Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 336

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The Legendary Man

Rigorous Training

On the battlefield, every bullet fired was fatal.

Was it cruel?

Jonathan certainly did not think so.

The cruelty they faced today might become the will for them to live on one day.


“It’s so tiring!”

Unable to endure the training any longer, Bloody Slayer fell to the ground on the training field, feeling
out of breath.

He did not want to move at all.

At that moment, even his breathing was labored.

He had to practice the drills over and over again for more than 20 hours daily, surmounting all kinds of
immense dangers and difficulties.

Each day, he thought he had performed to the limit of his capabilities.

However, the next day, he would still grit his teeth and plod on.

“Bloody Slayer, can you stop whining like a girl? Look at how fragile your body is. You should quit the
Dragon Scale Guards. Don’t be a laughing stock to our chief instructor.” The other Dragon Scale

Guards burst out laughing and sneered when they saw Bloody Slayer sprawled lifeless on the ground.

Having gone through half a month of training, their resentment for Jonathan had grown into admiration.

The person they used to call a snob was now their chief instructor.

He lifted a tank with his bare hands.

He fell from 100 meters in the air and came through unscathed.

Any one of these moves was a test of the human limit.

In an army, only the fittest deserved to be respected and revered.

Jonathan was the strongest of them all. He was God to them.

“Gosh, why can’t you let me rest for just one minute? You are stricter than the chief instructor.” Even
though Bloody Slayer ranted on, he jumped up instinctively, ready to challenge himself again.

Not only Blood Slayer, but all the Dragon Scale Guards could certainly feel themselves getting stronger
over the last two weeks.

They started to believe what Jonathan had told them.

Perhaps, it was possible for them to defeat the seven Asura Guards half a month later and win the
champion trophy.

So what if they were the Asura Guards?

With the chief instructor around, the Dragon Scale Guards would be able to crush them with ease.

“Tell me. We’ve put ourselves through this grueling training with only one hour of sleep every day, but
why don’t I feel tired at all? Instead, I feel more alert.”

“Me too!”

Everyone shared the same thought. On normal days, after training, their bodies would be aching so
badly as though they had been ripped apart.

Once they hit the sack, they would fall asleep almost immediately.

Although they expended more energy over the last two weeks as their training intensified, they did not
feel tired even at night. Instead, they were full of vim and vigor.

“Do you think the chief instructor added some stimulants into our medicine?”

“Don’t spout nonsense. Otherwise, I’ll rip off your mouth.”

As soon as someone spoke ill of Jonathan, a Dragon Scale Guard immediately jumped to his defense.

How dare they defame the chief instructor? Are they tired of living?

“Why do all of you have so much nonsense to talk about? Do you find the training too easy? Do you
want a more rigorous training?” Patrick interrupted them with a grim expression.

At that instant, the Dragon Scale Guards kept quiet and lowered their heads. They started their training
once again.

Half a month flew by.

Their training had been so brutal that their bodies were all battered and bruised.

Their faces were sunburnt, and their skin was peeling. Their bodies were covered with bruises and
scrapes. Even their mouths were full of abscesses.

Yet, no matter how demanding the training was, none of the Dragon Scale Guards thought of quitting.

Even though they were on the verge of collapse at any time, they refused to give up.

“Everyone, fall in now!”

A voice boomed out.

The guards immediately stopped their training and stood to attention.

“Commander, the Dragon Scale Guards have all assembled. Please give us your orders.” Patrick stood
upright in salute to Jonathan.

“All right.”

Jonathan nodded as he looked at the guards.

The men stood in silence as no one said a word.

Over the half month, their disdain for Jonathan had turned into respect. Now, they held him in awe.

The more they trained, the more they realized how terrifying his strength was.

What Jonathan could accomplish easily was something they might not be able to achieve even after
half a month of arduous training.

For instance, he could fall from 100 meters unscathed, lift a tank with his bare hands, or singlehandedly
defeat dozens of Dragon Scale Guards in a minute.

“Today is your last day of training. After tonight, I will leave this place.” Jonathan’s announcement
caused an uproar in the crowd.

Their minds went blank immediately.


Jonathan is leaving?

Had two weeks passed so quickly?

In the beginning, they resented and even despised Jonathan. They regarded him as a boy, still wet
behind the ears. They did not think he was fit to be their chief instructor.

However, when Jonathan was finally leaving after the two weeks of training, they found it difficult to
cope with the truth.

“Chief instructor, can you not go?” Bloody Slayer cried out.

Back then, Bloody Slayer was the first to pick on Jonathan. Now, he was also the first to ask Jonathan
not to leave them.

“No, I can’t.” Jonathan replied without hesitation.

“Chief instructor, I’ve yet to challenge you!” Bloody Slayer clenched his fists tightly. Although he knew
very well no matter how many times he challenged Jonathan, the result would still be the same.

Nevertheless, he wanted Jonathan to see how much he had improved after half a month.

“Chief instructor, please don’t go.”

“Chief instructor…”

Soon, all one hundred thousand Dragon Scale Guards tried to stop Jonathan from leaving.

“Shut up!” Patrick hollered when he saw how the men were whimpering like women. “Look at you now!
You’re all behaving like wimps. Do you dare call yourselves Dragon Scale Guards? Be a man and
stand upright! Don’t let the chief instructor despise you!”

Everyone kept quiet as Patrick bellowed angrily at them.

However, their gaze was still fixed on Jonathan, trying to express how they felt with their sorrowful

“Commander, can you please not leave us?” Patrick suddenly spoke out, breaking the silence.

At that instant, Jonathan could not help but glance at him.

When he first arrived, the men were belligerent and unwelcoming. After half a month, he had come to
realize that the rascals meant no harm.

They only despised the weak.

However, they had the utmost respect for the strong.

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