Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 325

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The Legendary Man Hail To Asura

“Let go of me!”

Bernard’s eyes darkened when he saw the hand that was holding his wrist.

“You’re a man, yet you got angry and started slapping your own daughter in front of everyone? Is
someone like you worthy of being the head of a family?”

Jonathan looked at Bernard nonchalantly and didn’t have the intention of letting go.

The hand that gripped Bernard’s tightly was Jonathan’s.

“That’s the Maxwell family’s matters! You’d better stay out of this! Let go!” Bernard shouted as he
looked at Jonathan with an icy gaze.

“Are you asking me to let go so that you can continue slapping her? Is this how you repay a person
who saved your entire family?” Jonathan chuckled coldly after he heard what Bernard said.

“What do you mean you saved our family? What nonsense are you spouting?” Bernard panicked. His
biggest fear of the night was being exposed by others.

To him, it was the same as killing him.

The Maxwell family would be completely embarrassed when anyone found out that their family would
be kicked out of Yaleview after twelve o’clock at midnight.

They would have nowhere to hide from embarrassment.

Jonathan laughed coldly after he saw how panicked Bernard looked. “I’m spouting nonsense? If that’s
really the case, then why are you so nervous?”

Bernard continued to deny it to the end. “That’s nonsense! When was I nervous?”

However, Jonathan didn’t give him a chance to talk his way out of it. “That’s enough acting. Did you
really think that your family can stay in Yaleview until midnight if you don’t have a good daughter? If it
wasn’t because of Lydia, I would’ve asked Andy to bring all of you to the military camp and banish you
to the borders!”

In that instant, Jonathan’s eyes were cold.

Bernard laughed frostily instead when he heard what Jonathan said. “You’re commanding Andy
Morsley? Did you really think that I’ll really believe it just because Lydia said you’re the one who saved
the Maxwell family? Stop pretending! Who do you think you are to command Andy Morsley? What right
do you have to command him?”

In the whole world, there was only one man that had the right to command Andy.

That person was a legendary existence like that of a God, and he was Asura.

With the likes of him, does Jonathan think that he’s Asura? If he’s Asura, then I’m the highest priest of
the country of Valmora!

Jonathan glanced nonchalantly at Bernard. “You don’t seem afraid. Don’t start shedding tears when it’s
too late! If this is the case, there’s no need for the Maxwells to leave Yaleview. Since you love this
place so much, you don’t have to leave. Instead, pack your bags and prepare to enter the military camp
with Andy! Then, wait for instructions!”

Bernard didn’t treat Jonathan’s words seriously at all even after hearing what Jonathan said. “You’re
lying! Keep acting if you dare!”

Assign us all to the military? Him? Does he have the right to do so? Andy has said it himself to let us
leave Yaleview. Do Jonathan, Sophia, and Lydia, the nobody trio, really think that they can change
Andy’s command? Who do they think they are?

“If you’re really that great, why don’t you command those from Asura’s Office to arrest all of us and
bring us to the military camp? Aren’t you Asura? Didn’t you say that you can command Andy? Why
don’t you call him now to send us all back to the military camp?”

Bernard laughed mockingly as he looked at Jonathan with disdain.

However, when Lydia heard what he said, she felt a chill run down her spine.

It’s over. We’re completely done for.

Lydia only managed to get Jonathan to let the Maxwell family go after she pleaded with him in the
afternoon. Who would’ve known that Bernard would force their family into the pits of hell again?

She felt like dying as despair was written all over her face. “It’s over. Our family’s completely done for!
Dad, you just got us into big trouble this time!”

Bernard completely disregarded everything that Lydia uttered. Instead, he shot her a cold glance.
“Hmph! Quit your act! What can someone like him do to our family? Do you really think that he can tell
Andy what to do? If he really has that authority, why would he mingle with you?”

Don’t I know what my own daughter is capable of? Let’s not talk about commanding Andy. I don’t think
she knows any of Andy’s subordinates! Andy is one of the four Kings of War! Even I, the head of the
Maxwells, don’t even have the right to meet Andy, let alone Lydia. So, how would a good-for-nothing
girl like her know someone who’s more powerful than Andy? How is that even possible?

“All right. If you really wish for doom, I’ll grant your wish. It’s almost time for this drama to end,”
Jonathan said plainly as he lowered his head to glance casually at his watch.

The moment he said that, the hour hand of the clock in the hall struck twelve.


At that same time, a loud rumbling sound could be heard from outside the door. After some time,
countless soldiers in black, who were fully armed, rushed into the Maxwell residence.

Not long later, the entire Maxwell residence was surrounded.

Moreover, behind them were countless tanks and cannons that were aimed at the hall of the Maxwell
residence and everyone in there.


The sound of the propeller of a helicopter sounded from the sky as gusts of strong wind blew over the

In that very instant, an army helicopter descended in the middle of the wind.

It slowly landed at the center of big courtyard of the Maxwell residence.


The moment the door of the helicopter opened, a middle-aged man dressed in an army green
camouflage uniform with a red cloak walked down from the helicopter.

With everyone’s eyes on him, the middle-aged man with the green camouflage uniform strode into the
Maxwell residence.

“C-Commander Morsley!”

Bernard trembled when he recognized that middle-aged man. He knew that the man was Andy, one of
the four legendary Kings of War from Asura’s Office.

“Bernard, it’s time. Your family should leave now,” Andy said nonchalantly.

Everyone was startled by what he said.

S-So, it’s true that one of the four prominent families of Yaleview is about to be kicked out of the city by
Andy Morsley?


Right when the hall was dead silent, Jonathan suddenly spoke.

In that instant, Andy’s eyes lit up as he shouted, “Mr. Goldstein!” After that, he quickly walked toward
Jonathan and kneeled on the ground with a thud.

“Hail to Asura!”

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