Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 395

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The Legendary Man

The Appearance Of Anson

Cecilia said flatly, “If not, join our entertainment company under Hansley Group. The Hansley family
has also established an entertainment company. Even though it is not as influential as the Wagner
family in the entertainment industry, at least after you join Hansley Group, even the Wagner family will
not dare to trouble you again!”


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“Hansley Group?”

The moment she heard those words, a hint of surprise flashed across Yuliana’s eyes.

Hansley Group… Isn’t that the Hansley family’s business? The young woman with a mask in front of
me is a member of the Hansley family, one of the four prominent families in Gronga?

“Oh, yes, this is my business card. You can contact me if you are interested!” Cecilia handed her card
to Yuliana. However, the young woman who was there immediately felt jealous upon seeing that. Over
the past few years, she had pleased Cecilia in private many times because she wanted to join Hansley

Although the influence of Hansley Group in the entertainment industry was not as great as that of the
Wagner family, it was still tremendously powerful. With the influence of the Hansley family in Gronga, it
would be very easy for them to make a female celebrity popular.

Despite that, Cecilia never responded to any of her attempts to butter the former up.

Cecilia never even promised her anything.

Never in a million years would she think that Cecilia would make an offer to Yuliana who she had only
met once.

That had made her instantly disgruntled.

However, what was more surprising to her was that Yuliana declined Cecilia’s invitation.

“Forget it, Ms. Hansley. I appreciate your kindness. However, it’s not worth it for the Hansley family to
offend the Wagner family and make an enemy of them for my sake!” Yuliana politely rejected her as the
Wagner family’s influence in Gronga was too great.

She did not want to burden Cecilia.

When Cecilia heard Yuliana’s words, she sneered with a trace of disdain in her eyes. “Enemy? Anson
isn’t worthy of becoming an enemy of the Hansley family!”

Not to mention, the legendary man with a godlike existence was standing behind her. Even without
Jonathan behind her, she simply did not care about Anson.

Who does Anson think he is? He’s just the second son of the Wagner family. But what about me? I,
Cecilia Hansley, am the heiress of the Hansley family after my grandfather’s death!

“Forget about it. Thank you very much for today, Ms. Hansley!” Yuliana declined Cecilia again. After
saying that, she bowed down to Jonathan and said, “Mr. Goldstein, I’m sorry to trouble you again today!
If there is a chance, I’ll treat you to a meal and apologize to you in person after returning to the

Jonathan rejected her with a calm voice, “You don’t need to apologize. You’ve already apologized to
me once on the plane.”

He then asked, “By the way, are you planning to quit the entertainment industry after you go back?”

Yuliana nodded and said, “Yes! I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for so many years and
I’m tired. I have some savings, so I plan to go home and open a café there! It might be good to raise a
cat or plant some plants, too!”

“That sounds good!”

Jonathan nodded casually.

After he finished speaking, a few dazzling lights suddenly appeared in the distance. Then, three to five
black Mercedes-Benz were seen directly blocking the door of the café.

“Oh no!”

Yuliana’s heart skipped a beat. She was suddenly panicked.

Among the group of black Mercedes-Benz, there was an Aston Martin with the number 666666 in black
on a white license plate. The door of the Aston Martin opened, and a young man in a black jacket
stepped out of the car.

The man didn’t seem old, appearing to be in his twenties.

His face was pale and his temperament was feminine.

He looked like the young guys in movies and TV shows.

It was Anson.

Yuliana recognized the man, who was like a nightmare to her, at a glance.Anson walked toward Yuliana
coldly with a hint of mockery in his eyes. “I heard someone had beaten up my man? Yuliana, did you
find someone to do that?”

“That’s right, I did!”

Yuliana gritted her teeth and admitted it.

Anson walked over and asked, “Do you know the fate of offending me in Gronga?” He then walked to
the bald man and kicked his head fiercely. Instantly, blood trickled down the latter’s face. Anson
continued, “Although he is just my underling, I’m still the boss. It’s a disgrace to have my underling
beaten up by someone. Whoever beat him up just now, come out!”

As soon as he finished talking, Anson’s eyes swept across the faces of Jonathan, the young woman,
and Cecilia.

However, Cecilia was wearing a mask. Hence, Anson didn’t recognize her.

It was until a limping little gangster stretched out his finger to point at Jonathan that Anson’s eyes
suddenly filled with murderous intent.

Anson then looked at Jonathan with cold eyes and asked, “You’re the one who beat up my man?”

“I was too lenient with him. I didn’t manage to kill him!” replied Jonathan.

Hearing that, Anson’s expression instantly changed. His eyes were then fixed on Jonathan. He asked,
“What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly. Repeat yourself!”
At that, the doors of the Mercedes-Benz cars behind him opened one after another.
In an instant, dozens of burly men walked out of the cars with steel pipes, iron rods, and triangular
army thorns in their hands.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Yuliana said in a hurry, “What are you doing? Anson, this has nothing
to do with them! If you want revenge, then come at me!”

Anson immediately sneered, “Come at you? Yuliana, I’ve sent people to invite you over so many times,
but you’ve always rejected me. Do you think I’ll listen to you for today’s incident?”
“What do you want to do?” Yuliana bit her lip and was slightly terrified.

Anson smiled and said, “Don’t you know what I want to do? He’s just one of my men. You can beat him
to death if you want to! As long as you come with me tonight, I can let bygones be bygones and act as
if nothing had happened!”
“That’s not going to happen. Change your terms!” Yuliana rejected him without hesitation.
“Then we have nothing else to say!” With a wave of his hand, the men rushed toward them in an

In the blink of an eye, Anson’s men surrounded them.

Yuliana took a few steps back, and the fear on her face deepened. She said, “Anson, can I pay you?
How much do you want? As long as I can afford it, I will give as much as you want!”

At that moment, she was prepared to go bankrupt.
Hearing that, Anson sneered, “Pay me? Yuliana, do you think I’ll be short of money? I’ll say it again for
the last time. As long as you come home with me tonight, any problem can be solved. However, if you
don’t agree…”

Despite not finishing his sentence, the meaning behind his words could not be more obvious.

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