Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 331

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The Legendary Man

The New Chief Instructor

Patrick was visibly annoyed.

The bunch of rascals might not have recognized the photo of the new chief instructor, but there was no
way he would not have.
Besides, as the lieutenant commander of the Dragon Scale Guards, it would be a total disgrace if he
did not recognize Asura.
These rascals may laugh at him for being young, but once they find out he’s the legendary Asura, I bet
they’d be so petrified that they’d pee their pants!
Sadly, Andy had specifically warned Patrick not to divulge Jonathan’s identity before their arrival.

Otherwise, Andy would punish his lieutenant commander severely, even if it meant having to hunt the
latter down to the ends of the world.
In any case, Patrick was sure his troops would be in for a rude shock.

These smug bstards don’t even have respect for me, so one can only wonder how much trouble they’d
be in when Asura gets here! Just then, the roar of a plane rang out in the distance, prompting everyone
to look up at the sky. “Look, guys! There’s a plane flying toward us. Do you think our new chief
instructor has arrived?” “Ha! I call bullsht on him being the chief instructor! How is he qualified to train
us when he’s just a young brat?” someone in the crowd scoffed. “Shall we teach him a lesson when he
gets here?”
“What are your plans?”

“You’ll find out once he’s here. Watch me!”
The next second, everyone started discussing ways to put the new chief instructor in his place. Patrick,
on the other hand, merely listened and chuckled to himself.

You rascals are in deep sh*t! The more intense your discussions are, the more you’d have to pay for
your insolence!
Meanwhile, Jonathan had closed his eyes in the military helicopter, looking as though he was fast

A middle-aged soldier sat beside him, with a gaze full of confusion and doubt. He could not fathom why
Andy would pick someone who could still pass off as a university student to be the chief instructor of
the Dragon Scale Guards.
Wouldn’t the new guy be courting death?

The soldier might not be from the Asura Guards, but even he was aware of how troublesome the
rascals in the Dragon Scale Guards could be.
On top of that, there were more than a hundred thousand people in the Dragon Scale Guards. Apart
from Andy and Patrick, who else would be capable enough to keep a rein on the troublemakers?
In an attempt to wake Jonathan up, the middle-aged soldier announced, “Mr. Goldstein, the area in
front of us is the Dragon Scale Guards’ base!”

His eyes, however, were filled with utter shock.How can this guy still sleep at such a crucial time?

Jonathan merely hummed an acknowledgment as he slowly opened his eyes and looked out the
window.Outside, the wind was cold, and even the clouds in the sky had shrunk, turning ominously dark.

“Mr. Goldstein, the helicopter will stop mid-air in a few minutes,” the soldier stated as he took out a
parachute, handing it to Jonathan. “Here, this parachute is for you. Once the helicopter stops flying,
you can jump right out of it. I suppose you know how to use a parachute?”“I don’t need it,” Jonathan
replied while waving it off.

Dumbfounded, the soldier stammered, “D-Don’t need it?”Before he could say anything else, Jonathan
walked to the main cabin and pulled the door open.Naturally, the soldier was shocked beyond

measure. “Mr. Goldstein, what are you doing?”

“I’m jumping down,” responded Jonathan matter-of-factly.“Are you joking, Mr. Goldstein? You haven’t
even put on your parachute!” the soldier hollered. We’re at least a hundred meters from the ground, for
goodness’ sake! Falling from this height would smash him into a pulp!“I’ve already said I don’t need it!”

Not wanting to waste his breath on the soldier, Jonathan instantly put one foot out and jumped down
from mid-air.

“You’ve lost your mind!”

Of course, the soldier was scared out of his wits, but it was too late for him to remedy the
situation.Back on the ground, many Dragon Scale Guards had their eyes glued to the sky.

As soon as they saw a man leaping from the helicopter, one of the guards yelled, “Look! Someone just
jumped down!”Another guard chimed in, “Hey, he’s not wearing a parachute.”

Only then did those with sharp eyes realize that the man had jumped without a parachute.“That’s our
new chief instructor? That kid’s not crazy, is he? He just jumped from a height of a hundred meters,
and he didn’t even bother to use a parachute? Isn’t he afraid that he’d end up as minced meat?”“Let’s
have a bet, shall we? Do you think he’d land on his head or his feet?”

“I say he’d land head first!”“I’m betting on his feet!”The crowd became increasingly boisterous as they
betted on how their new chief instructor would meet his demise. To them, his life and death were not
important at all.

As Dragon Scale Guards, they came across countless dead bodies every day.

Furthermore, they had lost count of the number of enemies that had died at their hands.
Because of that, a human’s death, in their eyes, was as inconsequential as that of an ant’s.

To put it simply, they had become desensitized to death.

However, just as the guards continued to whisper among themselves, a black silhouette suddenly
plummeted from the sky and hit the ground.
A loud bang instantly rang out.

The impact sent dust and dirt flying everywhere, and cracks began to appear on the ground.
The next moment, a figure strode out from the clouds of dust.

As the dust settled, Jonathan’s face gradually came into view.
Alas, the crowd had yet to recover from their shock.

How is that possible? How could anyone survive a hundred-meter jump from the air?
He’s still in one piece! How is that humanly possible?

In the end, the curiosity and astonishment were too much to bear, and someone had to ask the
question on everyone’s mind, “Does this kid have a body of steel? Or has he learned a skill that gives
him some form of armor protection?”
“Didn’t someone remark earlier that the kid hasn’t even hit puberty? What? Are you feeling scared

“Oh, shut up. I’m not afraid of anything! I refuse to believe he has a body of steel. But so what if he
does? Can he stop the bullet from my gun?”
Although the troublesome bunch had just witnessed Jonathan’s impressive feat, they remained
unconvinced and recalcitrant.
Unfortunately, their impression of him only worsened when they saw how young he was.

If they had not seen Jonathan do the hundred-meter jump with their own eyes, they would have thought
he was a university student who had gotten lost and needed their help.

With Jonathan’s good looks, they would have also believed it if he said he was a male idol from

After all, when had any soldier looked like a pretty boy?

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