Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 340

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The Legendary Man

The Championship

“Did you guys hear your chief instructor’s request?”

On the battlefield, the expression of the soldiers of Divine Dragon Guards was cold.

Even during Dragon Scale Guards’ heyday, their best results remain in the bottom three. Who gave
them the courage to challenge us right after ending such a fierce battle?

“We heard him!”

“I must say, the chief instructor sure knows us well. He knows we can’t wait to defeat Divine Dragon
Guards, so he canceled our break time!” Bloody Slayer responded, clenching his teeth.

There wasn’t a hint of reluctance on Dragon Scale Guards’ soldiers’ faces. Instead, their spirits were

They looked as if they couldn’t wait to begin their battle with Divine Dragon Guards.

“Since you guys are dying to seek your own death, we shall grant your wishes!” Without another word,
Divine Dragon Guards fell back and went into battle mode.

When it came to the battlefield, they would never go easy on their opponents just because the latter
was exhausted.

This is what the battlefield is about. Going easy on your opponent may just result in your own death the
next second!

“Everyone, get ready for battle immediately!” Divine Dragon Guards’ commander roared. All their
soldiers put up their weapons and retreated.

“Let’s go all out and don’t show any mercy. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir!” Divine Dragon Guards’ soldiers howled as they gradually retreated.

When Bloody Slayer heard their roar, he couldn’t help but sneer. “Mercy? We don’t need that! We’ll
take the glory of Dragon Scale Guards ourselves!”

With that, both teams retreated.

Ten minutes later, the battle officially began.

Compared to Fang Dragon Guards’ ambush tactics and traps, Divine Dragon Guards didn’t need any of
those. All they needed to do was to send Dragon Scale Guards straight to their cradle.

We don’t need any bullshit tactics! In the face of absolute strength, all tactics are the same!

It was undeniable that Divine Dragon Guards’ combat effectiveness was strong. Especially the
seamless cooperation between their team members.

From the beginning, Dragon Scale Guards were suppressed by Divine Dragon Guards.

The ferocious firepower simply made them unstoppable.

“D*mn, these scoundrels’ firepower is too aggressive. If this continues, I’m afraid we’ll lose!”

Under the intense crossfire, Bloody Slayer couldn’t help but scowl and spit on the ground.

The cooperation between Divine Dragon Guards was so tacit that they couldn’t find the opportunity to

“What now?”

Not only Bloody Slayer, but the soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards also realized the differences between
them and Divine Dragon Guards.

They’re indeed the team with three consecutive championships!

If it weren’t for the intense training in the past half month, they would’ve stood no chance of getting
near Divine Dragon Guards with their previous strength.

“What else is there? Just fight!” Bloody Slayer clenched his teeth. “D*mn it! The chief instructor had
previously said to let them have their thousands of tactics and that we’ll fight with all our might! F*ck
their battle tactics. Let’s finish this!”

With that, Bloody Slayer roared and charged ahead.

Screw them battle tactics! No tactic is the best tactic!

Once Bloody Slayer ran ahead, the rest of Dragon Scale Guards’ soldiers who were behind followed
him without hesitation. After changing their fighting strategy, they started fiercely attacking their

This is what an intense battle looks like!

If the battle between Fang Dragon Guards and Dragon Scale Guards was considered suppressing,
then their battle with Divine Dragon Guards would be considered truly merciless.

This is what a battlefield should look like!

Meanwhile, the crowd had their eyes fixed on the screen with a glint of disbelief in their eyes.

Dragon Scale Guards’ abilities far exceeded their imagination. Prior to that, nobody believed that the
team that had constantly been in the bottom three would one day be on par with Divine Dragon

How is this possible?

If this happened last year, I doubt they’d last for over ten minutes. Divine Dragon Guards would beat
Dragon Scale Guards so badly that the latter wouldn’t even have the chance to ask for mercy!

Nonetheless, Dragon Scale Guards were now twenty minutes into fighting Divine Dragon Guards
without the slightest sign of defeat.

When did Dragon Scale Guards improve to the point where they’re on the same level as Divine Dragon

“Commander, do you think they’ll win?” Patrick couldn’t help but gulp as he watched the unforgiving
battle displayed on the screen.

If they lose again this year, it’d be Dragon Scale Guards’ fourth consecutive loss!

“Why do you think I’m sitting here?” Jonathan glanced at him, aloof.


Patrick was puzzled as he couldn’t quite catch what Jonathan meant.

“The reason I’m here is that I want to see them holding the championship trophy myself. I’m not here to
watch them lose!” Jonathan lit a cigarette and glanced at the screen inadvertently. “Besides, it won’t be
just one trophy!”

“Commander…” Patrick’s eyes widened in disbelief as he asked, “Are you saying that we’re going to
get the individual championship trophy too?”

He didn’t even dare to think about a double victory.

As long as Dragon Scale Guards took away the championship title from Divine Dragon Guards, the
former’s three years long humiliation would be over.

Thus, winning the individual championship never crossed his mind at all. He didn’t even dare to dream
of it!

“What do you think?” Jonathan looked at him calmly and then shifted his attention to the screen.

Back on the battlefield, the battle was about to come to an end.

In the past three years, they were the only team of the seven Asura Guards to have fought Divine
Dragon Guards till the end. They were also the only team to have fought Divine Dragon Guards until
their bullets were exhausted and resorted to hand-to-hand combat.

“To be honest, Dragon Scale Guards really impressed us this year!” Divine Dragon Guards finally saw
Dragon Scale Guards as worthy opponents.

“At least Dragon Scale Guards are qualified to snatch the championship trophy from Divine Dragon
Guards this year!”

“Cut the crap. We’re not just here to qualify for the trophy. We’re here to take it away from you!” Bloody
Slayer spat on the ground and immediately made his attack.

Let’s just get this hand-to-hand combat over with!

This was what it meant to fight in the most primitive way, using only their fists and no weapons.

At that point, everyone was competing with their endurance and seeing who had a stronger fist.

It was a competition to see who was more passionate and had a firmer belief.

Evidently, Dragon Scale Guards’ faith seemed extraordinarily firm.

They were so firm that Divine Dragon Guards had to stay away.


Suddenly, a loud noise was heard. Even when the last of Divine Dragon Guards fell, Dragon Scale
Guards still had over ten people standing.

The moment the battle ended, everyone was astonished.

No one would have imagined Divine Dragon Guards, one of the top Asura Guards teams that won
three consecutive years, had actually lost.

Not to mention they had just lost to Dragon Scale Guards, who were consecutively in the bottom three
for the past three years.

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