Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 332

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The Legendary Man

This Is The Dragon Scale Guards

“Be quiet, all of you!” roared Patrick.
At that, the crowd fell into silence in an instant.

“Commander, I am Patrick Xander, the lieutenant commander of the Dragon Scale Guards. I’m here to
report to you along with a hundred thousand soldiers of the Dragon Scale Guards!” Patrick’s hand was
slightly trembling as he held it up in front of Jonathan.
Asura! He is Asura!

To Patrick, Jonathan was as good as God.
Throughout the past three years, Patrick had spent every second dreaming that one day he could
stand before Asura and call him Commander, just like what he was doing at the moment.
He wished for nothing other than to become closer to the god in his heart.

“You’re Patrick?” Jonathan glanced at him indifferently.
“Yes, Commander!” Patrick shouted at the top of his lungs as if he was using all the strength in his

“I heard about you from Andy. Not bad,” said Jonathan gently. However, his words had caused a huge
stir among the people.
After all, Patrick was the lieutenant commander of the Dragon Scale Guards, who was in charge of
everyone except the commander.
Moreover, he had control over hundreds of thousands of Dragon Scale Guards, not to mention his
great power.

In the whole of Chanaea, he was one of the most important people.
However, as powerful as he was, he was only considered “not bad” in Jonathan’s eyes.

“Oh, you flatter me, Commander!” The moment Patrick heard Jonathan’s comment about him, his eyes
turned red at once.
Patrick had murdered countless enemies in his life.

There were so many times he had been on the verge of death and hell, but never once had his eyes
Yet, when he heard Asura, the god in his heart, saying that he was not bad, he almost lost control of his
My life’s worth it now!

“This is the Dragon Scale Guards?” asked Jonathan as he nonchalantly glanced at the soldiers in front
of him with contempt in his eyes.At his irreverent gaze, flames of fury were ignited among the soldiers
of the Dragon Scale Guards.

He’s obviously challenging us! An immature brat’s challenging us!“Commander, are you looking down
on us?” yelled someone in the crowd all of a sudden.

Every soldier of the Dragon Scale Guards had fought through deaths, so of course, they would not be
able to take provocations like this.“What if I am?” retorted Jonathan flatly as he looked at them.

His reply induced a greater commotion among the soldiers.If not for the rules of the troop, the soldiers
would have beaten him to the ground on the spot for what he said.They would not allow anyone to
humiliate them. After all, they were the Dragon Scale Guards, one of the eight Asura Guards.

“I know you’re feeling frustrated, but what can you do about it? Is there anything you’re able to do? If
not for Andy, who begged me and kneeled before me again and again, do you think I’d be willing to

come to such a god-forsaken place?” Jonathan eyed them, unfazed.Then, he added, “Truth be told,
you’re just a group of rubbish. You’re not even qualified to be trained by me!”

What did he say? Rubbish? Did he say we, the Dragon Scale Guards, were rubbish and not qualified to
be trained by him?At once, almost every soldier of the Dragon Scale Guards at the scene instinctively
tightened their grips on their guns.

If not for the rules they had to obey, they would have already shot Jonathan.Naturally, the soldiers of
the Dragon Scale Guards would not allow anyone to insult their pride.

“You snob! What did you say just now? How dare you call us rubbish!” The sturdy man with a body built
like a mountain was the first to jump out of the crowd.“Bloody Slayer, shut your mouth up!” shouted
Patrick angrily.

Bloody Slayer was that man’s code name, for he had slain a lot of people with his bare hands.Since he
had joined the Dragon Scale Guards, a lot of people had lost their lives in his hands, and their corpses
could be stacked up to form a mountain.

Therefore, people gave him the code name Bloody Slayer.

“I won’t! Lieutenant Commander, I want to challenge him!” he uttered through gritted teeth as he stared
at Patrick.As his words fell, he turned to Jonathan with fury eyes and asked, “Hey, snob. Do you dare to
accept my challenge?”“You? No.” Jonathan glanced at him calmly before shaking his head.

“Huh, you’re scared, aren’t you?” Bloody Slayer instantly sneered at Jonathan’s reply.“I’m scared that
you might die,” replied Jonathan.

Taking another cold glance at Bloody Slayer, he continued, “However, if you insist on looking for death,
I shall grant your wish by giving you a chance.”With that, Jonathan gestured at Bloody Slayer. “You,
step forward!”

“I’ll let you know how powerful I am!” Bloody Slayer cracked his knuckles, looking as though he wanted
to crush Jonathan’s head into pieces. Behind him, the group of the Dragon Scale Guards was watching
them as they cheered, “Bloody Slayer, if you don’t break his head today, don’t you call yourself a
member of the Dragon Scale Guards!”“Crush his head! Give him a taste of the power of the Dragon
Scale Guards!”

Roars were coming continuously from the crowd. Even so, Jonathan did not even bother to spare them
a glance.What a bunch of losers! I’ll have to teach you a lesson so that you know your place.“Go to
hell, boy!” roared Bloody Slayer.

With that, he charged toward Jonathan and punched the latter in the face. He put so much strength into
that single attack that it could destroy a slope of a hill and create clouds of dust.

However, as Bloody Slayer’s fist was coming for Jonathan, the latter did not dodge at all as though he
did not see it.
Standing there, Jonathan placed both his hands on his back and remained motionless.

Chatters burst out among the crowd again. “Is that brat stunned from shock? Why isn’t he moving at
“That’s impossible. That kid dares to jump off from a hundred meters in the air. How can he be afraid of
Bloody Slayer’s fist?”
“Perhaps he’s bearing some bad ideas in his head!”

The soldiers of the Dragon Scale Guards stared unblinkingly at the scene unfolding in front of them. At
the same time, Bloody Slayer’s fist came nearer and nearer toward Jonathan.
The moment it almost punched Jonathan’s nose, Jonathan lifted his eyes abruptly.

Waving his hand lightly, he flicked two of his fingers. The next second, it was as if Bloody Slayer had
been crashed by a high-speed train as a loud bang was heard.

Bloody Slayer’s body, which seemed like a mountain, was smashed onto the ground heavily, sending
dirt and dust into the air.
“I told you. You’re unqualified,” stated Jonathan as he eyed Bloody Slayer on the ground indifferently.

Withdrawing his right hand, he placed it behind him again.
He had purposely gone easy on Bloody Slayer and used not even thirty percent of his strength.
Otherwise, the latter would have turned into a corpse after his attack.
For a moment, dead silence ensued as no one from the crowd made a sound. They could not believe
that the battle was over this quickly.
The soldiers were in shock because they did not expect Jonathan to beat Bloody Slayer to the ground
with only one attack.

They knew well about Bloody Slayer’s capability. In the Dragon Scale Guards, he was one of the top
ten strongest soldiers.
With his fist alone, he could penetrate a city wall and break his enemy’s ribs.

Yet, how could he not stand a single attack from Jonathan?
The soldiers were in utter disbelief.

At that moment, hostility gradually replaced the contempt in the soldiers’ eyes.
Jonathan had jumped from a hundred meters in the air but was not injured at all.

Furthermore, he defeated Bloody Slayer with merely a flick of his fingers.

It seemed that the boy in front of them was not as weak as they had imagined.

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