Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 400

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The Legendary Man

The Explosion

In the room next to Jonathan’s room was a sloppy middle-aged man with an unshaved beard. The
latter was sitting on a chair, and he was fiddling with explosives.

Moreover, there was an audio monitor in front of him that he was using to listen to what was happening
in Jonathan’s room.

Right when he heard the sound of a door being opened, he pressed the button to set off the bomb
without hesitation.

In that instant, a loud noise was heard.


A huge explosion came out of nowhere, engulfing Jonathan’s entire room with flames.

Actually, the middle-aged man had already set up the explosives on the rooftop some time ago, and
coincidentally, Jonathan checked into the room on the top floor. Once the man set off the explosives on
the rooftop, Jonathan’s room would be blasted into a pile of crumbs in no time.

Everyone in the room would die. There would be no exceptions.

All of them would become dead meat.

Through the audio monitor, the entire room became dead silent after the loud boom. With that, the
middle-aged man opened his door and used a handkerchief to cover his nose as he made his way
toward Jonathan’s room.


The middle-aged man pushed the door open and looked into Jonathan’s room.
In the room, black smoke was everywhere.
A strong smell of gunpowder filled the entire room.
The floor was full of broken limbs and legs, stains of splattered blood, and there were bits of flesh
sticking on the wall everywhere. It looked just like a living hell.
The scene was sickening.

The middle-aged man was cruel, and he didn’t seem to look sick from the gruesome scene before him.
“Jonathan, huh? Let me see where your head’s at!”

He had experienced scenes like that countless times.

To him, blowing up a few people was nothing since he had blown up hundreds of people before.

It was just a few pieces of muddy meat.“Looking for me?” Suddenly, an unexpected voice was heard in
the silent room, and the middle-aged man was startled as he quickly looked all around the room.

Why is someone still alive?

“Who are you? Who’s there?” the man yelled.

“Aren’t you looking for my body?” The cold voice sounded. In an instant, a man’s silhouette slowly
became clearer amidst the thick cloud of smoke.

The moment the middle-aged man saw the figure in front of him, his heart clenched. “Y-You!
Impossible! How are you still alive?”

It’s Jonathan! How is it possible that he’s still alive?

The amount of explosive that he had set up was more than enough to destroy the entire room, not to
mention blast Jonathan into pieces.

Even if a tank was in the room, it would be blasted into bits.“I’m sorry to disappoint you,” Jonathan said
as he sat calmly on the couch. Even if the entire room was destroyed and broken limbs were
everywhere, there was no trace of dust or blood on his body.It was as if what happened to the room
had nothing to do with him at all.

“What a pity! There’s blood in my tea. I can’t drink it anymore!”

Jonathan looked at the tea on the coffee table with a face full of pity before he poured the tea onto the
ground. However, the moment before the tea touched the ground, with a flick of Jonathan’s finger, the
water droplet seemed to have turned into a transparent bullet that pierced the middle-aged man’s

The moment the water droplet made a hole in the man’s head, he slumped to the ground with a thud,
and a puddle of blood formed around him.

His eyes were wide open.Till the end, he still couldn’t understand why Jonathan was still alive although
everyone else was killed by the explosion.“Why?”

After saying his last words, he was dead.

Seeing how the man died with an unresolved grievance, Jonathan casually took a piece of tissue and
wiped his hands. “There isn’t any particular reason. Your biggest mistake is to mess with me!”

As soon as he said that, he walked out of the room.

Since he was Asura, he had lost count of the number of assassination attempts directed at him all
these years, be it within the country or abroad.

It didn’t matter if the assassins were the best in the world or in the country, but the fact that he had
killed all of them alone was enough to shock the world.

This is just a group of third-rate assassins, yet they wish to kill me? They don’t know who they’re
dealing with!

Back when the few assassins on the rooftop had gone into the room, Jonathan had already killed them
off and took the opportunity to go up to the rooftop from the window.

Even if the explosives in the room were enough to blow up the entire room or the entire hotel, he was
not concerned at all.

All of a sudden, the hotel was in chaos. “Hurry! Go to the presidential suite on the top floor to see what

Everyone in the hotel was scared to death because of the sudden explosion.

Countless hotel guests quickly gathered at the hotel lobby out of shock while the guards called the
police immediately after the explosion.

After that, they sealed off the hotel, forbidding anyone to get in or out.

Meanwhile, in the corridor of the top floor, Cecilia wore a set of white pajamas as she walked toward
Jonathan’s room in shock.

Although she didn’t know where the sound of the explosion came from, she had a strong feeling that it
was from Jonathan’s room.

At the corridor, everyone was hastily running toward the emergency exit, but she was the only one who
was moving in the other direction.

“There’s no way, right? He’s Asura! He’s the one who has the world in his palm and the only one
closest to God in this world! How could he be dead?”

Panic was written all over her face. In contrast to her previous thoughts, she currently hoped that he
was still alive.

If he was dead, she wouldn’t be able to live either because she was the one who chose the hotel and
brought Jonathan there.

If anything happened to Jonathan, there was no way that Nelson and George would let her off.

She was certain that she wouldn’t be the only one to get into trouble. Within a day, the eight Asura
Guards would definitely destroy the Hansley family. When the time came, perhaps the whole Gronga
would turn into a bloodbath.

After a few minutes, Cecilia’s face turned pale when she saw the heavy, black smoke that came out of
Jonathan’s room.

Oh no! It’s over! It’s really Jonathan’s room!

“Master? Master!” Cecilia yelled, but no one responded.

She clenched her teeth and pinched her nose as she rushed into the room. However, all she saw was a
room full of corpses, broken limbs and legs, and traces of flesh with blood everywhere.

Her stomach churned, and she threw up.

She had never seen such a gruesome scene since she was little.


Cecelia held back her urge to throw up as she turned the bodies on the ground over. Even if Jonathan
was truly dead, she had to see his dead body with her own eyes.

Dead or alive, I must find him! Otherwise, I’ll be the one to die next!

“What are you looking for?” Suddenly, a voice sounded from outside of the room just as Cecilia was
turning the corpses over.

She turned her head abruptly the moment she heard the voice. As she turned, she saw Jonathan, who
was unscathed, standing outside the door.

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