Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 329

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The Legendary Man

What Is The Matter

The diary ended abruptly at this point.

When he was about to turn to the next pages, he noticed that the remaining pages were all blank.
There were even hints of some pages being ripped off.

Therefore, it was obvious that the diary did not come to an abrupt end, but someone had intentionally
torn it off.

Who did that? Was it Dad or Hunters Guild? Or could it be Mom? Maybe even someone from the
Goldstein family?

Jonathan’s gaze turned cold at that moment.

Throughout these years, he had always thought that Daniel and Elizabeth had died in a road mishap.
However, it now seemed to be an accident deliberately planned by someone to get rid of Daniel.

“Interesting, Hunters Guild!” With his face darkened, Jonathan closed the diary. He then took out his
phone and dialed a number.

After a moment, a hoarse voice sounded through the phone. “Hello?”

“It’s me, Jonathan.”

“Mr. Goldstein? Why are you calling me?” When the person over the phone heard the name, his tone
instantly changed.

“I need you to do something,” Jonathan cut to the chase. “Help me find out if there’s an organization
called Hunters Guild in Gronga.”

“Hunters Guild?” Hearing Jonathan’s words, the person with a hoarse voice replied over the phone,
“Mr. Goldstein, what’re you investigating Hunters Guild for? I’ve heard about this organization, and it’s
said to be a cult in Gronga. There’re plenty of terrorists in it, and it’s said that they’ve been involved in
some sort of terrorist attack!”

“You heard about it before?” Jonathan’s expression instantly changed. “Where did you hear that from?”

“It was many years ago when I was still studying overseas.” The person paused for a moment before
continuing, “It’s not like you don’t know anything about Gronga, Mr. Goldstein. That place is a complete
mess with all sorts of gangs, cults, and conglomerates mixed with other foreign authorities. With
everything jumbled together, it’s no surprise to have a few cults there!”

“I don’t care about Gronga or any conglomerates! I’m merely interested in Hunters Guild! You have
three days. I want all the information about this Hunters Guild. Do you hear me?” Jonathan ordered

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” The person over the phone did not dare to defy Jonathan’s order at all.

With that, Jonathan hung up the phone.

He then casually lit a cigarette and put the diary in his pocket.

When he was about to walk out of the secret chamber, Sophia’s urge traveled from the door again.
“Jonathan, where are you? The food’s turning cold!”

“I’m coming!” Jonathan casually replied. Shutting the secret chamber closed, he walked out of the room
as if nothing had happened.

In the courtyard, Sophia had an apron on, and the table was full of hot dishes.

Upon spotting Jonathan, Sophia could not help but roll her eyes. “What’ve you been doing in the room?
You took so long to come out!”

“I was tidying the things left behind by my parents.” Jonathan randomly made up an excuse and sat
opposite Sophia. “By the way, Aunt Sophia, have the assets of the four prominent families been
handed over to you?”

“It’s in progress.” Sophia nodded and added, “But it’s taking some time. I was thinking of telling you
about this. I’m probably getting busier these days and have no time to cook for you. Go out and get
yourself something to eat if you’re hungry.”

“All right. I will.”

Jonathan picked up a fork and grabbed a piece of the chicken wings.

“How’s it?” Sophia looked at Jonathan anxiously.” It’s the first time I made these chicken wings. I
learned this from the internet, but I’m not sure if they’re delicious.”

“They taste great!” Jonathan took a bite and smiled. “Everything you make is delicious.”

“Nonsense!” Sophia rolled her eyes, also picking up a piece of the chicken wings.

However, it was not long before a man, who was wearing an army green camouflage uniform, suddenly
barged through the door. The dainty and delicate Lydia was behind him.

A flash of surprise swept across Jonathan’s eyes when he saw them walking in one after another.
“Why’re two of you together?”

“We bumped into each other outside the door.” Andy walked toward Jonathan offhandedly and slumped
into the seat. “Mr. Goldstein, why didn’t you call me out to eat something good? I haven’t had my lunch

“Who says you’d have a portion!” Noticing Andy’s brusque manners, Jonathan glared at him. “Shoo!”

“Mr. Goldstein…” Andy looked at the dishes on the table with eager eyes, reluctant to stand up.

“Get lost!”

Andy only got up from the table when Jonathan shot him another glare.

“Lydia, I assume you haven’t had your meal as well. Would you like to join us?” Compared to
Jonathan’s cold-heartedness, Sophia was obviously more welcoming.

“It’s fine. I’ve already eaten,” Lydia swiftly declined the offer with a wave of her hand.

She would not dare to sit down with Jonathan around.

Compared to Andy’s casualness, Lydia appeared more cautious.

“No need to stand on ceremony with me.” Sophia seemed to notice that Lydia was on alert. Casually
putting out some cutlery, she turned to Andy. “Commander Morsley, please take a seat.”

“Ms. Sophia, please don’t call me commander! I don’t deserve this!” Andy immediately shook his hand
in surprise upon hearing how Sophia addressed him.

Are you kidding me? How dare I let her call me commander? Jonathan would skin me alive!

“Don’t be silly. Hurry up and take a seat!” Sophia took the initiative to make space for them.
Nevertheless, Andy and Lydia did not dare to sit down without Jonathan’s permission.

In an instant, everyone fixed their gazes on Jonathan.

“Take a seat.” With a wave from Jonathan, Andy sat down beside him and picked up the fork, chowing
down the food without any delay. While eating, he complimented, “It’s delicious! This is much better
than what the cooks in the army make!”

“Don’t talk when you’re eating!” Jonathan glared at Andy, which instantly terrified the latter from uttering
another word.

Looking at Andy getting lectured by Jonathan and behaving like a kid who made mistakes, Sophia
immediately burst out laughing, considering Andy was one of Asura’s Office’s imposing Four Kings of

“Jonathan, don’t always lecture him! If you keep doing so, he wouldn’t dare to talk to you anymore!”
Sophia could not help but defend Andy.

“It’s fine, Ms. Sophia. I enjoy Mr. Goldstein’s lectures!” Andy grinned but did not stop moving his hands.

In just a few minutes, he almost finished all dishes on the table.

“Stop talking nonsense!” Jonathan casually put the fork down and turned to Andy. “Speak. What’s the

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