot rang out, and a golden bullet flew straight toward Jonathan’s head. At the
same time as Samuel fired his gun, Jonathan shifted his stance in the blink of an eye and managed to
dodge the bullet.

“How is that possible?” Samuel stared wide-eyed in utter incredulity.

He just turned aside and dodged the bullet? This is what happens in films! How could it happen in

“Nothing is impossible for me,” said Jonathan as he walked up to him.

Samuel was ready to fire again, but there was no way that Jonathan was going to let that happen.

Suddenly, Jonathan hastened forward and, with a flick of his wrist, grabbed hold of Samuel’s right
hand. As he exerted his full force on it, Samuel’s wrist broke with a loud crack.

Immediately, the gun fell out of his hand and into Jonathan’s.


Samuel collapsed with a bloody red bullet wound to his head.

Samuel, the eldest son of the Wagner family, was dead!

“Y-You… Don’t come near me!”

Having witnessed Samuel’s death before his very eyes, Anson panicked and lost control of himself.

The room was suddenly suffused with a strong stench of urine.

“It seems that breaking your arms and legs previously was too easy on you,” said Jonathan as he
paced toward Anson.

“Y-You can’t kill me. If you do, the Wagner family will come after you!” Anson was making a last-ditch
effort in a tremulous voice.

“Is that so?” asked Jonathan impassively. “Then, I’ll have to obliterate the Wagner family completely!”

Jonathan raised his right hand, and a resounding bang ensued. The bullet went right through Anson’s

He was a corpse even before he could scream.

The following day, before the dust had settled on the explosion at Velarium Hotel, another breaking
news splashed across the front page of the Gronga news media.

Two scions of the Wagner family, Samuel and Anson, met with violent deaths at the intensive care ward
of Kindred Soul Hospital!

According to investigations, both of them died from gunshots.

The preliminary conclusion by the police was that of revenge through murder.

Immediately, the whole island was shocked by the incident.

The Wagner family was one of the four prominent families of Gronga.

To have two sons killed on the same day smacked of a deep vendetta.

Jonathan seemed not to have been affected by all these in the least bit. After the explosion incident at
the hotel, he was, in fact, upgraded to the most prestigious presidential suite.

On top of that, he was given round-the-clock security protection, in case something untoward should
happen again.

Though nothing dangerous came his way that day, a large group of police had appeared.

Roger, the Sheriff of Vleshire, personally led the team that knocked on the door of Jonathan’s room.

“Mr. Goldstein.”

Roger acted in a very polite manner as if he were meeting his superior. “Mr. Goldstein, there are certain
matters that we would like to ask you specifically. May we come in?”

“Come in then.”

Only when Jonathan motioned them to come forward did Roger enter.

“Mr. Goldstein, did you hear about the murders last night at Kindred Soul?” Roger asked timidly for fear
of offending Jonathan.

“I haven’t,” replied Jonathan calmly.

“Last night, Samuel and Anson Wagner were both shot at the hospital. In the course of our
investigations, we found that there had been some conflicts between you and Anson. Is that correct?”
asked Roger in a low voice.

“Correct,” answered Jonathan with a nod.

“After our investigations yesterday afternoon, we also found out that the person who set the bounty on
you was Samuel,” said Roger in a tentative manner. “And coincidentally, both of them met their end last
night. So, you see…”

Roger trailed off without completing his sentence, almost as if he was afraid to create a
misunderstanding between them. He added hastily, “Mr. Goldstein, don’t get me wrong. I’m not
suspecting you, except that in this particular case, the suspicion on you is the greatest. We have to
carry out our duties.”

“Mm-hmm.” Jonathan nodded and continued, “Since you now know the person behind the bounty, I
think you can close the case.”

“What do you mean?” Roger asked in puzzlement.

“Just because a man is dead does not mean he did not commit a crime,” explained Jonathan.

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