Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 398

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The Legendary Man

He Must Die Tonight

In an instant, the ear-splitting crack of breaking bones resounded through the air. It was accompanied
by Anson’s shrill screams of pain as he lay sprawled out on the ground helplessly. All four of his limbs
had been cruelly stomped on and broken by Jonathan.

For his part, Jonathan had an impassive face as he remarked coldly, “I did warn you that I’m only giving
you three minutes.”

Yuliana finally sighed deeply in immense relief as she took in this scene from where she stood, a
distance away from the pair.

Thank the heavens! Jonathan is all right!

However, just as those thoughts ran through her mind, she suddenly came to her senses and hurriedly
rushed over to pull on Jonathan as she said, “Hurry! Let’s go!”

“Where to?” asked Jonathan with a slight frown in confusion.

“Let’s find somewhere to hide and lay low for a start,” replied Yuliana as her head started throbbing
rhythmically. She hadn’t expected that things would develop to this extent. Even though assaulting
Anson didn’t make for a huge issue, breaking all four of his limbs certainly counted as one. She knew
that the Wagner family wouldn’t let Jonathan off that easily for this, and there was little that the Hansley
family could do to protect him if they even wanted to.

She continued, “I’ll buy a plane ticket right now so you can leave tonight. If you make haste and travel
through the night, I’m sure you’ll manage to get out of Gronga in time. Regardless of how powerful and

influential the Wagner family is, there’s nothing they can do to you once you’re out of their reach. They
wouldn’t even know where to look to find you!”

With that, Yuliana proceeded to pull out her phone and purchase the flight ticket she had mentioned.
However, Jonathan didn’t have the slightest intention of leaving and replied, “You don’t have to get the
tickets. I don’t plan to leave.”

“No! You absolutely must go, and the further you go, the better it is! If we delay any further, it may
become too late for you to flee!” exhorted Yuliana anxiously as she completely disregarded Jonathan’s

“I said I’m not leaving!” Jonathan frowned and repeated himself.

He saw no reason for him to flee this fearfully and desperately from the likes of the Wagner family. In
fact, Jonathan never had the thought of escaping even when completely surrounded by an army of
thousands back then, let alone when faced with a mere family like the Wagner family. As Asura, he
would rather die in battle than bear the shame of fleeing like a coward.“As long as you remain in
Gronga, there’s no way that the Wagner family would let you off!” exclaimed Yuliana anxiously in her
panic. However, Jonathan did not share her panic and kept his face calm as he replied in a steady
voice, “If that’s the case, I’ll destroy the Wagner family as well!”Destroy the Wagner family as well?

Yuliana couldn’t help but think that Jonathan was well and truly insane. After all, each of the four
prominent families held tremendous sway and influence in Gronga.

“You simply don’t understand just how terrifying the Wagner family’s influence in Gronga is!” replied
Yuliana with increasing levels of distress as she shook her head.

From what she knew of the Wagner family’s influence in Gronga, it wouldn’t take more than a half-hour
for them to scour the island to find Jonathan. Once that happened, there was no avenue of escape for
him, even if he wanted to flee. In fact, the Wagner family didn’t even have to step in personally. All they

had to do was issue a bounty for Jonathan’s head, and that would immediately send all the assassins
and contract killers on the island on Jonathan’s tail. Without hesitation, they would whiff him out and
serve him up in exchange for their reward.

Jonathan continued to gaze at Yuliana calmly and didn’t seem to set much store by her warning. He
replied, “Is that so? If they don’t know what’s good for them and insist on coming after me to create
trouble for me, I’m afraid that’s when they’ll find out precisely what true terror is!”

With that, Jonathan turned and strode away.Yuliana saw that he was leaving and frantically asked,
“Where are you going?”

It was nigh impossible for Jonathan to escape to a safe haven, especially since he had assaulted the
second son of the Wagner family in Gronga and right in front of a watching crowd.

“I’m going back to the hotel,” answered Jonathan coolly without bothering to turn his head to look at

“Hang on!” yelled Yuliana upon seeing Jonathan stride off nonchalantly. She wanted to chase after him,
but it was clear that Jonathan had no intention of stopping to wait for her.

“Don’t bother chasing after him. He won’t care about you,” remarked Cecilia as she blocked Yuliana’s
path forward. Then, Cecilia casually recited a series of numbers.“What?” asked Yuliana in surprise.
She was caught off guard by what Cecilia had suddenly said.“That’s my phone number! Feel free to
give me a call if the Wagner family messes with you. Just remember that nothing is insurmountable or
unsolvable as long as Mr. Goldstein is here,” declared Cecilia.

With that, she immediately rushed off and chased after Jonathan.

Yuliana was a little taken aback by Cecilia’s proclamation and felt dazed as she watched Jonathan
retreat into the distance. She thought back to her first encounter with Jonathan on a plane, where he

had effortlessly dealt with potential hijackers. Now, at their second encounter, he had broken all four of
Anson’s limbs without so much as a hint of hesitation.

It seemed like there was nothing or nobody in this whole wide world that Jonathan was afraid of.

Who exactly are you, Jonathan?

When Jonathan finally arrived at the hotel about an hour later, everything that had transpired at
Vleshire Harbor had already dominated the headlines of Gronga and became the talk of the town.
Jonathan’s figure and silhouette were exceptionally striking in the news features.

Furthermore, they had somehow managed to capture a shot of Anson as he lay helplessly on the
ground with a ferocious yet pained look on his face. In that shot, Jonathan’s leg was firmly pressed
against Anson’s arm.

The headlines were eye-catching and read: Outlander Brutally Assaults the Wagner Family’s Second
Son! The Enraged Wagner Family Commences an Islandwide Manhunt!
Over at one of the hospitals in Gronga, countless reporters gathered on-site and blocked every single
entrance. Flashes of light repeatedly struck the eldest son of the Wagner family, Samuel Wagner’s face
upon his arrival, but he showed no intention of stopping.
Regardless of how persistent the reporters were, he retained his icy cold expression and pretended as
if he hadn’t heard anything.

That continued all the way until he arrived at the entrance to the hospital’s emergency department. He
opened his mouth for the first time and directed his question toward his family’s butler. “Is Anson

“No, he’s not. His arms and legs are both broken, but he’s a long way from dying,” replied the butler
with his head lowered.

It was common knowledge to all in Gronga that Samuel and Anson did not get along despite being from
the same family. They hated each other and couldn’t be happier if the other met with an early death
since it would pave their way toward inheriting the family business.

“Did you send over the group of thugs that Anson had with him?” asked Samuel coldly. Faced with his
icy glare, the butler couldn’t help but flinch and shy away from him as he meekly replied, “Yes.”

The next moment, Samuel’s leg landed squarely on the butler’s stomach with a solid thump. With just a
single kick, the butler was sent sprawling across the ground.
“A group of men can’t even protect that one individual. What’s the point of hiring all of you if you’re so
useless?” demanded Samuel icily.
Although Samuel couldn’t be bothered in the least whether Anson lived or died, he was concerned with
the impact of the entire debacle on the Wagner family’s reputation. He knew very well that the family
would be made a laughing stock if word spread that Anson had gotten badly assaulted despite having a
team protecting him. With that, there was no way the Wagner family could still have the cheek to take
up the mantle of one of the four prominent families in Gronga.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wagner!” exclaimed the butler as he cradled his stomach and slowly rose to his feet.
Although he was clearly displeased by what had just happened, he didn’t dare to express it openly to

These two heirs to the Wagner family are simply impossible to deal with! Each of them is worse than
the other and more challenging to handle!

“Send someone over immediately to look into that man’s location. Capture him the second you find
him! I don’t care if he’s dead or alive, but make sure we get hold of his physical body. Do you hear
me?” instructed Samuel.

“Yes, Mr. Wagner!” replied the butler as he anxiously nodded along.

“In addition, send some men over to the black market to hire some contract killers. I want to put a five
million bounty on that man’s head! I don’t care what means or methods they employ. I have to see his
head right before me! Failing that, I’ll just have to satisfy myself with your head!” declared Samuel.

“Yes, Mr. Wagner!” replied the butler dutifully.
With just that single set of instructions, Samuel had terrified the butler to the point that he trembled
where he stood. Without so much as a second word, he turned and left.

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