Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 339

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The Legendary Man

Declaration Of War

The battlefield was filled with gunpowder and flames.

Although they weren’t using live ammunition – other than causing casualties – the damage caused by
the live-fire drill wasn’t any better than the real battlefield.

“Fang Dragon Guards’ performance this year has improved a lot compared to last year!” Patrick said,
frowning as he watched the screen.

At first, he thought Dragon Scale Guards could easily take Fang Dragon Guards down in seconds after
going through a half-month of intensive training.

Fang Dragon Guards are tougher than I imagined! It’s no wonder Stephen’s so confident.

“What’s the rush?” Jonathan, who was sitting in a corner, casually glanced at the screen and rested his
eyes once more. “The counterattack is just about to start!”


Hearing that, Patrick suddenly became stunned. The next second, he saw a shocking reversal
occurring on the battlefield.

Dragon Scale Guards are attacking!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Endless gunshots could be heard. At that moment, Dragon Scale Guards finally showed their true
power. From the moment of the counterattack, Fang Dragon Guards, who started the fight, were out of

breath and became defenseless.

In the first twenty minutes, Dragon Scale Guards had been conserving their energy. Despite Fang
Dragon Guards’ repeated provocation, they held back and didn’t make any counterattack at all.

At that point, Dragon Scale Guards had finally revealed their fangs.

“That’s impossible!”

Stephen’s expression contorted drastically in the crowd.

He knew Fang Dragon Guards’ abilities very well. Not only was he confident in defeating Dragon Scale
Guards, who had been in the bottom three for three consecutive years; he was even convinced that
Fang Dragon Guards could defeat the Divine Dragon Guards, who had won three consecutive

How could they be defeated by Dragon Scale Guards?


Bloody Slayer roared on the battlefield, leading the charge. Dragon Scale Guards soldiers, who were
behind him, forcibly pushed Fang Dragon Guards into a small corner.

Just then, Dragon Scale Guards disposed of all the weapons in their hands and chose hand-to-hand


Bloody Slayer threw a punch, sending their opponents flying and smashing them to the ground. Their
opponents couldn’t even get up after the hit.

Other than Bloody Slayer, the entire Dragon Scale Guards suddenly seemed to have changed from
little lambs to hungry wolves.

Fang Dragon Guards were defenseless and defeated miserably.

“How is this possible? No way…”

Stephen’s face gradually darkened. He was so enraged that he punched a chair.

Our Fang Dragon Guards have lost to Dragon Scale Guards, which had been at the bottom three for
decades? This is a disgrace!

With the last sound of a bang, Bloody Slayer threw his final punch, ending their battle with Fang
Dragon Guards.

Seeing the scene before him, Patrick stood up immediately in high spirits.

They won! Dragon Scale Guards finally won!

“Commander, we won!” Patrick couldn’t help but turn to look at Jonathan, who was in a corner.
However, the latter remained calm, without a hint of excitement. “They only defeated Fang Dragon
Guards, who couldn’t even advance to the top three. What’s there to be proud of?”

“Commander, I…”

Patrick instantly kept his mouth shut.

Jonathan couldn’t be proud of them for defeating Fang Dragon Guards, who couldn’t even advance to
the top three last year. However, he could tell that Dragon Scale Guards didn’t exert their full potential.

That only meant that Dragon Scale Guards could fight Divine Dragon Guards in their best condition.

The championship trophy isn’t that out of reach after all!

“I hereby announce the first round of live-fire drill has now officially ended!” As soon as the result of the
competition was announced, Dragon Scale Guards instantly appeared on the screen.

They looked extremely confident on the battlefield.

It was as if they weren’t surprised by the results at all.

“Based on the competition’s rule, Dragon Scale Guards will have an hour’s break. They’ll continue to
compete after one hour! Dragon Scale Guards will go up against Divine Dragon Guards in the next

Dragon Scale Guards’ emotions were at an all-time high when they heard their next opponent on the
battlefield was Divine Dragon Guards.

Three years! We’ve been waiting for this day for three whole years! Finally, the day has come!

They weren’t trying to impress anyone; they only wanted to tell everyone that Dragon Scale Guards
weren’t going to stay at the bottom three or remain below the other seven Asura Guards.

Not only have we defeated Fang Dragon Guards, but we’ll also be fighting against Divine Dragon
Guards! In fact, we’ll defeat Divine Dragon Guards and win the championship trophy!

“This time, we, Dragon Scale Guards, will win the Divine Dragon Guards and end your three
consecutive winning streak!” Bloody Slayer cheered word for word, clenching his fists.

It was a manifesto and a declaration of war from Dragon Scale Guards to Divine Dragon Guards.

“You guys can’t just be all talk if you want to end our three-year winning streak. What’s the point if you
guys are only using your mouth but don’t train for it?” Divine Dragon Guards’ soldiers glanced at Bloody

Slayer and prompted, “Show us some practical actions if you guys want to win us!”

Divine Dragon Guards’ soldiers remained laid back.

Even though they saw Dragon Scale Guards defeat Fang Dragon Guards before their eyes, they didn’t
feel threatened at all.

They were confident in themselves as Divine Dragon Guards, as well as their three championship wins.

“Just wait and see!” Bloody Slayer clenched his fists, took a step back, and sat on the pile of stones,
intending to recover his strength.

Meanwhile, Jonathan suddenly looked at Patrick and ordered, “Cancel the one-hour break and start the
competition right away!”

“Right away?” Patrick was shocked.

Dragon Scale Guards just ended such a fierce battle, and their bodies are still exhausted. If we cancel
the break, won’t they be seeking their own death to go against Divine Dragon Guards right now?

“Yes!” Jonathan replied calmly.

“But, commander…”

Before Patrick could finish his sentence, Jonathan interrupted, “When I tell you to cancel it, do it.
What’s with all this nonsense?”

“Yes, commander!”

In an instant, Patrick walked over to the juries without saying another word.

After some time, the voice of the soldier who was sitting in the middle of the jury announced, “Under
the chief instructor of Dragon Scale Guards’ request to cancel the break, the competition will resume
right now!”

The announcement resounded throughout the venue, shocking the crowd.

At that moment, the crowd looked at Patrick, who had just come down from the jury’s table, in disbelief.

What is he doing?

Is he out of his mind?

It has barely been five minutes since they ended a fierce battle, and they’re going into battle again? Not
to mention their opponent is Divine Dragon Guards, who had a three-year winning streak!

This is no different from courting death.

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