Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 335

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The Legendary Man

The Nightmare Begins

“Commander, isn’t half a month a little too short?” Patrick could not help asking.

He dared not underestimate Jonathan’s capabilities.

However, how could he not know that Jonathan was overestimating the group of little twerps?

Forget half a month, even with half a year’s time, they would not be a match for the seven great Asura

“It’s not,” Jonathan said indifferently, “They only have two weeks. Once those two weeks are up, I will
leave the Dragon Scale Guards.”


Hearing the word made Patrick’s eyes flicker open in surprise.

Andy had only told Patrick that Jonathan was coming. There was no mention of him leaving in two

“That’s right!” Jonathan went on to say, “So, they only have half a month to prepare.”

“Using half a month to defeat seven Asura Guards is a near-impossible task!” Patrick blurted out.

Even though he knew Jonathan’s strength, Patrick still felt that it was like squeezing water from a

Half a month to make a comeback! How is that humanly possible?

Patrick was well aware of the Dragon Scale Guards’ standards. In fact, he knew better than anyone
else that the difference between the Asura Guards and Dragon Scale Guards was worlds apart.

This was even more so when compared to the top three teams – the Anima Dragon Guards, Eagle
Dragon Guards, and Divine Dragon Guards.

The Dragon Scale Guards were at a huge disadvantage.

“The word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary!” Jonathan exclaimed. “I’ll admit that before I
came, you guys had no chance to defeat the seven Asura Guards, even if you had half a year to
prepare. However, from the moment I came here, your fate has already been decided.”

What an arrogant and conceited man who clearly doesn’t know his place!

All the Dragon Scale Guards present instantly had a poor impression of Jonathan.

Two weeks to defeat the seven great Asura Guards and take home the trophy? Who does he think he
is? God? Heck, not even God is capable of pulling off this feat!

“Remember, you guys only have two weeks. If you don’t take home the trophy after the two weeks,
then you Dragon Scale Guards do not deserve to exist. You might as well disband! If you can’t even
win a championship, what right do the Dragon Scale Guards have to be part of the eight Asura

As soon as Jonathan finished talking, he did not even bother looking at them anymore. He turned
around and left.

An hour later, a huge shipment was delivered to the military warehouse.

Long ago, Andy had arranged for the air shipment of countless wooden barrels and medicinal products.

Looking at the abundance of barrels and medicine occupying the warehouse, Patrick asked curiously,
“Commander, what’s all this?”

“You don’t need to know,” Jonathan said as he shot Patrick an unconcerned look.

“All you need to know is that from this day onward for the next two weeks, you will have someone brew
these medicinal herbs every day. They must cook medicinal broths using the exact ingredients and
follow the exact instructions according to these two prescriptions. The broth will then be fed to each
and every one of the Dragon Scale Guards. Do be extra mindful because one prescription is for an oral
medication, while the other is meant to be used as a medicinal bath. Don’t confuse the two.”

“Got it, Commander!” Although Patrick did not know what Jonathan was planning to do, he had to
follow the man’s orders.

This was his troop.

He need not ask any questions. All he had to do was carry out orders.

“Also, everyone gets a copy of this booklet. Cultivation will be carried out twenty-four-seven.” While
saying that, Jonathan retrieved a booklet from his sleeve. The booklet was compacted with tiny words
and some pictures. Red lines were drawn to highlight the eight major meridians of the human body.

“Commander, are these cultivation techniques?” A look of confusion appeared on Patrick’s face as he
looked at the booklet.

As the lieutenant commander of the Dragon Scale Guards, cultivation techniques were not a new thing
to him.

In fact, Patrick had seen it many times before.

It was just that he never believed in this technique.

Patrick had defeated countless enemies in his lifetime, relying solely on his own bloodthirsty strength,
not some superstitious mumbo jumbo.

If the person in front of him was anyone else other than Jonathan, Patrick would’ve taken the booklet
and thrown it at their face.

What era does this man live in for him to believe in this kind of thing?

Jonathan nodded and said, “Yes. These are some basic cultivation techniques. When used in
conjunction with those medicinal herbs, and with my training, there won’t be any problem for you all to
win the championship in two weeks.”

What they didn’t know was that this booklet given to Patrick was the first half of the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique.

Moreover, no one knew better than him just how useful the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was.

Although this booklet only contained about ten percent of the first half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique, it could undoubtedly increase their combat power immensely in a short period of time.

“Well, Commander, can I also train with these techniques?” Patrick asked. He gulped nervously and
looked at Jonathan with expectant eyes.

If these words were to come out of anyone else’s mouth, Patrick would not believe them. However,
those were Jonathan’s words. Hence, Patrick did not question him.

No one else could convince Patrick as Jonathan did.

It was because the man standing in front of him was Asura.

Jonathan was practically a like a god to him.


Jonathan looked at Patrick indifferently. “However, you’re not that young anymore, so your cultivation
progress won’t be as quick as theirs. If they need half a month, you would probably need at least one
whole month.”

“One month is fine. Commander, this won’t stop me!” Patrick was in high spirits.

One month was nothing to Patrick.

Even if it took a year, Patrick would do it.

He had all the time in the world.

In the following two weeks, the Dragon Scale Guards truly understood what it felt like to be living in hell
on earth.

It felt like they were living in an endless nightmare.

Did they have to ascend a three-thousand-meter-high mountain within an hour while carrying more
than a hundred kilograms of weights on their backs?

Perhaps, they had to climb a steep mountain with nothing but their bare hands under the scorching

Or were they left for dead traversing a desolated jungle with dangerous beasts lurking around at every


Compared to their training, those were all child’s play!

Their training was so excruciating that they even missed the previous training where they were
constantly on the brink of death!

At least, they were only on the brink of death back then.

Now, they could not even see themselves surviving this training.

Training under Jonathan was like living in a nightmare devised by the devil.

Out of the twenty-four hours in a day, only one hour was for sleep. In the remaining time, they were
either training or making their way to the training.

Before the two weeks were up, several Dragon Scale Guards had collapsed during training.

One would think that the training would end if they collapsed.

But, no!

Instead, a basin of cold water would be splashed on their faces, and they would be forced to get up and

“Commander, is the training a little too cruel for them?” Standing under the blazing heat, even Patrick
could not take it and was beginning to feel a little light-headed.

Jonathan shot him a cold glare. “Cruel? Whoever thinks that it’s cruel is welcome to leave right now!”

Jonathan continued, “However, remember this. On the battlefield, you won’t have a chance to back out.
Your enemy will not put down the weapons in their hands and spare your life out of pity!”

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