Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 324

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The Legendary Man

Shut Up

“Lydia Maxwell!”

In that instant, Zayne’s expression changed.

He didn’t expect that Lydia, who didn’t dare to talk back to him since she was little, would defy him in

“What’s going on here? What’s happening?”

When both Lydia and Zayne were shouting at each other and not backing down, causing the entire
atmosphere to become awkward, a deep voice sounded in the hall all of a sudden.

The next moment, an old man wearing a black robe appeared before everyone.

The man wasn’t just anyone. Instead, it was the head of the Maxwell family, Bernard.

“Mr. Maxwell!” the middle-aged man who was kneeling on the ground shouted in a hurry.

The moment he saw Bernard, he got worked up as if he saw his savior.

At the same time, Zayne and Lydia turned and shouted in unison, “Dad!”

Bernard frowned subconsciously when he saw Zayne and Lydia having a heated dispute. “What are
you two doing? There are so many people watching! Why are you yelling at one another? Don’t you
know what day it is today? Are you trying to make them laugh at our family?”

“Dad, I’m not trying to pick on her at all! Lydia’s the one who’s trying to look for a fight!” Without waiting
for Lydia to say anything, Zayne stretched his hand and pointed at Jonathan. “This man beat Matthew
and his wife up in front of everyone! I got a few men to catch that b*stard, but Lydia kept stopping me.
She even said that if I wish to catch him, I have to do that over her dead body! Dad, don’t you agree
that she’s deliberately trying to pick a fight?”

“What? Matthew got beaten up?” Bernard immediately looked at the middle-aged man on the ground.
However, the moment he saw Matthew Leeroy kneeling, he hurriedly helped the latter up. “Are you
okay, Matthew?”

“I’m fine, Mr. Maxwell!” Matthew gritted his teeth and said, “Mr. Maxwell, you have to make sure that
man pays for what he did to me today. I can’t believe I got beaten up at the Maxwells’ banquet. If my
dad knows about this, I’m sure he won’t let this slide!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll give you a good explanation!” After that, Bernard’s expression darkened as he turned
toward Jonathan. “You’re invited by Lydia?”

Jonathan nodded as he replied, “Yes!”

Bernard’s tone was downright frosty. “Don’t you know what day and occasion this is? How dare you
beat someone up on an occasion like this! Didn’t you think about the consequences?”

The banquet that day was the last event of the Maxwells before they leave Yaleview.

It was their way of preserving the Maxwells’ pride.

However, no one would have expected that someone would dare to publicly beat up a guest during the
last event of the Maxwells, and the person who was beaten up was none other than the heir of the
Leeroy family, Matthew Leeroy.

It was as though Jonathan had humiliated the Maxwell family in public.

Jonathan chuckled coldly when he heard what Bernard said. “Do I need to choose a good time if I feel
like beating anyone up? I’ll hit him whenever I want when he pisses me off! Why do I even need to look
at the time and place?”

Has he gone crazy?

That was what everyone was thinking the moment they heard what Jonathan said.

That’s Bernard, the head of the Maxwell family! It’s one of the four prominent families in Yaleview! How
could he speak to Bernard like that? Has he gone tired of living?

Instantly, Bernard’s expression turned cold after he heard what Jonathan said. “It seems that you’re
here to cause trouble on purpose! If that’s the case, don’t blame me for teaching you a lesson! Guards!
Tie that brat up!”

“Yes, sir!”

With Bernard’s order, those few dozens of guards didn’t hesitate anymore as they moved forward to
charge toward Jonathan.

Lydia, who was standing at the side, panicked when she saw the scene before her. She hurriedly
shouted, “Dad, no!”

Bernard immediately glared harshly at Lydia when he heard her. He didn’t even listen to her. “Step
aside! You have no place to speak here! If you dare to utter another word, I’ll get the guards to tie you
up too!”

“Dad, you—”

Lydia’s heart sank when she heard what his father said.

She never would have expected that her own biological father would say something like that to her.

Tie me up too? Is that something a dad will say to his own daughter?

“Shut up! Step aside!” Bernard shouted angrily.

Lydia’s expression changed in shock as she yelled anxiously, “Dad, don’t you know who he is?”

“I don’t care! No matter who he is, since he’s causing trouble here today, I won’t let him go!” Bernard
snapped at her.

Seeing how things were progressing, Lydia couldn’t hold it back anymore. “Dad, do you still remember
who saved our family today?”

At first, she didn’t plan to expose Bernard in public because the reason he held the banquet was to
maintain the Maxwell family’s dignity.

Other than the few of them, no one from the crowd knew that the Maxwell family would be kicked out of
Yaleview after midnight.

“Shut your mouth!”

When he heard Lydia mentioning what happened in the afternoon, he glared at her harshly and even
wanted to stop her.

However, he couldn’t stop her at that point.

If she didn’t tell Bernard, he would get into a very big trouble.

“It’s him, Jonathan Goldstein! He’s the one who saved our family with a single phone call! If it wasn’t for
him, more than a hundred people in our family would’ve been brought back to the military camp by
Andy! There’s no way you can hold this final banquet now!” she said, biting her lip.

What? The Maxwell family was almost brought back to the military camp by Andy?

Everyone there was shocked when they heard what Lydia said.

They never expected that the Maxwells would’ve angered Andy, which was one of the four Kings of
War from Asura’s Office, and that the Maxwell family was almost brought to the military camp.

In an instant, the way everyone looked at Bernard changed.

Bernard was enraged and slapped her cheek when he heard Lydia destroying the dignity of the
Maxwell family. “You ungrateful brat! Shut up right now!”

With that slap, a fresh, red five-finger imprint on her cheek was formed.

Lydia looked at Bernard in disbelief after she was slapped. “Dad, how could you slap me?”

Never had expected that Bernard would slap her in front of everyone.

It appeared that Bernard was still not done yet. He lifted his hand and was about to slap her again.
“You ungrateful brat! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

However, before he was able to slap her, suddenly, a hand reached out and forcefully grabbed his

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