Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 326

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The Legendary Man

I Will Beat You To Death

In an instant, dead silence ensued.

Their eyes were filled with disbelief, especially when Andy addressed Jonathan as Asura.

How is this possible? How can a young man in his twenties be Asura?

In their minds, Asura was a god-like man. His every move should exude an imposing aura.

With just one glance, he could make others kneel before him.

With just one word, he could determine one’s life or death.

He should be at the top of society, looking down on those beneath him.

Thus, Asura should not be someone like Jonathan who seemed like an ordinary university student that
had just graduated.

“Get up!” Jonathan ordered.

After Jonathan casually waved his hand, Andy instantly stood up. Jonathan calmly looked at him and
added, “How did it go?”

“Sir, as per your orders, I’ve sent one hundred thousand Dragon Scale Guards to stand guard at the
four prominent families’ residences. When the clock strikes twelve tonight, we will end anyone who
dares to disobey your order.”

In a flash, Andy started harboring a strong murderous intent.

Just his glare alone could tense the atmosphere of the entire room as though it could decrease the
temperature in the space.

“Okay.” Jonathan looked at Bernard, who was trembling with fear in front of him. “Now do you believe
what I’ve said before?”

“Yes! I believe you!”

Thud! Without hesitation, Bernard kneeled in front of Jonathan.

Jonathan coldly glanced over the crowd and asked, “What about you guys?” Nobody dared to meet his

Every person his eyes swept over kneeled before him!

No one dared to continue standing under that look of his.

“The Maxwells do not need to be kicked out of Yaleview,” Jonathan voiced out flatly. Bernard’s body
trembled when he heard that. He could feel chills running down his spine, and his back was soaked
with cold sweat.

“S-Sir, I-I’m sorry!” Bernard stammered from being too nervous. “I was too arrogant! Sir, I did not know
that you’d be here in person, and I even offended you unknowingly. P-Please… give us insignificant
people another chance! Please f-forgive the Maxwell family!”

Seeing how Bernard spoke incoherently, Jonathan cast him a cold glance and asked, “Don’t you think
it’s too late to know what you did wrong?”

“Sir, I—”

Before Bernard could explain himself, Jonathan cut him off and called, “Andy Morsley!”

“I’m here!” Andy roared and kneeled on one knee.

“Aside from Lydia, bring everyone from the Maxwell family back to the military camp, and send them to
the borders!” Jonathan ordered coldly.

“Yes, Sir!” Soon after he heard the order, Andy immediately turned around to look outside and yelled,
“Dragon Scale Guards, listen up! Bring every member of the Maxwell family to military camp! Show no
mercy to those who dare to disobey!”

“Yes!” the Dragon Scale Guards replied in unison.

With Andy’s order, the Dragon Scale Guards, who had been waiting for quite a while, raised the heavy
artillery in their hands and instantly rushed into the living room without a doubt.

Just like that, complete mayhem broke out.

Shrieks, cries, and pleas could be heard everywhere.

Yet, no one dared to resist.

Everyone obediently kneeled on the ground with their hands up high covering their heads, looking like
sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

“Everything is over! The Maxwell family is completely doomed!”

Upon witnessing the scene in front of him, Bernard shuddered and slumped to the ground. Zayne, who
was behind him, looked defeated.

Regret and despair washed over him.

Never in a million years did Zayne expect the toyboy whom he did not care about to be the legendary

At this moment, he finally knew why Jonathan was unscathed despite breaking the hands and legs of
Troy from the Zeller family.

No wonder he doesn’t care about getting into trouble with Asura’s Office as well. The Maxwell family
means nothing in his eyes. If Asura wants to beat someone up, he will not care where it’s happening
and what situation he’s in. What if he does beat someone up in Asura’s Office? Who dares to control
him? Who dares to interfere with Asura’s matters?

A loud thud sounded. Zayne’s legs weakened, and he kneeled before Jonathan. With a lowered head,
he said, “I’m sorry, Sir. I was wrong!”

“It’s too late!”

Jonathan coldly glanced at Zayne before turning around to look at the middle-aged man and the
woman in a red dress behind him.

The moment the middle-aged man and the woman in the red dress met Jonathan’s gaze, their legs
immediately gave out, and they kneeled on the ground as well.

“Sir, I’m s-sorry… I was too ignorant and arrogant! I’m nothing compared to you. Can you please spare
my life?”

At a time like this, dignity did not matter anymore. Even though Matthew was the eldest son of the
Leeroy family, that meant nothing in this situation. The most important thing was saving his own life.

“Take both of them away as well!” Jonathan did not even spare those two a glance. With a wave of his
hand, a few Dragon Scale Guards immediately came forward and apprehended those two people.

“From today onward, I don’t wish to see the Leeroy family in Yaleview anymore. Do you understand?”
added Jonathan as he turned around to look at Andy.

“Understood, Sir!”

Andy hurriedly nodded.

The middle-aged man was still struggling, but the moment he heard Jonathan’s words, his legs
weakened, and he slumped onto the ground.

It’s over! The Leeroy family is over!

Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine that the Leeroy family could be destroyed by his foul

“Darling, what should we do? What should we do now?”

The woman in the red dress finally started to panic after witnessing the scene before her eyes. She did
not expect Sophia’s toyboy to be the legendary Asura.

How’s this possible? If I knew that he was Asura, I would never dare to humiliate Sophia!

“What should we do? You still have the audacity to ask me what we should do?” The middle-aged man
with a look of despair suddenly raised his right hand and slapped the woman in the red dress after
hearing her words. “This is all your fault! You d*mn woman… Who asked you to mess with Sophia?
You are the cause of my downfall! The Leeroy family is destroyed because of you!” he bellowed.

“Darling… I…” After being slapped, the woman in the red dress did not dare to even speak up.

It seemed as though one slap was not enough for the middle-aged man, so he raised his hand and
slapped her again.

“You d*mn woman! I will beat you to death!” he yelled.

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