Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 394

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The Legendary Man

The Dark Side Of The Entertainment Industry

Jonathan cut the waiter off abruptly, “No buts! Just bring me a glass of water!”

“Okay. Got it!” Hearing Jonathan’s order, the waiter instantly brought over a glass of water.

Sitting down, Jonathan calmly took a sip of water. The thugs bit their lips nervously.

They were rooted in their spots, not daring to make a sound nor escape.

When Yuliana got out of the car and inadvertently blocked Jonathan’s line of sight, the thugs instantly
scurried off with their tails between their legs.

Biting her lip, Yuliana said gingerly, ”T-Thank you for saving me, Mr. Goldstein!” Her face flushed red at
that moment. There were some scratches on her body. Furthermore, her gown was torn.

Yuliana had already recognized Jonathan in the car earlier. She could not believe that she would meet
Jonathan again under such circumstances.

“Don’t mention it,” Jonathan said indifferently.

He had no intention of meddling with other people’s affairs. If it were not for their encounter in the past,
he would probably turn a blind eye.

“Do you guys know each other?” A hint of surprise flashed across the young woman’s eyes when she
heard how Yuliana addressed Jonathan.

Lowering her head shyly, Yuliana explained, “Yes, we do. I was on the same flight as Mr. Goldstein a
few days ago. However, there was an incident in the middle of our flight. It caused a lot of trouble for

Mr. Goldstein. I’m sorry for troubling you again!”

Yuliana’s head sunk lower when she brought up the incident on the plane. She did not even dare to
look Jonathan in the eyes.

At that moment, Yuliana felt that she was a troublemaker to him.

Jonathan said lightly, “No worries. I hardly did anything back then. You’re a public figure, Ms. Smith.
Yet, they tried to kidnap you in broad daylight. Why aren’t they afraid of the police?”


Smiling helplessly, Yuliana explained, “Mr. Goldstein, I guess you don’t know much about the police in
Gronga. They will only help the rich people. When have they ever cared about the lives of the poor?
Besides, I’m not a local. Moreover, even if the police come to arrest these thugs, Mr. Wagner could get
them out of prison with just a phone call within ten minutes.”

“Is Mr. Wagner that powerful?” Jonathan asked casually.

No matter how powerful this guy is, there’s no way he could get away with anything in Gronga, right?

Yuliana said resignedly, “Yes, he’s very powerful. There are four prominent families in Gronga, namely
the Larson family, the Hansley family, the Wagner family, and the Zimmerman family. The Wagners
hold the most power in the entertainment industry. Regardless if they’re local celebrities or from the
mainland, no one would dare to mess with the Wagners if they want to find a foothold in the
entertainment circle here. The male celebrities are in a much better situation than us. On the other
hand, the women have to…”

Yuliana paused and let out a sigh. She continued, “Who would dare to refuse Mr. Wagner when he
ordered us to eat, drink, or sleep with him?”

“What about you? You somehow found the courage to reject him,” Jonathan asked curiously.

It was common knowledge that such practices were rife in the entertainment industry, especially the
show business in Gronga.

The majority of female celebrities here had to sell their bodies to succeed. The unspoken rules of the
industry were thrown out of the window by the directors and producers as they continued to take
advantage of the powerless actresses.

What kind of unspoken rules are these? It’s clearly laid out in front of everyone!Yuliana sighed in
frustration. “I didn’t dare to refuse him. However, I can’t force myself to go through that.”

“I entered the entertainment industry with the goal of becoming an actress. I want to show off my acting
skills to the public, not to sleep with these people!” Feeling enraged, Yuliana’s voice began to tremble.

Biting her lip, Yuliana continued, “No one told me that I have to sell my body when I first joined the
industry! I can’t do it. I really can’t go through this. I don’t want to be a plaything for those rich people.
There’s no dignity in that. I don’t want to act like an obedient puppy and kneel in front of them every
day. Worst of all, I’ll have to pretend that I enjoyed being humiliated by them. That’s not the life I want!”

Yuliana had a meltdown when she recalled how her former colleagues, who once shared her dream,
eventually became the playthings of those rich people.

Those sickening people would film the helpless female celebrities and share the videos among

Furthermore, they would even upload the videos on the internet. They wanted everyone to see how
those once-mighty goddesses of the entertainment industry were being tortured by them in various
perverted ways in private.

It was simply too disgusting for her.

Hearing Yuliana’s outburst, Cecilia immediately handed her a tissue before patting her on the shoulder.
Meanwhile, Freida suddenly turned pale. She wanted to say something but decided against it.

Yuliana’s words undoubtedly hit a nerve as the young woman was one of those female celebrities who
had given up their dignity by sleeping with the rich people.

“Thank you.”

Wiping the tears off her eyes, Yuliana said apologetically, “Sorry for the meltdown just now. I hope I
didn’t frighten you guys.”

“Of course not.” Jonathan shook his head.

He was not surprised by Yuliana’s words at all.

In the eyes of the public, female celebrities lived a comfortable and glamorous life. However, no one
knew about the sufferings and humiliation they had to endure in private.

That was the dark side of the entertainment industry.

While the stars shone brightly in front of the cameras, they had to suffer inhumane treatments when the
cameras were off.

Some people held on to their principles while others forsook them a long time ago.

“Do you know the consequences of rejecting these people?” Jonathan looked at Yuliana

“I’m aware of that.”

Clenching her teeth, Yuliana continued, “I guess they will kick me out of Gronga. Then, I’ll have to
return to the mainland. Furthermore, I might be blacklisted by them. It doesn’t matter because I don’t
care about it anymore. Besides, this isn’t the first time that I’ve been banned. Instead of living in fear
every day or being intimidated in the middle of the night, it’s better to quit the entertainment industry.”

It was clear that Yuliana had lost faith in the entertainment industry.

“The situation may not be as bleak as you think.” Seeing how exasperated Yuliana was, Cecilia
cautiously glanced at Jonathan behind her.

It might seem like a hopeless situation for Yuliana. However, this matter was not worth mentioning to

The vicious entertainment industry in Gronga and the Wagner family were merely specks of dust in
front of Jonathan.

Jonathan could make the Wagner family disappear from Gronga in the blink of an eye with a single
order if he wanted to.

“Your name is Yuliana, right? Have you joined any agency in Gronga yet?” Cecilia probed.

Shaking her head, Yuliana said, “No, I haven’t. I’ve only been here in Gronga for a few days. I haven’t
had time to join an agency yet.”

She had already negotiated with an agency and found an endorsement. Nevertheless, everything was
done by her manager in her stead.

After Yuliana got off the plane, she fired the manager on the spot.

As a result, she lost both the endorsement and the agency. Left with no alternative, she ended up as a
walk-in extra in a third-rate drama.

To Yuliana’s dismay, she got into trouble with Anson, the infamous son of the Wagner family, within two
days of filming.

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