Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 337

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The Legendary Man

With The Likes Of You

“No way!”

Jonathan still rejected bluntly. “I remember that all of you couldn’t wait for me to leave as soon as
possible when I just arrived at that time. Why are you changing your mind now and won’t let me go?”

Everyone turned awkward in an instant.

When Jonathan had just arrived back then, all of them were treating him with all sorts of mockery and
sarcasm and wished they could throw him out on the spot.

Yet, they now turned out to be reluctant to let him go.

“You can’t blame it on us, chief instructor. You look too young, so we thought you were a toyboy who
wanted to make a name in the army!”

“Exactly, chief instructor. Your looks are too deceiving!”

“Chief instructor, please don’t go!”

At this moment, the crowd of valiant guys behaved like students begging for forgiveness after
committing a mistake.

“Chief instructor, we were wrong in the past. We shouldn’t have driven you away!” The deep, leather-
lunged voice of Bloody Slayer suddenly sounded in the crowd, “How about all of us make an apology to

The moment he finished his words, the crowd of tough guys immediately stood upright in a military
posture and bowed. They apologized to Jonathan in unison, “Chief instructor, we’re sorry! It was all our

“All right, knock it off!” Looking at the valiant men, who were all behaving like spoiled brats, Jonathan
frowned at once. “Everyone, stand properly!

“Yes, chief instructor!”

At the command of Jonathan, everyone immediately puffed up their chests and stood upright with their
backs straightened.

“I’m definitely going to leave! You don’t have to persuade me to stay!” Jonathan said in a tone that
wasn’t to be refused, “However, I’ll take part in the live-fire drill competition with you all tonight. I’ll
watch you all defeating the other seven teams of Asura Guards with my own eyes and only leave after
you’ve won the championship!”

“Chief instructor!”

“That’s enough. Shut up!” Jonathan straight away cut them off. “Listen, everyone! Fall out and pack
your luggage! Prepare to get aboard!”

“Yes, chief instructor!”

All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of soldiers immediately dismissed themselves and returned in
succession to pack their luggage.

It was finally the end of the tormenting training, which lasted for half a month.

Nevertheless, they didn’t know why they suddenly felt empty deep down at this moment, as though
something had unexpectedly gone missing.

This made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Commander, do you think these little twerps can defeat the other seven teams of Asura Guards and
take home the trophy?” Looking at the Dragon Scale Guards who had disbanded, Patrick couldn’t help
asking Jonathan.

Although Patrick had witnessed their transformation over this half a month, the time was too short after

How could they possibly defeat the others with several years of training within half a month?

“Why not?” Jonathan glanced at Patrick calmly. “Is it hard to defeat the other seven teams of Asura

In Jonathan’s eyes, there was no doubt about the live-fire drill tonight.

So what if they are facing the other Asura Guards? Dragon Scale Guards would never be defeated with
my personal training!

An hour later, countless military helicopters hovered in the air.

One hundred soldiers from Dragon Scale Guards got aboard successively.

Only the top hundred among Dragon Scale Guards could participate in the live-fire drill this time,
whereas the rest could only continue with the training in the army.

Since the live-fire drill wasn’t a real war, it was impossible for the one hundred thousand soldiers of
Dragon Scale Guards to all take part in it.

If so, with all eight teams of Asura Guards together, the battle would’ve involved millions of soldiers.

A battle of that scale would be comparable to Jonathan’s legendary battle that year, in which he
annihilated Yaleview!

Not long after, the helicopters gradually took off.

The soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards couldn’t help looking out the window.

Three years! Dragon Scale Guards have been suppressed by other Asura Guards for three years!

Tonight, we must wash away the humiliation we had endured these three years by carrying off the

The live-fire drill was held in Yaleview.

The annual live-fire drill was the perfect opportunity for the eight teams of Asura Guards to showcase
their abilities.

Other than the live-fire drill, there would also be an individual competition.

In the past three years, Zachary’s Divine Dragon Guards almost took home the trophies of all individual
and live-fire drill competitions every year.

As for Dragon Scale Guards, they fell way behind the top three, let alone the champion.

A few hours later, the military helicopters landed on a huge square in Yaleview.

The members of other Asura Guards could be vaguely seen in the square, and they seemed to have
arrived not long ago.

“Everyone, get ready! The battle is about to begin!”

Patrick looked murderous with a grim expression. The moment he stepped on this land of Yaleview, he
was ready to go into combat immediately.

“The battle is about to begin!” Behind Patrick, all soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards also looked
dauntless in the face of impending death.

“Onward!” At his command, Patrick led Dragon Scale Guards and moved forward at full speed.

The team of a hundred soldiers walked with a domineering and assertive aura.

However, when they were just about to enter the venue, a sarcastic voice suddenly boomed from
behind. “Oh? Aren’t they Dragon Scale Guards, the all-time third-last team?”

In that instant, Patrick’s face fell, and the eyes of all soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards behind him were
also blazing with anger.

The all-time third-last was a title that had been torturing Dragon Scale Guards for three years and was
the greatest humiliation to them.

“Stephen Ferguson!” Patrick uttered a name through his gritted teeth.

Stephen Ferguson was the lieutenant commander of Fang Dragon Guards, ranking fifth among Asura
Guards and always trampled Dragon Scale Guards under their feet.

What right does the fourth-last team have to look down on us?

“Oh, wait. I shouldn’t have called you the all-time third-last!” Stephen seemed indifferent to Patrick’s
fury and smiled instead. “Who knows? You might end up in the last place this year instead of making it
to third-last!”

Mockery! It was a blatant mockery!

“Bullsh*t!” Bloody Slayer couldn’t help lashing out.

“Watch your words!” With his face darkened in an instant, Stephen looked coldly at Bloody Slayer and
provoked. “Are you asking for a fight? Do you want Fang Dragon Guards to battle with you first?”

As soon as his voice fell, the members of Fang Dragon Guards immediately stepped forward and stood
behind him.

A brawl was about to break out.

Nevertheless, Patrick suddenly stared at Bloody Slayer viciously at this moment. “Bloody Slayer, shut

“Lieutenant commander, I…”

“Shut up!” Patrick glared at Bloody Slayer and then turned to Stephen. “Stephen, you’re right! We’re
indeed not going to be the third-last this year! That’s because our goal is to become the champion!”

“What did you say? Did I hear it wrongly?” Stephen scoffed as if he had heard the world’s funniest joke.
“Champion? With the likes of you?”

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