Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 399

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The Legendary Man

Assassins On The Move

No matter how big of an uproar the news related to him had caused, Jonathan seemed unfazed by it.
When he returned to the hotel, Jonathan casually lit a cigarette and sat by the balcony.

A few moments later, his phone rang right on schedule.

“Hey, Jonathan…”

Josephine’s voice came from the other end of the call. Ever since Jonathan left Jazona, she would call
him at eight o’clock punctually every night.
It had been going on for over a month.
This habit of hers had not ceased even when Jonathan was in the army.
“Call me Darling!” Jonathan reminded her.


One could even hear the helplessness in Josephine’s voice through the phone. After departing from
Jazona, Jonathan would always correct her on how to address him whenever she gave him a call.

No matter how many times he had to do it, he never got fed up with it.

“That’s more like it!” Jonathan chuckled. “Darling, how’s everything back at home? Did you miss me?”

“Not at all!” Josephine answered without hesitation.

“Liar!” Jonathan mercilessly exposed her. “Who kept urging me a few days ago to go home and even
said she missed me?”

“How would I know? It’s not me anyway.” There was a hint of pretense in Josephine’s tone. “Darling,
when exactly will you come home?”

“It’ll take me some time to get things done here!” A cold gleam flashed across Jonathan’s eyes as he
casually shook off his cigarette ash.

Unless the matter regarding the Hunters Guild got taken care of, Jonathan would not leave Gronga.

“Okay… I’ll be waiting for you at home.” Josephine didn’t delve into the matter. However, she lapsed
into a heavy silence for a moment before adding, “Darling, I got something to tell you.”“What is it?”
Jonathan simply asked.“You might become a father soon…” Josephine said in the softest voice she
could muster. Nevertheless, Jonathan could hear her very distinctly.

Upon hearing those five words, Jonathan leaped to his feet and almost singed his hand with his
cigarette. “What did you say? Did I hear wrongly? W-We only did it once, and you got pregnant?”

“Jonathan Goldstein, what do you mean by that? Do you think I’m lying to you?” A trace of anger
bubbled up in Josephine’s heart upon listening to her husband’s remarks.

She felt that Jonathan seemed to be doubting her.

“Of course not. Darling, I don’t mean it that way. Listen to me…” When he heard Josephine’s
exasperated tone, Jonathan quickly came to his senses and realized he might be in trouble. Hence, he
hurriedly explained, “I just thought I’m truly extraordinary, like how did I impregnate you in one try?”

“What do you think?” Jonathan could imagine Josephine rolling her eyes at him at that moment as the
woman continued speaking. “Are you doubting me?”

“No, why would I?” Jonathan instantly felt himself dripping layers of cold sweat. No one else in
Chanaea except Josephine could frighten him to this extent. “I certainly wouldn’t dare doubt the mighty

you! I rather doubt myself instead!”

“You obviously did!” Josephine huffed snappily.

“I swear I didn’t!” Jonathan merely snuffed out his cigarette before changing the topic. “Darling, how did
you find out you are pregnant?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve gotten my period. Nonetheless, it’s only a possibility, and I’m uncertain too.
I’ll run a check tomorrow!”“Do you want me to dispatch someone to accompany you when you go for a
check-up? How about this? I’ll return tonight and bring you to the hospital for an examination
tomorrow?” In his eyes, there was nothing more important than him becoming a father in this world.

“Haha! Why are you so silly? Do I have to go to the hospital to check whether or not I’m pregnant?”
Josephine could not help but burst into laughter after listening to what Jonathan said. “Do you know
what a pregnancy test kit is?”

“Pregnancy test kit? What on earth is that?” Bewilderment was written all over Jonathan’s face.

Although he had fought and killed numerous enemies in his life, he was absolutely clueless about
matters concerning women.

Up to today, Josephine was the only woman he had gotten together.“Silly guy, you just need to know
that I don’t have to make a trip to the hospital!” Josephine giggled. “You can set your mind at rest and
deal with your matter in Gronga. You don’t have to come back. I’ll do the test myself!”“Really?”
Jonathan was filled with uncertainty.

“Why would I lie to you?” Josephine couldn’t help but laugh. “If everything I told you turns out to be true,
then I’m not the only person at home waiting for you to return to Jazona. Instead, there will be two this

“It could even be three people waiting for me to come home!” Jonathan leisurely found a comfortable
position to sit. “Darling, I hope for twins – a boy and a girl! That would be perfect! At least they will have
each other as companions when they grow up. If someone bullies our daughter, our son can still
protect her!”

“Have you forgotten that you’re Asura? Who would have the guts to bully your children?” Josephine
couldn’t resist beaming. “All right. Sleep early, you silly man! Remember that I’ll be waiting for you at

“You should turn in early too. Good night!” With that, the call ended.

However, Jonathan was still deeply immersed in the news Josephine had shared with him previously
and could not extricate himself.

I’m going to be a father?

It felt unreal to him, as though everything was just a dream. If Josephine didn’t personally tell him this,
he wouldn’t even dare fantasize about it.

In the past, Jonathan had always traveled around the world all by himself.

It was not until he got together with Josephine that he felt he had a family.

If there is a new addition to our family someday, wouldn’t it feel more like a home?

“Mom, Dad, can you believe it? You are about to be grandparents!” Jonathan’s lips curved into a smile
as he walked to the window, murmuring to himself while looking at the pitch-black sky outside.

The sky gradually darkened.

However, a storm of events began brewing outside the hotel.

Many assassins had started to gather there.

It was all because of a bounty of five million.

They only knew the target’s name was Jonathan Goldstein, a male from Jazona. Besides these, there
was no further information provided.

Every assassin had a photo of Jonathan in their hands.

Although the picture was quite blurry, one could still vaguely see his appearance.

It was a picture of him at a café in Vleshire Harbor when he broke Anson’s limbs by stepping on them.

The bounty of five million would drive countless assassins crazy with greed.

On the top floor of the hotel, Jonathan had just put his phone aside and intended to take a shower
before cultivating the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. Right then, he suddenly heard a rustling
sound outside the door.


Jonathan knitted his brows and halted his movement.

However, just as he held his breath to listen to the commotion outside the door, he inadvertently looked
at the reflection on the window and spotted a few people dressed in black with their faces covered.
They were hanging on a rope in an inverted position before leaping down from the rooftop.

“Wow, what a crowd!” Jonathan shook his head, and the expression in his eyes turned frigid.

It seems like there is more than one person who wants to take my life tonight!

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