Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 391

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The Legendary Man

A Deal

“Really?” Jonathan appeared to be disinterested.

In truth, the entertainment industry was a playground for the rich. Behind the glitz and glamor, these
high and mighty superstars and movie queens were often subject to the whims and fancies of the
wealthy men. Tycoons and magnates ruled the stars’ lives.

Similar to the financial district of some affluent countries, the entertainment industry was the breeding
ground for scandals and gossip.

After a while, when Jonathan had finished drinking his glass of water, he saw a heavily made-up, young
woman sauntering toward Cecilia. She was accompanied by a young assistant. He wiped the chair
before helping her to the seat.

“Cecilia, what brings you here today?” The woman was curious to know why Cecilia looked her up.

In the past, she had tried sucking up to Cecilia, but the latter had always held her in disdain.

The woman did not have a choice but to tolerate Cecilia’s behavior since she was from a prominent
family in Gronga. At that time, she was still a struggling actress, and it was not befitting for her to mix
around with the likes of Cecilia.
Hence, she was taken aback when Cecilia looked her up that day and even invited her to have coffee

Previously, Cecilia had not even bothered to return her messages on WhatsApp.

“I’ve got a favor to ask of you.” Cecilia glanced briefly at the woman before turning to Jonathan.
“Master, this is Freida Buchanan, my actress friend whom I’ve mentioned to you earlier.”
“Master?” Freida was stunned when Cecilia addressed Jonathan as Master. She knew that Cecilia
came from a prestigious family.

In addition, Cecilia was also a haughty woman.

Hence, she did not expect Cecilia would call a man Master.

Previously, she was not even remotely friendly to the renowned Wayde Larson from one of the
prominent families in Gronga.

“Mind your own business.” Cecilia shot Freida a cold and warning look, glaring down at her.

With the Hansley family’s influence, Cecilia could easily crush this small-time actress.

“Oh, okay!”

Intimidated by Cecilia’s stare, the woman shrank back and did not utter another word. She knew very
well that Cecilia did not think too highly of her.

“I heard from Cecilia that you are a member of Hunters Guild?” Jonathan asked casually.“Hunters

The minute Freida heard the words “Hunters Guild,” she went on the defensive. “Why are you asking
about Hunters Guild?”

“Just answer Master. Don’t ask so many questions. I’m warning you, Freida. Don’t try to play any tricks
in front of Master. Otherwise, forget about staying in Gronga.” Cecilia glowered to show her

“Don’t frighten her.” Seeing how scared the woman was, Jonathan immediately stopped Cecilia from
intimidating her. “Don’t be afraid. I’m not from any secret society, and I mean no hard to Hunters Guild.
I used to join Hunters Guild when I was abroad, but I’ve lost contact with them ever since I came back.
I heard that there’s also Hunters Guild in Gronga. Hence, I would like to know more about it.”

“Are you also a member of Hunters Guild?” Freida suddenly warmed up to Jonathan when she heard
that he was also a member of Hunters Guild.

“Yes, that’s right.” Jonathan nodded. “I was in Hunters Guild in another country. I don’t know if it’s the
same organization.”

“It’s the same!” Freida nodded. “Hunters Guild at Gronga is a branch of the same organization
overseas, and it’s managed by the same people. The highest-ranking leader of the Hunters Guild here
is also part of the management team of the main Hunters Guild.”


Jonathan then asked offhandedly, “What’s his name? Maybe we met while I was overseas.”

“His name is Waxon.”

Freida lowered her voice. “But we hardly get to see him. As you know, he’s the highest-ranking leader
of the Hunters Guild in Gronga. People like me from the lower rung of the organization won’t get to
meet him. I heard he’s a very influential person. He’s a senior executive in the main Hunters Guild.”

“Waxon. The name sounds familiar.” Jonathan tried to sound nonchalant.

Jonathan certainly recognized the name. Back in Yaleview, Hades had told him that the highest-ranking
leader of Hunters Guild in Gronga was a foreigner named Waxon.

“If that is the case, can you please introduce the senior executives of Hunters Guild to me when you
get the chance? I would like to join Hunters Guild here in Gronga. Of course, it’d be best if you can
introduce Waxon to me,” Jonathan said casually.

He continued, “As a reward, I’ll ask Cecilia to invest in a movie and cast you as the female lead.”

“Really?” Freida was thrilled to hear that Jonathan was going to ask Cecilia to invest in a movie and
cast her as the female lead. Her eyes sparkled at the prospect of a big break in the entertainment

She had been a struggling actress in Gronga for five to six years. Oftentimes, she had sold her body in
exchange for favors from the film producers and directors. However, she was never given a lead role in
any movie.

In fact, she was not even cast as a second lead.

Freida was mindful that she did not have a good family backing nor a strong backing in the industry.

The directors and film producers were merely toying with her feelings. After getting intimate with her,
they would only cast her in a minor role to placate her.

“Certainly!” Jonathan turned to look at Cecilia who concurred, “Of course, Master’s promise is also my
promise. If you do as Master says, I’ll invest one hundred million to film a movie and engage the
renowned director in Gronga, Fabrizio Dabato. I may be able to get one of the Four Heavenly Kings of
Gronga to be the male lead. And you will be the female lead.”

Wow! Gronga’s renowned director, Fabrizio Dabato! And one of the Four Heavenly Kings as the male
lead, with me as the female lead! Even a fresh graduate would be able to gain fame overnight acting
with such a dream cast, let alone me!

It was a dream come true for Freida. All she needed to do was to introduce the senior executives of
Hunters Guild to Cecilia’s Master.

She realized that the best decision she had made in her life was to join Hunters Guild.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Hansley. I won’t disappoint you.” Freida hurriedly made her stand, afraid that Cecilia
might go back on her words.

“If you fail me, I’ll make sure you disappear from the entertainment industry in Gronga,” Cecilia warned
the woman coldly.

“No, no. I will certainly not!” Freida hurriedly shook her head. Just then, there was a commotion coming
from beside them.

A woman dressed in a black gown stormed into the cafe.

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