Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 328

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The Legendary Man

The Mysterious Diary

Overnight, the four prominent families disappeared into the ether with no exception.

While the whole of Yaleview was on edge, Jonathan was cleaning Daniel and Elizabeth’s room.

Since returning to the Goldstein residence, he holed up inside the room every day. He would
occasionally tidy up their keepsakes and clean up the room.

Sophia also came back after Jonathan returned to the Goldstein residence.

“Jonathan, it’s time to eat!” Sophia shouted from outside the room.

Ever since the duo moved back, there was no one else in the entire Goldstein residence apart from the
hundred or so Dragon Scale Guards outside the door.

When the courtyard was in a mess, Jonathan would clean it himself.

If he was hungry, Sophia would personally cook for him.

It was as if all the troubles in the world had nothing to do with Jonathan in these past few days.

“Coming!” Jonathan answered.

Putting down the keepsake on the desk, Jonathan stood up and prepared to leave the room. However,
he suddenly heard a clicking sound. The bookshelf that was placed in the corner suddenly moved to
the right.

Shortly after, a dark and unusual secret room appeared right in front of Jonathan.

Whoa. A secret room? There’s a hidden room like this in my parents’ bedroom?

Jonathan had an idea in mind the moment he saw the room. Hence, he stepped inside immediately.

It was pitch black inside the secret room.

Jonathan casually took out his phone and used it as a torchlight. He saw a few blocks of candles with
the gleam of light. Then, he used a lighter to light the candle. The entire secret room was instantly
revealed in front of him.

The secret room was not huge. It could fit a dozen or so people.

There was only a bookshelf and a desk inside the room. A family photo was placed on the desk.

Daniel, Elizabeth, Emmett, Loretta, Tommy, and Sophia were in the photo.

Furthermore, the little boy in Elizabeth’s arms was none other than Jonathan himself.

“Whoa. I didn’t expect to find a secret room here!” Jonathan exclaimed. Despite growing up in the
Goldstein residence, he never knew that there was another chamber hidden inside his parents’

Besides the family photo, there was a diary on the desk.

Furthermore, the diary was covered with dust.

A black-colored pen was placed next to the diary. Jonathan saw some strange characters engraved on
the pen.

Those characters were unlike the language of any country in this world. If anything, they were more like
symbols of a mysterious cult.

Frowning, Jonathan immediately opened the diary, recognizing Daniel’s handwriting at once.

Jonathan, by the time you read this diary, you should be a grown man already. I left this diary for you
on purpose. I don’t know when you will be able to find it. Am I right to say that I would no longer be in
this world by the time you discovered the diary?

“Dad left this diary for me?” Jonathan’s eyebrows furrowed the moment he saw those words.

What’s going on? Did Dad already know he might die? How is it possible? Wasn’t he killed in a car

Filled with doubts, Jonathan turned to the next page.

Jonathan, weren’t you always curious about what I was secretly doing while hiding at home? I told you I
was researching for some information back then. However, that was a lie. I had been staying in this
secret room all this while. You aren’t the only one who doesn’t know the existence of this secret room.
No one else in the Goldstein family knows about this. Not even your mom. Jonathan, I hope you’re
mentally prepared when you read this diary. It will most likely change your perspective on the world.
So, please proceed with caution.

Daniel had deliberately used a red pen to write the last warning. The more Daniel emphasized it, the
more Jonathan wanted to turn the pages and read on.

Jonathan, I have another hidden identity that I haven’t told you about besides being the eldest son of
the Goldstein family. I was a member of Hunters Guild of Gronga. I joined this guild when I was a
teenager many years ago. At that time, I had spent a few years in Gronga. It was the same time that I
joined this mysterious organization. The mission of this organization was to hunt and kill. However, they
have never harmed the innocents. They only hunt down the despicable criminals. At first, I thought they

were a righteous organization, but I found out that they were not as simple as they appeared to be as I
gradually got to know them better. Furthermore, they were hiding a huge secret.

Unfortunately for Jonathan, the diary entry came to an abrupt end at this point.

Frustrated by the cliffhanger, Jonathan knitted his brows tightly.

Gronga? Hunters Guild? A secret organization? When did Dad stay in Gronga for a few years? When
did he ever join a mysterious organization like that?

A torrent of questions surged in Jonathan’s mind at that moment.

Furrowing his brows, Jonathan turned to the next page.

Just when I was trying to find out more about the organization’s secret, they discovered me by chance.
Left with no alternative, I had to flee Gronga and return to Yaleview. From then on, I officially ended my
association with Hunters Guild. Nevertheless, I have never given up on tracking them down. In these
last few years, I have dedicated my time and efforts to researching information about the organization. I
want to find out what kind of secret they have been hiding all this while. Alas, they managed to track
me down in the end. That group of demons found me. Moreover, they even forced me to rejoin their
Hunters Guild. They threatened to kill me if I refused to rejoin the organization. At that time, I already
have Elizabeth and you. How could I possibly rejoin this evil organization when I have a happy and
wonderful family back home? Hence, I rejected them. Back then, I never thought that it was just the
beginning of my nightmare.

Once again, the diary entry came to an abrupt end.

There was a long scratch made with a pen across the diary.

Looking at that long scratch mark, Jonathan continued to the next page.

These despicable people followed me everywhere I go. Furthermore, they also stalked Elizabeth.
Worst of all, they threatened to kill Elizabeth and you if I dare to refuse them. If there’s one thing I hated
the most in this life, it’s being threatened. That’s why I refused them once again. However, they decided
to make their moves. I can’t believe they would send someone to assassinate me. Not only did they
send an assassin to kill me, but they also sent people to kill you and Elizabeth!

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