Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 333

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The Legendary Man

No You Cannot

“I’ve lost!” Struggling and trembling, Bloody Slayer got to his feet. His entire body was covered in mud,
and the arrogance he had beforehand had been wiped off his face.
Whether or not he wanted to admit defeat, it was the reality he had to face.
He could not even block a single hit from Jonathan!

In a matter of seconds, Jonathan was able to slam into Bloody Slayer like a high-speed train, nearly
blowing the latter’s body to pieces.
Such overbearing power was not something Bloody Slayer could hold his own against.

“Is this what all you Dragon Scale Guards have?” asked Jonathan, looking down at the soldiers in front
of him coldly.
It was dead silent.

At that moment, among the hundreds of thousands of soldiers, no one made a sound.
“Who else is unsatisfied? Whoever wants to challenge me can present themselves!” Jonathan yelled as
he took a step forward. Instantly, the whole place was shrouded in his domineering aura. It was so
strong that everyone became a little breathless.
“Me!” shouted the soldier previously standing behind Bloody Slayer, who was as skinny as a beanpole.
Walking out of the crowd, he added, “I’ll challenge you!”

“No, you can’t!” rejected Jonathan without hesitation while glancing at the soldier nonchalantly. He then
looked back at the crowd and asked, “Who else?”
“Me!” Another soldier stepped forward.
“Me too!”

In the blink of an eye, dozens of soldiers rushed out of the crowd.
Even when faced with those soldiers, Jonathan still did not see them as a threat. Instead, he shot them
a look of indifference and remarked, “All of you come at me together!”
What? He wants to fight against many of us at the same time?

Hearing what Jonathan said, the crowd erupted in sneering laughter.
Who does he think he is to fight dozens of us single-handedly? Does he think the Dragon Scale Guards
are street hooligans whom he can easily go against alone?
“Are you sure?” asked the extremely thin soldier, taking a quick look at Jonathan.

“Cut the nonsense!” replied Jonathan. In frustration, he looked at the group of soldiers and repeated,
“Come at me all at once!”As soon as he finished speaking, the soldiers stopped hesitating in the least.

If he wants to play with fire, we shall fulfill his wish!In a flash, they pounced at Jonathan simultaneously,
ready to attack him, especially the pencil-thin soldier.The first attack he launched was lethal, leaving
Jonathan with no mercy.

As one of the Dragon Scale Guards, what he was best at was not combat. Rather, it was murder.In a
split second, the bony soldier raised his fist and aimed it at Jonathan’s temple. The rest of the soldiers
hurriedly followed, targeting his chest and legs respectively.Even if Jonathan dodged anyone’s attack in
this situation, he would immediately be sandwiched by the others.

This time, Jonathan would definitely lose.“What a piece of cake,” he scoffed, disregarding his
opponents. Perhaps to others, their speed and tactics were fast and deadly. Yet, in Jonathan’s eyes,
the soldiers were as slow as a snail.Their weak spots were exposed everywhere.

Right then, Jonathan slightly lifted his right hand and rushed forward. Curling his fingers into a fist, he
struck downward in lightning speed.He was so fast that his opponents failed to see his moves clearly.
They only saw his afterimages, which flashed past them.The next second, loud noises reverberated.

Several front-line soldiers were suddenly blasted into the sky like a kite that flew away from its broken
string. Then, they flopped to the ground.Before the soldiers next in line could even react, Jonathan
leaped into the air again and punched his fist downward.Boom!

A deafening sound was heard. Before the remaining soldiers could come back to their senses, half of
them had already collapsed to the ground.

W-What happened?

The crowd gasped at that sight.Dozens of soldiers were defeated before having the opportunity to even
determine Jonathan’s tactics.While the crowd was still in shock, Jonathan made another move, leaving
only his afterimages.

Thunderous noises rang out once again when the soldiers could not even so much as catch a glimpse
of Jonathan’s strategies.In mere seconds, the rest of them sprawled on the ground. Not a single soldier
was left standing.

It only took Jonathan a minute, or precisely speaking, less than a minute, to take them down.The
soldiers did not even manage to touch the corner of Jonathan’s shirt when they were all already
collapsed on the ground.Not a single person was spared.

“Impossible!”“Is there something wrong with my eyes? How could I have not seen anything?”“They
lost? Did they just lose?”“How is this possible?”

The scene caused an uproar right away.

They did not expect dozens of Dragon Scale Guards, who struck at Jonathan all at once, would fail to
even lay a finger on the latter.
Moreover, they did not even see when the man retaliated.
This was an utter disgrace.

To the Dragon Scale Guards, it was a great humiliation.

Meanwhile, the sole person who did not have a hint of surprise on his face was Patrick.
Not only was he not taken aback, but he found it reasonable that the soldiers would lose against

Just because these brats killed several people on the battlefield before doesn’t mean they can
challenge him. They were asking for it!
Even Patrick himself, the lieutenant commander of the Dragon Scale Guards, who obliterated an army
of his enemies effortlessly, would never dare think of challenging Jonathan in the slightest.
He would rather end his own life than do so.

At least, in that way, he could still choose his own way of dying.
“I’m going to kill you, you brat!” At that moment, as a loud boom ensued, the scraggy soldier landed on
a military tank unexpectedly.
His face was covered in blood, yet his eyes were wide open, filled with bloodlust.

“Tyson, what are you trying to do?” Patrick’s gaze turned frosty when he saw the soldier’s moves.
“I want to kill him!” Without another word, the soldier named Tyson scrambled into the tank.
Immediately after, the roar of engines filled the air, and the gun barrel of the tank was aimed directly at
“Tyson, do you know what you’re doing!” exclaimed Patrick in rage as his expression turned grim.

Tyson has gone mad! How dare he aim the gun barrel at Jonathan! Does he want to die?
At the same time, Tyson, who was inside the tank, seemed to have not heard Patrick’s shouts. It was
as if he had gone berserk.
Right then, he was only thinking of one thing—killing Jonathan.

Since the day Tyson joined the Dragon Scale Guards, he had killed countless enemies along the way.
No one knew how many enemies had died in his hands.
Yet, little did he know he would be mortified on this day.

He faced humiliation in front of hundreds of thousands o the Dragon Scale Guards’ soldiers, and he
could not let this slide.
Out of the blue, another ear-shattering boom sounded.

The continuous track of the tank began propelling as the tank moved forward, speeding in Jonathan’s

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