Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 338

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The Legendary Man

The Battle Commences

“Patrick, it’s not that I’m looking down at you. But how can Dragon Scale Guards become the
champion? I think that your team may be better suited to be the winner of the last place! You can’t even
beat my team. Yet here you are, dreaming of becoming the champion. I advise you to stop your
daydreaming quickly. If you have the time, why don’t you think about how to make it to the final five? If
you can’t make it to the top three, you can’t become the champion! Why are you so delusional? Did you
take any stimulants?” Stephen said.

Upon hearing the words, Patrick’s face darkened immediately. “Stephen Ferguson!”

His expression turned cold in an instant.

At the same time, members of Dragon Scale Guards had darkened faces as well. As their patience
wore thin, they were eager to break into a fight.

They would rather die than be humiliated in such a way.

Stephen scoffed. “What’s the matter? Do you want to start a fight?” He wasn’t afraid of anything.

Then, Patrick shot him an icy stare. “Be patient. Even if you want to fight, this isn’t a good time. There’s
going to be a lot of opportunities to do it. When the time has come, you might kneel on the ground to
beg us for mercy!”

“Let’s go, guys!” As Patrick didn’t wish to stay any longer, he turned and left as soon as he finished his

Hundreds of Dragon Scale Guards obeyed his command. “Yes, sir!” they said in unison.

Together, they turned and left as well.

“Well, I guess we’ll wait and see. When the time finally comes, don’t come to us begging with tears in
your eyes, Dragon Scale Guards!” Stephen shouted while staring at Patrick’s retreating back. His
words were vicious as usual.

However, Patrick paid him no attention.

Instead, he entered the arena in large strides.

An hour later, it was nearly the time for the annual competition.

The eight teams of Asura Guards took turns entering the arena.

Meanwhile, a long table was prepared for the panel of judges at the highest row. The Eight Kings of
War took turns sitting on their chairs. There were Zachary, Dorian, Terrence, Kane, Andy, and the

All Eight Kings of War were there, and no one was absent.

On the other hand, the main seat behind them had always been empty.

Even though no one was sitting there, everyone present knew the seat was reserved for someone

It was none other than Asura.

From the commencement of the live-fire drill three years ago, the seat had always been vacant. It was
still kept for Asura though he had never attended the competition.

Then, a middle-aged man who sat in the middle of the long table spoke in a low and hoarse voice. “Has
everyone arrived?”

It was obvious that he held the highest rank among the Eight Kings of War.

Zachary nodded. “Yes, that’s right. It seems like everyone is here.” However, he still glanced around. It
was as if he was looking for someone.

The middle-aged man looked at Zachary nonchalantly. “You don’t have to search anymore. Mr.
Goldstein is not here. You should know by now that he has no interest in this kind of annual

Andy scoffed. “You could be wrong. There’s a possibility that he sits among the crowd. Perhaps he
doesn’t want to show himself.”

“What is he doing sitting among the crowd? Is he there to watch how Dragon Scale Guards get the last
place?” Zachary couldn’t help but sneer.

“Stop the nonsense. What last place? We’re here to take the first place this year!” Andy said coldly.

Upon hearing Andy’s words, Zachary sniggered. “Do you think that Dragon Scale Guards can take the
first place? If you can get it, I’ll eat my hat.”

“Remember what you’ve said. If you don’t eat it, I’ll force it down your throat!” Andy had no intention of
backing down.

Though they were the famous Eight Kings of War, they behaved exactly like two little kids who were
bickering with each other at that moment.

The middle-aged man glared at them. “That’s enough. Keep quiet. You have been squabbling with
each other every year. Don’t you get tired of it?”

Rolling his eyes at the man, Andy said, “That’s none of your business.”

“Do you want to start a fight?” The middle-aged man’s eyes darkened.

Suddenly, a murderous intent surrounded the judges’ table.

“No! I’ll never win against you. Why do I want to fight?” Andy immediately backed off.

After glaring at Andy coldly, the middle-aged said, “If you don’t want to fight, shut your mouth up!” Then,
he turned to look at all the soldiers who were present. “I now announce that this year’s live-fire drill has
officially begun!”

There were neither nonsense remarks nor unnecessary speeches.

A sentence was enough to officiate the live-fire drill for the night.

The first two teams to go against each other were Dragon Scale Guards and Fang Dragon Guards.

No one was surprised by the setting. After all, Divine Dragon Guards were the champion for three
years in a row. If any team wanted to challenge the champion, they had to rank in the top three to get
the opportunity. For the past few years, Dragon Scale Guards failed to defeat Fang Dragon Guards.
Thus, they didn’t have the opportunity at all to go against the champion.

It was never an easy thing to challenge the champion.

The first match was the live-fire drill. Other than focusing on the strengths of the individuals, it would
also focus on the coordination between the team members.

Moreover, the battlefield wasn’t set inside the arena. Instead, it was set in a barren desert out in the
wilderness. Every battle would be streamed live to the huge screen in the arena using military
satellites, drones, and infrared cameras.

There wouldn’t be any issues with omissions or mistakes as everything would be broadcasted
simultaneously from every angle, and not even a situation that happened for a brief moment would be
left out.

Before the battle started, Patrick gave a reminder to his team once again after he had explained their
military strategy. “End the battle swiftly. You have to keep your strength. Our target for tonight is Divine
Dragon Guards, not Fang Dragon Guards!”

He didn’t wish them to waste a lot of time and energy on Fang Dragon Guards. It was because they
would still need to face the three-year champion, Divine Dragon Guards.

“Yes, lieutenant commander!”

Everyone nodded and took turns to leave.

At the same time, Stephen was also giving instructions to the members of Fang Dragon Guards.
“Remember, you have to pulverize Dragon Scales Guards this time around. Don’t give them an
opportunity to come back. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, lieutenant commander!” Fang Dragon Guards were very confident.

They knew that Dragon Scale Guards were destined to fail the battle.

Twenty minutes later, both teams took turns entering the battlefield. Once they were inside, their main
priority was to search for hiding places. Everything was done in an orderly manner.

They had been in the area for three continuous years. Thus, they were very familiar with it. It was not
necessary for them to take some time to get used to the local terrain.

Meanwhile, everyone watched the two teams hold their weapons and look for hiding places from the
huge screen. Then, the soldiers began their approach to the enemy’s base camp quickly. Obviously,
they were using the same military strategy.

There were only four words to the strategy – end the battle swiftly.

As Patrick didn’t wish to miss out on any detail, he never let his eyes off the screen.

Jonathan, meanwhile, was currently hiding in the crowd. He didn’t watch the screen as he had no
interest in the match. Instead, he closed his eyes and took a rest.

The ending is already decided. There’s nothing to see.

On the battlefield, the two teams started to implement their military strategies by advancing and
retreating. Some of the soldiers were in charge of the ambush, and some others were in charge of
baiting the enemy. There were also some who were in charge of setting up the traps. Others held guns
in their hands and approached the enemy slowly. In fact, they had made their preparations at a very
fast pace.

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard. No one knew who had fired the first shot.

The moment the gun was fired, the battle commenced.

It was finally the start of the battle between Dragon Scale Guards and Fang Dragon Guards.

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