Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 396

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The Legendary Man

She Does Not Agree

Anson’s men were getting closer and closer. Yuliana was even more frightened that she quickly took a
few steps back. She then accidentally bumped into a table and almost fell to the ground.
Just as she stood up, a frosty voice suddenly came from behind her. “There’s no need to ask anymore.
She does not agree!”
All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes were on Jonathan.

He seemed young like he was only in his twenties. He looked like a fresh graduate, plus he was
holding a glass of water in his hand. Everyone felt that the words that came out of his mouth were

“Kid, what did you say? I didn’t quite hear you,” Anson sneered with his face full of contempt.

Who am I? I’m the second son of the Wagner family! Why should I care about a brat like him? That brat
is just an outlander!

“I said, she does not agree!” Jonathan said in a low voice. Although it was not loud, it resounded
throughout the crowd.

The moment Anson heard Jonathan’s words, his eyes suddenly turned cold. He looked at Yuliana.

He didn’t even bother to look at Jonathan at all. A brat like him who came from another place is like an
ant to me! I could kill him just by stepping on him lightly!

“Yuliana, are you sure you want to reject me?” Anson then raised his hand slightly and waved forward.
In an instant, dozens of men surrounded them.

They were ready to make a move anytime.

Yuliana’s voice trembled a little. She was in extreme fear.

If I reject Anson, what would happen to Jonathan and the rest? It would probably be hard for them to
get out of here, right?

“Don’t be afraid. With Mr. Goldstein here, no one can touch you!” Cecilia said softly while she appeared
behind Yuliana.

Hearing that, Yuliana was surprised.

She knew that Jonathan was very good at fighting, but they were in Gronga at the moment.

It was the territory of the Wagner family.

For a moment, Yuliana couldn’t help but look at Jonathan, who stood behind her. She suddenly felt
more confident when she saw Jonathan’s indifferent expression.“Yes, I’m sure!” Yuliana replied to
Anson as she bit her lip.

“Get them!” Anson gave an order.

He had no time for their nonsense.

At Anson’s orders, dozens of men grabbed their steel pipes and were about to hit them. However, at
that moment, Cecilia suddenly asked, “Anson, are you sure you want them to do this?”“Cecilia?”

The moment he heard the voice, Anson immediately knew it was Cecilia.The four prominent families in
Gronga had known each other from the beginning. Anson used to be the lackey of Wayde from the
Larson family. He had followed Wayde and met Cecilia many times.

Therefore, Anson immediately knew it was her as soon as she spoke.“Looks like you still recognize my
voice.” Seeing Anson’s surprised look, Cecilia calmly took off her mask. Everyone was shocked.

Nobody had expected Cecilia’s face to have such a long scar under the mask.

“Cecilia, what happened to your face?” Anson couldn’t help but ask.

Cecilia replied with an icy cold expression, “It’s none of your business! Yuliana is under my protection.
You can go home!”

“What do you mean?” Anson’s face suddenly turned cold after he heard what she said.

“I said, Yuliana is under my protection. You can leave!” Cecilia said coldly.

Anson’s face darkened in an instant. He asked, “What do you mean? On what basis are you doing
that?”“On the basis that she’s a new artist that has just signed an agreement with Hansley Group. Are
you satisfied with this reason?” Cecilia replied sternly.

“A new artist that has just signed an agreement with Hansley Group?” Upon hearing that, Anson’s face
suddenly turned black and a little scary. He continued, “Nonsense! I sent someone to follow her the
whole day today. Since when she signed an agreement with a new company?”

“Just now! Why? Is there a problem with that?” Cecilia asked with a cold voice.

“Cecilia, are you deliberately going against me?” At that point, it was impossible for Anson not to know
that Cecilia was going against him on purpose.

A new artist under Hansley Group? That’s all just an excuse!

”Then you’ll become an enemy of the Hansley family! I’m sure you know the consequences of being
the Hansley family’s enemy, right?”

“You have gone too far, Cecilia!” Anson’s expression changed.

After all, he was the second son of the Wagner family. There was no way he could take such

A hint of impatience flashed across Cecilia’s eyes. She said, “So what? I’m definitely protecting
Yuliana! If you dare to touch her tonight, the Hansley family will never let you off the hook!”

“Don’t you dare threaten me, Cecilia! I don’t believe that the Hansley family will declare war with the
Wagner family for a mere entertainer!”
Anson’s expression was hard to read. If he was afraid of Cecilia in front of so many people, he would
be a disgrace in Gronga in the future.

“I’m taking Yuliana with me today. I’ll kill anyone who dares to stop me!”

After saying that, Anson waved his hand and continued, “Go! If there’s anyone who dares to stop you
guys, beat them to death!”
“Yes, sir!”

The second Anson gave out his order, the men took action.

When Cecilia saw that scene, her expression changed instantly. She never imagined that Anson would
have such audacity.
Even at the risk of becoming an enemy of the Hansley family, he still wanted to take Yuliana away.

Cecilia turned her head and looked at Jonathan with a trace of nervousness in her eyes. “I…”

“Don’t be nervous!”

Jonathan waved his hand lightly and continued, “If I, Jonathan Goldstein, want a person to stay, no one
in this world can take her away!”
As soon as he finished talking, he stood up indifferently. At that moment, the steel pipes in the hands of
dozens of men slammed down on his head in an instant.


Yuliana exclaimed in shock.

On the other hand, Anson sneered as he lit up a cigarette. He sat on the hood of the Aston Martin and
watched the bloody feast.

I can totally imagine him lying on the ground, beaten to a pulp as Yuliana kneels and pleads with me
pathetically. Then, she’d serve me on the bed at night. How exciting would that be? I’m sure she’s
never given head with that little cherry-red mouth of hers.

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