Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 397

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The Legendary Man

I Will Give You Three Seconds

However, when the dozens of burly men wanted to hit Jonathan with their steel pipes, they heard a
loud bang.

Jonathan swung his fist, and the group of people fell to the ground instantly.

The men didn’t even have the chance to touch the hem of Jonathan’s clothes. At that instant, they felt
like a train had knocked over them.

Bang! The impact made them spit out a mouthful of blood.

It was as though their chests were about to shatter to pieces.

“What?” Witnessing the scene before him, Anson’s face darkened. With a twisted expression, he
exclaimed, “What is going on?”

Moments ago, he was still pondering what position he would prefer Yuliana to make on the bed at
night. He didn’t expect that his subordinates would be knocked to the ground in such a short amount of

“Useless! All of you are useless trash! How can dozens of you lose to a student? What is the point of
me feeding you useless beings? If you guys can’t break all four of his limbs tonight, I will dismiss all of
you! The Wagner family isn’t interested in having quacks around!” Anson scolded furiously.

“Charge!” A group of muscular men took out their cleavers as they attacked Jonathan without

However, how could they possibly hurt Jonathan with their weapons?

“You guys must have a death wish!” Before the cleavers could reach Jonathan, he had lifted his leg and
kicked his enemies.
Jonathan’s kick sent the muscular man, who led the attack, flying across the place.

Immediately after the man fell to the ground, another person charged forward.

They were fearless as all of them waved their cleavers in Jonathan’s direction.

Unfortunately, although they had the numbers, they didn’t have the upper hand.

No matter how many people charged toward Jonathan, the latter could kick them to the ground
effortlessly. During the fight, Jonathan didn’t even pant.

Within a minute, none of the dozens of strong men remained standing.

At that moment, they curled up like shrimps as they wailed painfully.

“Stand up, all of you! Get up!” yelled Anson angrily.

How can a student defeat dozens of my men?

The situation was embarrassing for both the Wagner family and Anson.“Are you the person who said
you want to break my limbs?” Jonathan walked in Anson’s direction slowly as he stepped over the
bodies of the group of burly men.Every time Jonathan took a step forward, Anson would retreat a step

I can’t possibly run! This is Gronga, and I’m the second son of the Wagner family! How can I let a snob
make me run away in fright? If something like that is made known to the public, how will I face other

people in the future?

“So what?” Anson pretended to be calm. “Besides breaking your limbs, I want to hit you until you can’t
take care of yourself. I want you to be in a vegetative state for the rest of your life and can only lie on
the bed. I’ll make sure your life will be a living hell!”

With that said, Anson took a gun from his pocket and aimed it at Jonathan.

Instantly, the crowd shrieked.

Those taking photos of the situation were so terrified they fled the venue.

They didn’t bother watching the ongoing drama anymore.

On the mainland, the officials imposed strict rules on guns. Thus, most people might not have a chance
to see an actual gun in their lives.

The only place they would see a gun was on television or in the movies.

However, the case was different in Gronga.

One could find a gun anywhere there because smuggling was serious in Gronga.

Besides that, there were many organizations and gangs in the place.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that an individual could purchase guns, grenades, and mortars
in Gronga as long as they had the money.

“The thing I hate most in my life is someone pointing at me with a gun!” Jonathan looked at Anson
coldly as an icy glint flashed across his eyes without him noticing it.

“What are you going to do about it, huh?” Anson let out a hysterical roar with a distorted face.

The veins on his neck were almost torn apart.

As Anson had a gun in his hand, his anxious feeling faded. He felt calmer than before.

Anson thought that the gun would put him in an advantageous position.

Oh, Jonathan, what is the use of being a good fighter? Can you beat a gun?

“Hey, so what if you’re good at fighting? You will be a dead body once I shoot through your temples!”
shouted Anson ferociously.

“You idiot!” Witnessing Anson’s stupidity, Cecilia couldn’t help but scold in a low voice before Jonathan
said a word.

How dare he threaten Jonathan with a gun? Does he have a death wish, or is he sick of his life? Back
when we were in Jipsdale, a private army with hundreds of guns was no match for Jonathan. In the
end, Jonathan annihilated the entire group of people. Does he think he can scare Jonathan with a gun?

“Is that so?” At Anson’s words, Jonathan glanced at him expressionlessly. “Shoot me then!”“What?”
Anson was stunned. He couldn’t believe his ears.

“I said, shoot me!” Jonathan’s eyes became cold instantly. “I will give you three seconds. If you don’t
shoot, you will never have the chance to do it in this life!”

After finishing his sentence, Jonathan counted down in a flat voice, “Three, two, one!”

“Quick, get him to come back. Is he crazy?” Yuliana, who wasn’t far away, shouted at Cecilia as her
face turned pale.

That’s an actual gun! He might die because of this!

“He’s not crazy!” Cecilia wasn’t worried at all. “It’s just a gun. It can’t hurt him!”

Just a gun?

Hearing Cecilia’s words, Yuliana was dumbfounded as she looked at Cecilia as if the latter was mad.

Oh, my! Everyone here is crazy! They must be out of their minds! Who gave them the courage to be
this confident!

However, just as she finished her words, they heard a loud bang from the gun.

As Jonathan pressured Anson, the latter’s finger trembled as he pulled the trigger uncontrollably.

Right now, the gun was less than a meter from Jonathan.

If the bullet hit Jonathan, his life would definitely end.

Anxious, Yuliana quickly covered her eyes because she wasn’t courageous enough to look at the
bloody scene.

Bang! Someone fell to the ground.

Yuliana opened her eyes and was surprised to find out that Jonathan was the person standing.

He looked calm.

As for Anson, he collapsed on the ground with a pained expression. He widened his eyes because he
couldn’t believe what had happened. “H-How is this possible? How could this be?”

I’ve aimed and shot Jonathan’s head. Why am I the person who is on the ground now?

“Why not?” Jonathan glanced at Anson’s shocked expression coldly. He said, “I’ve told you I would only
give you three seconds. I’ve given you a chance, but, unfortunately, you didn’t appreciate it!

At that, Jonathan marched forward and stepped on Anson’s arm.

Crack! A crisp bone-breaking sound could be heard. Immediately afterward, Anson cried out in pain.

“M-My arm…” yelled Anson furiously.

However, Jonathan didn’t even bother looking at him. Instead, he raised his leg and stepped on
Anson’s thigh.

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