Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 393

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The Legendary Man

Leave Yuliana Alone

“What did you just call me?” Cecilia’s face instantly turned cold when she heard Axel call her a little girl.

She could not believe that a lowly ruffian would dare to disrespect the third daughter of the Hansley

“I called you a little girl. What about it?” Axel sneered. “Little girl, are you feeling lonely tonight? Can’t
find anyone to keep you company? Let me know if you’re lonely. I can keep you warm tonight.”

He then smiled sinisterly at his suggestion. The group of lackeys behind him exploded in raucous
laughter after hearing his taunting remarks.

“Axel, don’t forget about us when you’re done playing with her!”

“You can have her first, Axel. Then, you can leave her with us.”

A group of hooligans unscrupulously joked about Cecilia. Her face became colder the more they said.
When have I ever been bullied like this before?

“You guys must have a death wish!” she roared.

Looking chillingly at Axel, Cecilia declared, “Are you Mr. Wagner’s people? Tell him that Yuliana is
under the wing of Cecilia Hansley from now on. If he has a problem with that, ask him to come to me!”

Even though the Wagners were one of the four prominent families in Gronga, they were no match for
the Hansley family. Ever since Marcus took over as the head of the Hansley family, Cecilia’s status had
grown considerably.

Besides, she had Jonathan backing her too.

The entire Wagner family probably looked like ants in Jonathan’s eyes, let alone Anson himself.
Jonathan could trample the latter with ease.

Pursing his lips, Axel said disdainfully, ”Cecilia? Who the h*ll is Cecilia? I’ve never heard of this name
before! Listen carefully, little girl. You’d better mind your own business. Otherwise, I’m going to take you
forcefully later tonight!”

It was clear that Axel did not take her seriously at all.

Cecilia’s face darkened at once when she heard his threat. Just when Cecilia was about to unleash her
fury on him, Freida, who was behind her, suddenly stood up and said, “Have you never heard of Ms.
Hansley before? You sure are bold. How dare you mess with the Hansley family? I think even Mr.
Wagner himself wouldn’t dare to cross them.”

“What nonsense! Do you think I’ll fall for that easily? Does she think she can scare me like that? Listen
carefully. Stop playing tricks on me. If you’re as powerful as you said, call Mr. Wagner and ask him to
order me to release Yuliana. Otherwise, none of you can escape tonight if you dare to speak up again! I
need a female companion tonight. So, which one of you can warm my bed later?” Axel sneered.

“Why you little!” Upon hearing his salacious words, the young woman trembled with anger. Her chest
visibly heaved from the raw emotions she was feeling.

At that moment, Jonathan, who had been staying quiet all the while, suddenly spoke up.

“All right. That’s enough! Leave Yuliana alone. The rest of you should get out of my sight!” he ordered.

Axel’s expression fell the moment he heard Jonathan’s order. ”Hey, punk. What are you talking about?
What makes you think a little brat like you has the right to speak here?”

“I’ll say it again. She stays behind. The rest can get lost!” Jonathan looked coldly at Axel and warned,
“I’ll give you ten seconds to leave. You better get out of my sight before I get angry. Otherwise…”

Despite not finishing his sentence, the threat was as clear as day.

“Oh? What happens if you get angry?” Axel scoffed. He was clearly unbothered by Jonathan’s warning.

Pfft. A young brat from the mainland dares to boss around in Gronga? He must have a death wish!

“Someone will die here.” Suddenly, a cold glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes.

The moment Gary met Jonathan’s gaze, he felt shivers running down his spine. It was as if the Grim
Reaper was staring at him.

“Someone will die? Hey, punk. Who are you trying to scare here?” Axel could not help sneering.

He continued to taunt, “Try me if you dare. Let’s see if you can walk away unscathed from Vleshire
Harbor tonight!”

As soon as Axel said that, Jonathan stood up in a flash. “Since you’re asking for it, I’ll grant your wish

He rushed over to the thug’s side. Before Axel could come to his senses, Jonathan kicked his stomach.

The ferocious kick was enough to send Axel crashing down to the ground with a loud thud.

He started coughing up blood.

“You deserved that!”

Cecilia snorted at Axel’s wretched sight. Then, she shot him a death glare.

If Jonathan was angered, George, the governor of Gronga, would immediately kneel.

Nelson, the commander-in-chief of Gronga Special Force, would not dare to utter a word.

I didn’t think these local thugs would dare to threaten Jonathan like that. They must be out of their

“You f*cking…” Wiping the blood off his lips, Axel wanted to curse again. Nevertheless, Jonathan did
not give him the chance to do so. Before Gary finished cursing, Jonathan launched another vicious
attack by kicking the former in the leg.

The crisp sound of bones breaking could be heard, followed by another loud thud as Axel fell to his
knees in front of Jonathan.

“Ahhh!” Gary let out a blood-curdling scream. He almost fainted from the intense pain.

To Axel’s dismay, Jonathan did not bother to look at him as he stomped on him again.

This time, Axel immediately lost consciousness. He lay motionless on the ground.


Hearing his scream of agony, the lackeys instantly forgot about Yuliana who was still inside the car.
Picking up their leader, they rushed over to Jonathan.

“Who dares to mess with Axel of Vleshire Harbor?”

“Do you have a death wish?”

“Kill him!”

In a flash, the lackeys picked up their cleavers and slashed at Jonathan.


Feeling impatient, Jonathan kicked at his onrushing opponents. Before the lackeys realized what was
going on, they only heard the sounds of bones breaking.

Having their legs broken by Jonathan, the lackeys stumbled to the ground and groaned in pain.

“You guys are too noisy!” Jonathan shot daggers at them.

The lackeys were petrified by his death glare instantly. Biting their lips, no one dared to make a sound.

They did not even dare to breathe out loud.

These men were just a bunch of lowly hooligans. They had gotten used to bullying ordinary people.
Even a B-list celebrity like Yuliana could not do anything when being harassed by these men. However,
they did not dare to mess with someone as powerful as Jonathan.

Glancing at the dirty table with disdain, Jonathan ordered, “Please change the table.”

“Oh, all right.”

Frightened, the waiter immediately gave them a new table.

If it were others, they would have turned around and left without saying a word after causing such a
ruckus. However, looking at Jonathan, he did not have the intention to leave at all. If anything, it
seemed like he wanted to continue admiring the night scene.

“Sir, these people are the infamous thugs in our area. I think you guys better leave quickly. Otherwise,
they might call their back-ups to take revenge on you later,” the waiter cautiously reminded. After all, he
knew these local hooligans well enough.

“They’re just a bunch of lowly thugs. There’s nothing to worry about. Pour me another glass of water!”
Jonathan did not heed the warning.


The terrified waiter wanted to say something. In the end, he decided not to speak up.

From where did this guy gain his courage? After all, this is Gronga, not the mainland.

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