Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 341

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The Legendary Man

Nicknamed Hades

“Did we win? Have we defeated Divine Dragon Guards?”

“Am I dreaming? Give me a punch so that I can tell if it hurts.”

“D*mn! Is this a dream? Have we really defeated Divine Dragon Guards?”

Not only were those outside the battlefield in disbelief, but even Dragon Scale Guards, who had
defeated Divine Dragon Guards themselves, couldn’t believe it.

It had been three years! During these three years, live-fire drills had always been dominated by Divine
Dragon Guards.

If one wanted to bag the championship, one had to defeat Divine Dragon Guards before anything else.

In the eyes of the seven teams of Asura Guards, Divine Dragon Guards were undefeatable.

However, Dragon Scale Guards had proven it with the truth.

Who says that Divine Dragon Guards are undefeatable? Who says that Dragon Scale Guards can only
be ranked the last three forever?

“It’s true! We have won! We’ve defeated Divine Dragon Guards! You guys aren’t dreaming!” Bloody
Slayer’s loud voice reverberated the entire battlefield.

Nonetheless, Dragon Scale Guards’ soldiers’ eyes reddened when they heard his words.

“Commander, we’ve won!”

Outside the battlefield, Patrick couldn’t contain his emotion anymore. He rose to his feet abruptly.

He had waited for that day to come for three years, and it had finally arrived!

From that day onward, if anyone dared to say that Dragon Scale Guards were meant for the last place,
Patrick would rip that person’s mouth off.

“I saw that!”

Jonathan remained unaffected without a tinge of surprise on his face.

From the moment he agreed with Andy, the ending had been decided.

“I hereby announce that Dragon Scale Guards is the champion of the live-fire drill between the eight
teams of Asura Guards this year!” At the instance where the battle ended, the middle-aged soldier who
sat in the middle of the judging panel stood up and announced the final result of the annual live-fire

The moment Dragon Scale Guards heard they had bagged the championship, countless of them
dashed out of the battlefield in the direction of Jonathan.

They knew better than anyone else that if not for Jonathan, who gave them half a month of arduous
training, they wouldn’t have made it to the final three, let alone defeated Divine Dragon Guards and
bagged the championship.

“Chief instructor!”

A bunch of Dragon Scale Guards with bruises all over their faces and in ragged clothes stood before
Jonathan with their eyes reddened as they breathed heavily.

“What are you guys crying for? Isn’t it only a championship? Look at you guys. Do you look like soldiers

Jonathan glowered at them, sending shivers to the soldiers and making them stiffen up their backs.
They tried to make themselves look more like a soldier.

“Why are you still standing here? Hurry up and go for the award ceremony!” Jonathan couldn’t help but
rebuke as he looked at those men, who were still in a daze.

These brats need some lectures all the time!

“Yes, chief instructor!”

With that said, they turned around to leave. Nonetheless, they paused in their tracks when they were
halfway through. Whispering to one another, they suddenly turned around and dashed in Jonathan’s
direction, intending to lift him to the mid-air.

These brats want to celebrate like this?


Jonathan shot daggers at them. They were petrified instantly. No one dared to inch forward anymore.

“Run!” someone hollered suddenly, and everyone scrammed out of there at once.

“These brats!” Patrick couldn’t help uttering while smiling.

How could these soldiers who have defeated Divine Dragon Guards and took the championship from
the hands of the latter be petrified by a sharp gaze from Jonathan and run for their lives?

Meanwhile, the expression of the middle-aged soldier on the judging panel changed when he saw the
man standing behind Dragon Scale Guards.

Not only him, almost every one of the seven teams, except for Andy, had a change in their expressions.

“Am I seeing things? Is that person Mr. Goldstein?” Dorian was the first to blurt out the question.

“Mr. Goldstein? Where is he? Why didn’t I see him?” Andy pretended not to have noticed him.

Nonetheless, Zachary kicked his buttocks the next second. “Andy, you’re capable indeed. How dare
you play such a trick with me? You have even hired Mr. Goldstein to give your brats training!”

“What Mr. Goldstein? What are you saying? I don’t have a clue at all!” Andy continued playing dumb.
He knew that these people wouldn’t let him go if they found out that he had hired Jonathan.

“Stop playing dumb there!” Staring at Andy’s pretentious face, Zachary couldn’t calm himself down
anymore and slammed his palm on the table. “No wonder I notice that your Dragon Scale Guards had
gotten more powerful this year as though you guys have been fed with anabolic steroids! Even our
Divine Dragon Guards have gotten utterly defeated by your brats. It turns out that you had played such
a trick behind my back! I don’t care! The result this year can’t be counted! I don’t acknowledge it!”

“Why can’t it be counted?” Upon hearing that Zachary refused to acknowledge the result that year,
Andy panicked instantly. “We Dragon Scale Guards took the championship from you Divine Dragon
Guards with our real capabilities. How could you not acknowledge it?”

“What do you think?” Zachary snorted. “You guys are cheating!”

He was so angry that he started yelling.

“How could you say that we’re cheating?” Andy retorted coldly. “If you’re as capable, you can try hiring
Mr. Goldstein too. Let’s see if he’s willing to do it for you!”

“Andy Morsley!”

Upon hearing Andy’s words, Zachary’s face turned livid. He rolled his sleeves up as though he was
going to start a fight.

“What? You want to beat me up?” Andy showed no sign of yielding. He rolled his sleeves up as well,
ready to fight back.

In a flash, the atmosphere became tense. The two men might get into a scuffle at any time.

“All right. What’s the fuss there?” Noticing the two were about to fight, the middle-aged soldier who sat
in the middle of the judging panel slammed the table. “Look at you two! Do you guys carry any
demeanor as King of War? Aren’t you afraid of being the laughing stock by your subordinates?”

“I doubt any of them have the audacity to laugh!” Zachary swept a cold glance across the site.

“Why? Are you ready to fight with anyone who laughs at you?” The middle-aged soldier’s expression
darkened after listening to him. “Do you want to also fight with me?”

“I won’t fight with you!”

Zachary felt somewhat dispirited upon hearing that.

Though other people might not know the identity of the warrior who sat in the middle of the judging
panel, Zachary and a few of them knew it well.

He was the most important figure in Asura’s Office and was also the leader of the Eight Kings of War
that went by the nickname Hades!

People would address him as the live Hades.

When Jonathan wasn’t around, he was the one who took control of Asura’s Office and led the team.

In the entirety of Asura’s Office, no one would be able to restrain him except for Jonathan.

“All right. Sit down, all of you!” Hades tapped on the table softly and continued, “Since Mr. Goldstein is
here, it won’t be my turn to give out the trophy.”

He added, “Send the order down to cancel the award ceremony for the time being! It’ll be held after the
individual contest ends!”

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