Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 334

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The Legendary Man

This Is An Order

This is insane! He’s gone mad!

Seeing the scene in front of him, Patrick could not help but shout furiously, “Tyson, this will be the last
time I command you! Get down now!”

As his words fell, Patrick tilted his head and cast a command toward those Dragon Scale Guards
behind him without hesitation. “All the soldiers of Dragon Scale Guards, listen up! Enter the first-level
alert mode! Aim your guns at Tyson. Fire right away if you discover any danger!”

“Lieutenant Commander!” Upon hearing Patrick’s command, those Dragon Scale Guards could not
help but stare at him.

Tyson is one of the Dragon Scale Guards! Does he want us to kill each other?

“This is an order!” Patrick said coldly.

“Yes, sir!”

At his command, none among the Dragon Scale Guards dared to say anything else.

After all, in the army, the military order was above everything else.

They had no choice but to obey it.

In the blink of an eye, all the guns were directed toward Tyson. As soon as Patrick gave an order, they
would fire without any hesitation.

“Get out of the way!” roared Jonathan all of a sudden while all the guns were pointed at Tyson.

“Commander?” Hearing Jonathan’s command, Patrick turned to look at the former.

“This is an order!” Jonathan glanced at him faintly.

“Yes, Commander!” Patrick got up and made way without delay.

This is an order! It doesn’t matter if it is inside the battlefield or outside the battlefield. A soldier is meant
to follow orders!

All the while, the tank did not show signs of stopping at all.

Yet, Jonathan did not evade it. Instead, he took a few steps ahead and stood right in front of the tank

Right then, the barrel was pointing at him and might open fire anytime.

With all eyes on him, everyone was thinking about the same thing.

What is he up to?

“Do you think you have the chance to defeat me by hiding there?” uttered Jonathan in a cold tone as
looked at the military tank indifferently. “Or do you think you can kill by hiding in there?”

Tyson did not say anything. He was way over in his head and was eager to take Jonathan’s life.

However, since countless guns were pointing at him, his mind had calmed down a lot.

What am I doing? Am I out of my mind? So what if I kill Jonathan? Am I going to survive through this?

Nonetheless, while Tyson was hesitating whether to give up, Jonathan suddenly shouted, “It’s useless!
Even if you hide in there, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re trash!”

With that, Jonathan took a step ahead. With both hands grabbing the barrel of the tank, he raised it
with force.

In that instance, the tank, weighing several tons, was lifted into the air by Jonathan’s hands.

Everyone was in awe upon seeing the scene.

The crowd stared at Jonathan in disbelief, their gazes filled with amazement.

How could he possibly lift a tank weighing several tons merely by his hands? Is he even human?

When everyone was still overwhelmed with bewilderment, Jonathan swung his hand forcefully and
threw the tank into the sky.

Tyson, who was hiding inside the tank, fell right out of the tank.


The second Tyson fell onto the ground, the tank in the sky fell right toward him as well.

“No!” Tyson’s eyes were filled with terror as he saw the tank was about to crash onto him.

If the tank crashed on him, even if he did not die, he would be terribly disfigured.

At that split moment, Tyson could not help but close his eyes fearfully.

One second passed.

Two seconds passed.

The tank fell at a shift speed.

However, right before the gruesome scene occurred, Jonathan suddenly made a move.

Reaching his right hand out, he grabbed the rolling belt of the tank while his left hand grabbed the
chassis of the tank. With a loud bang, the ground cracked instantly under the intense vibration, leaving
countless cracks in it.

With that, the tank stopped in the middle of the air.

It fell heavily into Jonathan’s hands and stopped moving.

It was just a matter of seconds before Tyson would have gotten squashed into flesh.

Staring at that terrifying moment, everyone froze on the spot as their minds went blank.

The next second, Patrick regained his sense and immediately ordered, “Soldiers! Apprehend Tyson
and lock him up!”

Upon hearing that, the Dragon Scale Guards immediately approached Tyson, who was still in shock,
and captured him.


On the flip side, Jonathan swung his hand casually and threw the tank to the ground, forming a huge

“Commander, are you all right?” Cold sweat broke out on Patrick’s forehead after witnessing the scene.

“I’m fine.”

As if it was not a big deal, Jonathan shifted his gaze toward the Dragon Scale Guards. “Who else is not
convinced and wants to challenge me?”

As expected, no one dared to speak a word or make a sound.

Only the sound of the chilly breeze passing by was heard.

Seeing no one dared to speak, Jonathan took a step forward and stared at the Dragon Scale Guards.
“Keep my name in mind. I am Jonathan Goldstein. From today onward, I will be the worst nightmare for
the rest of your lives! And from today onward, the Dragon Scale Guards only have one commander,
and that’s me, Jonathan Goldstein! From now on, you Dragon Scale Guards will only receive orders
from me! Do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir!” Their voices echoed through the mountain.

In the army, there was only one way to win others’ respect—by becoming stronger than them.

After all, this was a place where the strong reigned supreme.

Today, Jonathan had shown them what strong truly meant.

“What was that? I can’t hear you!” Jonathan yelled coldly.

“Yes, sir!” This time, they shouted with all their might.

“Bear this in mind. I will only give you half a month. After half a month, I want you guys to defeat the
seven Divine Dragon Guards and regain the first place! Do you hear me?”

Half a month? Defeat the seven Divine Dragon Guards and regain the first place? How is that

The second Jonathan spat out those words, everyone thought the same thing.

How is that possible? It’s been a full three years!

Ever since the eight Asura Guards were founded, the Dragon Scale Guards had had no fate being the
top three.

The best result they had ever achieved was the fourth place.

How could we possibly rewrite a three-year history within half a month?

They knew Jonathan was beyond powerful.

Despite so, it would need a miracle to defeat the other seven Asura Guards and regain the honor within
half a month.

It was simply impossible.

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