Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 401

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The Legendary Man


“Master? Master, you scared me! I thought you were…”


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Cecilia was so anxious that tears were welling up in her eyes. She was one of the few, if any, in Gronga
who did not want anything to happen to Jonathan.

“What?” Jonathan casually lit a cigarette and shot her a nonchalant look before continuing, “Did you
think I got blown up?”


Cecilia nodded and then lowered her head.

“Isn’t it better that I die? You’d be free, and so will the Hansley family!” Jonathan said calmly.

His death was a good thing for Cecilia and the Hansley family.

“From the day I agreed to be a servant, you’re my master. As long as my master is alive, so will I. If my
master is gone, then there’s no need for me to stay alive!”

Regardless of the genuineness of her words, Jonathan did not expose her. Instead, he casually took a
puff of his cigarette and said, “A bomb like this can’t hurt me.”

“I know. You’re Asura. How could this amount of explosives hurt you?”

Biting her lip, Cecilia lowered her head again.

That’s right! He’s Asura, a man like God! How could a mere amount of explosives hurt him?

“Let’s go down. Since someone wants to give me such a gift, I should reciprocate them, shouldn’t I?”
With a faint smile, Jonathan threw away the cigarette butt and walked downstairs.

Standing behind Jonathan, Cecilia suddenly felt a chill running down her spine for no reason after
hearing his words.

It made her hair stand on end.

Half an hour later, many police officers gathered at the entrance of Velarium Hotel.

Even the riot control unit was deployed to cordon off the hotel to prohibit anyone from entering or

The explosion of the presidential suite in Velarium Hotel was enough to make a splash in Gronga and
alarm the governor.

Meanwhile, reporters kept taking photos outside the hotel.

Even though they were barred from entering and were separated by a thick piece of glass, it still could
not stop their enthusiasm for taking pictures.

“Are you Jonathan Goldstein?” The sheriff of Vleshire Harbor’s police station, Roger, came over with
his team with a serious look on his face.

He wanted to control the situation to the best of his ability before it got out of hand.


Jonathan was sitting casually on the couch while being surrounded by a group of police.

“Mr. Goldstein, according to the hotel’s information, you’re the guest staying in the presidential suite
that exploded. Where were you when the explosion occurred?” Roger asked while his subordinate was
taking notes with a pen behind him.

“In the room,” Jonathan replied nonchalantly.

“In the room?” Jonathan’s response brought a frown to Roger’s face. “But we checked the scene; every
single person in the room was killed by the explosion. Why are you the only one who survived

Roger gave Jonathan a confused yet skeptical look.

Based on the number of explosives found at the scene, he knew that it was enough to blow the entire
suite to ashes.

In fact, nothing in the entire room was intact, apart from Jonathan.

The whole room was like hell on earth as the space gave off a nauseating aura.

Yet, Jonathan was unscathed, and there was not even a single tear in his clothes, which did not make
sense at all.

“Are you suspecting me?” The look in Jonathan’s eyes instantly turned cold.

Instead of investigating the dead bodies in the room after the explosion, the police are actually
suspecting me. Seriously?

“Of course not!” Roger shook his head. “Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Goldstein. I’m just doing my job.”

Even if he did suspect Jonathan, he would not say it out loud.

After all, Jonathan was the real victim of the explosion.

“I just want to know how you survived the explosion,” Roger added.

“I was just lucky. I think you should check the identities of those bodies as soon as possible. Maybe
you’ll find something unexpected,” Jonathan hinted calmly.

“What do you mean?” Roger’s face changed as he picked up what Jonathan was implying. “Do you
know the identities of those bodies?”

“I’m just giving you some hints.” Jonathan shot Roger an impassive glance before adding, “You should
send someone to check if there are any huge bounties being offered in Gronga recently.”

“You’re saying…”

It dawned on Roger in an instant.

An assassination!

He instantly took Jonathan’s hint as he hurriedly instructed, “Men, go and check whether there’s any
huge bounty on Jonathan’s head in the black market recently!”

“Yes, sir!”

A group of police leaped into action.

A few minutes later, one of the police officers was heard shouting, “I found it, sir! Someone in the black
market has indeed offered a bounty of five million on Jonathan’s head recently!”

“Let me take a look at it!” Roger took the tablet from him and immediately saw Jonathan’s photo and
some of his information.

Even though there was not much specific information, his photo and address were very detailed.

Sure enough, it’s an assassination attempt!

Roger gave Jonathan a meaningful glance and asked, “Take a look at this. Is the information about you
here true?”

“There’s no need to look at it.” Jonathan waved his hand dismissively without the slightest interest. “You
should be able to identify those dead bodies soon based on the list of killers who accepted the job.”

“Don’t you want to know who offered the bounty?” Roger looked at Jonathan in surprise. He could not
believe that a bounty of five million was actually offered on the head of a young man in his twenties
who looked like a fresh graduate.

After all, it was an amount that could make all the top assassins in Gronga go wild.

“No, I don’t!” Jonathan remained uninterested. “There’s only one party that can offer such a bounty and
have a grudge against me! It’s the Wagner family!”

“The Wagner family?” Roger was shocked as his eyes widened. “The Wagner family, one of the four
prominent families in Gronga?”

“That’s right!”

“What business do you have with the Wagner family?” Roger’s face instantly turned gloomy. It’ll be
troublesome if the four prominent families are involved! The Wagner family is one of the four prominent
families in Gronga! Even the governor wouldn’t want to offend them!

“It’s personal!” Jonathan did not bother to talk too much to them as he had never thought of counting on
the police.

He knew that they would steer clear of any matter that involved the four prominent families, so it was
impossible that they would get themselves into trouble.

“What exactly is it?” Roger obviously wanted to get to the bottom of it, but Jonathan rose to his feet and
flatly replied, “I can’t tell you.”

Apparently, he did not want to waste any more time.

Before Roger could speak, a police officer behind him yelled at Jonathan, “Stop right there. How dare
you talk to him like that? Just answer the sheriff when he asks you a question. You’re in no position to
say no. Now sit down!”

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