Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 327

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The Legendary Man


After he slapped the woman in the red dress a few times, her face swelled instantly.

Even her nose and chin implants fell off because of the middle-aged man’s beating.

“Behave yourself!”

The middle-aged man hadn’t finished beating the woman. Suddenly, a soldier from Dragon Scale
Guards, who stood behind the man and spectated his actions, kicked the man’s butt.

Immediately, the middle-aged man fell to the floor.

“Take all of them away!”

That Dragon Scale Guard waved his hands. Shortly after, dozens of black-armed soldiers came
forward and brought the couple out of the hall.

“Lydia, quick! Beg Asura for his forgiveness and let him spare all the members of the Maxwell family!”
While the soldiers were dragging the couple away, Bernard knelt on the floor and pulled the hem of
Lydia’s pants like a dog. He wanted her to beg Jonathan to let them go.

Sadly, after hearing his words, Lydia shook her head in despair. “It’s too late!”

“How can it be too late? Didn’t you ask him to let the Maxwells off in the afternoon? If you ask for
mercy, I’m sure he will spare us!”

Bernard refused to let go of Lydia’s pants. To him, Lydia was the Maxwell family’s last hope.

“Oh, so you know that he has already spared us in the afternoon.” When Lydia heard Bernard’s words,
a hopeless look flashed across her face. “Dad, I’ve reminded you not to offend him before this.
Unfortunately, you didn’t listen! Now, everyone in the Maxwell family has to follow you to the borders.
Are you satisfied now?”

“It’s all my fault. Lydia, please beg Asura for his forgiveness. If you are willing to do so, I’m sure he will
let us go!” While speaking, Bernard slapped himself with great force. “Lydia, I know I’ve made a terrible
mistake! Can you please one more chance?”

“Dad, it’s not me who isn’t giving you a chance. It’s Asura!” Lydia’s eyes instantly reddened when she
saw Bernard slapping himself. “He has already given you a chance in the afternoon, but you didn’t
appreciate it! It’s too late to plead now!”

Before this, the Maxwells wanted to capture Jonathan and kick him out. Now, they want his
forgiveness. Who do they think Jonathon is? A piece of equipment they can command around?

“Lydia, I’m your dad. Do you really want to see them banish me to the borders?” shouted Bernard as he
stared at Lydia furiously. He was infuriated when he saw his daughter’s impassive expression.

“Take him away!” At Bernard’s cries, Andy furrowed his brows. He waved his hands, and a dozen
black-armed soldiers rushed forward and dragged Bernard out of the venue.

“Lydia, you’re an insolent daughter! How can you hang me out to dry? You’re an ungrateful wretch of
the Maxwells! I will never let you off even in the afterlife!”

Bernard continued to yell hysterically, but Lydia didn’t even bother to look at him. Instead, she turned
toward Jonathan and bent over. Lowering her head respectfully, she said, “Jonathan, I’m sorry! My dad

“Let’s not talk about this!” Jonathan interrupted before Lydia could finish her words. “If you want to beg
for mercy, you should keep quiet! I let you stay because of Sophia! If you dare say another word, I don’t
mind letting you and your family reunite!”

Intimidated by Jonathan’s words, Lydia quickly explained, “No, that’s not what I meant—” Sadly,
Jonathan was not interested in listening to her. “All right. Let’s end the topic here. It’s about time we
leave!” he interrupted.

With that, he turned toward Sophia and added, “Let’s go home!”

“Okay!” Sophia bit her lip as she stared at the lonely and helpless Lydia. Suddenly, Sophia felt
heartbroken. She couldn’t help but look at Jonathan as she said, “Jonathan, can you not kick Lydia out
of Yaleview? If you send her away, she might end up somewhere she is unfamiliar. What if someone
bullies her?”

“Are you telling me you want her to stay?” Jonathan looked at Sophia.

“Yes!” Sophia nodded as she gnawed at her lip again.

“If you insist, I’ll let her stay.” Jonathan continued, “However, she can no longer live in the Maxwell
residence. After tonight, the four prominent families will have their assets confiscated.”

“T-That’s fine. As long as Lydia can stay.” Sophia noticed that Jonathan had agreed to her request.
Thus, she immediately added, “She can stay at my place!”

“You should let her stay, and you two can manage the assets of the four prominent families together,”
replied Jonathan. With that, he turned and looked at Lydia. “What do you think about my suggestion?”

“Me?” Lydia was shocked at Jonathan’s words. I can’t believe he didn’t kick me out of Yaleview and let
me stay with Sophia to manage the four prominent families’ possessions. Isn’t he afraid I will take the

chance to revenge on him?

“Are you not willing?” Jonathan frowned.

“N-No!” Lydia quickly waved her hand. “I-I’m just afraid I’m not capable enough for the task!”

“Nobody is born capable. If you don’t have the skills, you can slowly learn them.” Jonathan stared at
her flatly and uttered, “Your salary will be according to the highest standard our company pays a
manager. Additionally, if everything goes smoothly, I might give you a portion of the company’s shares!
However, that is if you don’t betray the company. Do you understand me?”

“I won’t!” Lydia shook her head profusely when she heard his words. “Why would I do something like
this? Sophia is my best friend!”

“That’d better be the case!” Jonathan nodded indifferently. “As long as everything is fine, I might give
the Maxwell family’s assets back to you when the time comes.”

“This is… I…” Lydia didn’t know how to react to Jonathan’s offer.

It was out of her expectation that he didn’t target her on purpose. Instead, he had decided to let Sophia
and her be in charge of the four prominent families’ properties. Moreover, she couldn’t believe that he
would consider returning her everything that once belonged to the Maxwells.

Even her biological father, Bernard, never treated her so nicely.

“Lydia, shouldn’t you express your gratitude toward Jonathan?” Staring at Lydia’s dumbfounded
expression, Sophia tugged at Lydia’s sleeve to remind her.

“T-Thank you, Sir!” Regaining her senses, Lydia quickly bowed and wanted to kneel.

“There’s no need for that!” Jonathan reached out to stop her from kneeling. Then, he turned around
and gazed gently at Sophia, who was standing behind him. “So, are you happy now?”

“Y-Yes!” Sophia hurriedly nodded.

“Let’s go then!”

With that, he marched out of the hall in the Maxwell residence.

The moment he walked out of that place, the four prominent families that had controlled Yaleview over
the past few years were officially vanquished.

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