Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 402

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The Legendary Man


“You want me to answer his question?” Jonathan scoffed without turning around to spare the officer a
glance. “He doesn’t even have the authority to ask!”

He then strolled off without a care.

“Stop right there!” the officer hollered from behind. He even turned to his superior and asked, “Sheriff,
should we bring him back here by force?”

“What do you mean by force?” The sheriff’s brows drew close upon hearing the former’s words. A
furious glare marred his face as he snapped, “Do you not have anything better to do? He’s a victim in
this situation, not a suspect. Get your attitude in check!”

“Y-Yes, sir!”

After getting put in his place by Roger, the officer instantly became as tame as a hare.

“Connect to the police force’s intranet, and investigate Jonathan Goldstein’s identity at once!” Roger
ordered. He had been a sheriff in the police force for many years, so this was not his first rodeo, nor
was he an inexperienced rookie.

After all, how could he offend someone that could not care less about upsetting the four prominent

“Yes, sir!”

The officer instantly whipped out a tablet, logged into the police network, and typed Jonathan’s name.

Minutes passed before the tablet went pitch black.

Only one bold, red word flashed on the screen: Unauthorized!

“S-Sheriff, what’s going on?” The officer scratched his head while raising his brows in shock. He asked,
“Is my tablet malfunctioning, or is there something wrong with the police force’s intranet?”

“Nonsense!” The sheriff was quick to thunder, “Don’t you understand what ‘unauthorized’ means? Are
you illiterate, or do you not understand the Chanaean language?”

“Sh-Sheriff, I—”

Before the officer could say anything, Roger interrupted, “Shut up!”

Just then, a chill crept into Roger’s heart, causing it to tremble vigorously.

Even our police force isn’t authorized to run an investigation on his identity. Does it mean he’s
someone terrifyingly powerful?

The other officers were too startled by Roger’s sudden anger to even let out a squeak. However, it was
then that the latter’s phone rang.

“Hello?” asked Roger.

“Are you the Sheriff of Vleshire Harbor’s police station? I’m the chief superintendent of Gronga’s police
force, Finnigan Langley. Were you trying to look into someone named Jonathan Goldstein earlier?” An
elderly’s voice came from the phone. After hearing this, Roger’s spine straightened on the spot like he
was facing a more powerful being. “Yes, Chief Superintendent Langley.”

“You can forget about it. No one in all of Gronga’s police force, not even I, have the authority to go
through his personal files. Only the governor of Gronga has that right. Oh, right, is he also a victim

involved in the bombing of Velarium Hotel?”

“Yes, Chief Superintendent Langley,” replied Roger, whose face had paled drastically ever since he
heard the words, “chief superintendent.”

No way. All of Gronga’s police force has no authority to access Jonathan Goldstein’s files? What kind of
monster is he?

At that thought, cold sweat suddenly formed and glided down his back.

Fortunately, he had not intentionally made things difficult for Jonathan earlier. Otherwise, he knew he
would lose his position as sheriff in no time.

“I want you to check who’s behind the bombing right away! I don’t care what the perpetrator’s
background is, or if the person comes from a prestigious family. I want this matter solved. Don’t let
them get away!”

“Yes, Chief Superintendent Langley. I’ll have someone run an investigation at once!”

Once the call ended, Roger’s knees softened like jelly as he slumped onto the couch.

“What’s wrong, sir?” the officers asked after noticing Roger’s odd behavior.

“Go and investigate who’s behind the bombing now!” Roger sat with his back straight, looking like he
was on edge. “I want the perpetrator found, regardless of who they are and what family they come
from! No one is to get away with this. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Sheriff!”

Upon receiving this order, Vleshire Harbor’s police force hastily got to investigating.

Meanwhile, in Kindred Soul Hospital, Anson awoke from his coma.

He was about to get up but abruptly noticed the lack of sensation in all four of his limbs.

What’s going on?

Sheer panic coursed through his veins. His gaze shot downward to his body, taking in the gruesome

“Where are my arms and legs?” Anson shrieked like a madman.

“They got amputated.”

A voice suddenly rang out from in front. The person was none other than Anson’s brother, whom Anson
loathed to death—Samuel.

“You did this?” Anson picked up a glass bottle nearby and threw it at him. “Samuel, you rotten punk,
have you lost your mind? How could you amputate me while I was in a coma?”

“There’s no point in keeping them anyway!” Samuel sneered, “The doctor has already examined your
limbs and said even the most advanced technology couldn’t heal them! The best way to keep you alive
was to remove them!”

“Bullsh*t!” Pure rage swarmed Anson’s mind while he roared, “You f*cking did this on purpose!”

“Although I wish for your death, I would never dirty my hands by doing that!” Samuel shot a dagger-like
glare before tossing the medical report to his brother. It stated the patient’s arms and legs were fully
broken, and the only treatment was to remove them.

“Lies! It’s a f*cking lie!” Anson bellowed, unwilling to accept the report’s findings.

He even suspected Samuel had hired the hospital to forge the medical report.

“Who cares what you think.” Samuel was unbothered as he tossed a newspaper at Anson. His steely
tone rang out. “Have a look, and tell me what it says.”

Anson clenched his jaw while picking up the newspaper. However, what he saw next shocked him. The
article read: A bombing took place at Velarium Hotel last night. It caused over twenty casualties, with
no survivors at the scene.

“What does this have to do with me?” Anson questioned through gritted teeth, his glare shooting over
at Samuel. “You’ve witnessed what has become of me—I’m crippled! There’s no way I can compete
against you in being the man of the house. How about this? As long as you track down the brat who
broke my limbs, I’ll leave the country at once! I promise to vanish from your sight forever!”

Anson knew full well to accept his helpless situation at that point.

Although he was a prodigal son, he was no idiot.

Now that I’m limbless, how can I compete against Samuel? There’s only one thing I can think of doing
now—kill the brat who did this to me! I’m going to do everything in my power to bring him down!
Otherwise, this fiery hatred in me will never settle!

“I’ve already got revenge in your stead before you awoke from your coma.” Samuel raised a brow
sardonically at Anson as if the latter were an idiot. “I hired others to bomb that hotel.”

“You did that?” Every bone in Anson’s body trembled upon learning the truth. “You’re saying he’s one of
the dead people from that bombing?”

“That’s right.” Samuel added icily, “A bounty of five million was enough to end his scum-like life. Among
the twenty corpses is your attacker’s dead body! Oh, wait, it’s not a dead body. I would be more
accurate to call it dead meat! Or, better yet, meat puree!”

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