Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 323

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The Legendary Man

Are You Threatening Me

“Are you threatening me?” Jonathan’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

“If you have to take it as a threat, I’m fine with it.” Zayne cast a cold glance at Jonathan and said, “You
hit my guest in the Maxwell residence and still try to act as though nothing had happened. Do you think
it’s acceptable? If it weren’t for Sophia, no one could save your legs even if you kneel here today, let
alone an apology. Do you believe it?”

Who does he think he is? How dare he do this in front of us?

The Maxwell family didn’t dare to offend Asura’s Office. However, they didn’t mind messing with
Jonathan, who was only small fry.

The Goldstein family?

Zayne had never taken the Goldstein family seriously.

“Threatening me? Zayne, do you know what happened to the last person who threatened me like this?”
Looking at Zayne’s cold eyes, Jonathan glanced at him indifferently and continued, “The weeds at that
person’s tomb are already several meters high! Do you also want to feel how it’s like to be buried in a

In fact, the last person who dared to threaten Jonathan was Nathan from the Zeller family.

He ended up getting shot in the head by Andy, together with hundreds of people in the Zeller family,
and in the end, all the members of the Zeller family died together with Nathan.

On top of that, the four prominent families were driven out of Yaleview too.

Even Andy’s family, the Morsley family, couldn’t escape.

“Oh? Really? Then I’d like to see how you bury me in the coffin!” As soon as Zayne finished his words,
he ordered, “Guards, arrest this man now. How dare he cause a scene in the Maxwell residence!”

“Yes, sir!”

With that, dozens of guards rushed into the hall and surrounded Jonathan without a word.

After all, the Maxwells were one of the four prominent families in Yaleview in the past.

Even though they had been driven out from Yaleview, dozens of people still continued working loyally
for them.

“Zayne, calm down!” Seeing what Zayne did, Sophia became a little nervous. She knew Jonathan’s
temper very well.

If Zayne really provoked Jonathan, not to mention Zayne, even the whole Maxwell family would suffer.

“Calm down? Am I not calm enough?” Hearing Sophia’s words, Zayne couldn’t help but sneer, “Sophia,
if it weren’t for you, I would have broken his hands and legs by now. How dare he mess around with the
Maxwells! He should look at himself well in the mirror. Is this a place he could be rude and insolent?”

As soon as Zayne finished his words, he signaled to the guards impatiently again and added, “What
are you waiting for? Catch this man here right now!”

“Yes, Mr. Maxwell!”

Hearing Zayne’s order, the guards didn’t dare to refute him and went to apprehend Jonathan at once.
Right then, Lydia’s voice suddenly came from outside.

“Stop! Zayne, what are you doing?”

Upon seeing the guards of the Maxwells surrounded Jonathan, Lydia, who was outside the door,
immediately hurried over.

“Lydia, it’s nothing to do with you. Just mind your own business!” When Zayne saw Lydia coming over,
a trace of impatience flashed across his eyes.

Since childhood, he had never thought highly of his sister, Lydia. In fact, he had never treated him like
his sister before.

However, Lydia, a sister he looked down, was the one who had saved the Maxwells, causing him to
feel an unprecedented sense of despair.

He was the eldest son of the Maxwell family as well as one of the Baykeep’s Four Elites. He could not
accept the fact that he had lost to a woman.

“What do you mean it has nothing to do with me? I was the one who invited Sophia and Jonathan to
this banquet. Why do you have them seized?”

In the past, if Zayne didn’t allow her to meddle with his business, she wouldn’t dare to step in no matter

She had never dared to refute Zayne before. However, she would not be a doormat that day.

The person Zayne was going to detain was Jonathan.

Jonathan’s real identity was Asura. He was someone who could drive all the four prominent families in
Yaleview out with just one order.

How dare Zayne provoke him? Is he courting death?

“Why? You asked why?” A trace of anger flashed across Zayne’s eyes when Lydia refuted him in front
of so many people. “Because he hit someone at the Maxwells’ party! How dare he hit someone at our
party! Doesn’t he know where he is? Is this a place where he can do whatever he wants?”

“Sophia, what happened?” Hearing Zayne’s words, Lydia immediately looked at Sophia and asked,
“Did Jonathan really hit someone?”

“Yes!” Sophia nodded. “But they were the ones who started it first. They did it on purpose. They
deliberately made unpleasant remarks about us. Jonathan couldn’t control himself and hit them.”

“What do you mean he couldn’t control himself?” Upon hearing what Sophia had said, the woman in
the red dress could not help but ask coldly, “Does that mean that one can do whatever they want when
they can’t control themselves? Then can I rip your face apart when I can’t control myself?”

“Greta, you…”

Hearing the woman’s words, Sophia was so angry that her chest heaved continuously.

“Well, it seems what Sophia said is true. Even I can’t help but want to hit you, let alone Jonathan!”
Lydia snorted when she heard the woman. “You bully Sophia because she has such a good temper. If I
were Sophia, I would have already ripped your mouth apart by now.”

“Lydia Maxwell!” Hearing Lydia’s words, the woman was so angry that her face turned bright red. She
turned around, grabbed the middle-aged man’s clothes, and said, “Darling, look. They ganged up on
me to bully me. You must avenge me quickly!”

“Zayne, did you hear what your sister said?” Hearing his wife, the middle-aged man suddenly looked at
Zayne with a cold face. “Zayne, tell me. Are you going to stand up for me for what happened today? If
you’re not going to defend me, I’m leaving now. From today onward, we have nothing to do with each
other. We’ll mind our own business from now on.”

He continued, “But, let me warn you. I have made up my mind to avenge my wife. If you don’t dare to
take my side, don’t blame me in the future! I’m going to call my dad and ask him to bring some men
over now. They’re going to dice him up and throw him into Goda River to feed the fish!”

“Matthew, don’t worry. I will be responsible for what happened today.” As soon as Zayne finished his
words, he looked at Lydia with a frown. “Lydia, get out of my way!”

“No way!” Lydia stretched out her hand and stood in front of Zayne. “Zayne, I’m telling you one last
time. Anyone lays a finger on Sophia and Jonathan today over my dead body!”

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