Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 322

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The Legendary Man

Just Beat Him Up

“What do you think?” Jonathan shot a cold glance at the middle-aged man and continued, “I’ve already
kicked you, and you’re still asking me if I dare to lay my hands on you?”

“Brat, you’re digging your own grave! Do you know who I am?” With that, the man pressed his hand
tightly against his belly and stood up. He rushed to the door and yelled, “Security! Where are the
security guards? Hurry up and get over here!”

Hearing the man’s cries, Zayne, who was in the corner chatting with someone, immediately frowned
and ran over. ”What is it? What happened?”

When Zayne came near the man, the latter gritted his teeth and said, “Zayne, go get some help. I’ve
been assaulted!”

“What? You were assaulted? Who did it?” Zayne’s face instantly darkened upon hearing that.

Who had the nerve to hit the eldest son of the Leeroy family in our territory? How dare they disregard

“It’s him! That toyboy!” Before the man could speak, the woman in the red dress had already pointed at


Zayne subconsciously furrowed his brows when he heard this word. Inadvertently, he thought of the
toyboy, whom he had just heard of—the one who broke all four of Troy’s limbs.

“Are you the one who hit him?” Frowning, Zayne glowered at Jonathan.

“Yes, I am.” The latter didn’t bother denying it at all.

“Do you know what place this is? How dare you beat someone up here! Isn’t this a little too
disrespectful to my family?” Although the Maxwells would be expelled from Yaleview after that night, at
that moment, they hadn’t left yet. Zayne couldn’t believe that someone would use violence in his
family’s territory.

Moreover, the person who was hit was the Leeroy family’s eldest son. Zayne believed it was downright
rude for Jonathan to do so.

“Are we supposed to make sure it’s the right place before beating someone up?” Looking at Zayne
nonchalantly, Jonathan added, “He pissed me off, so I hit him. Even in Asura’s Office, I’d hit him as
long as he provoked me, let alone right here!”

How arrogant and ignorant of him!

Everyone present shared the same thought as soon as they heard Jonathan’s words.

He would even beat someone up in Asura’s Office? Is this a joke? In this world, apart from the
legendary god-like being, who would be bold enough to do such a thing at that place? Does the man
want to die?

“Zayne, did you hear that? You see how crazy this brat is, right? Why don’t you quickly get some men
to come over and teach him a lesson?” said the middle-aged man, fanning the flames, after hearing
Jonathan’s words.

As this was the Maxwell residence, the middle-aged man’s subordinates weren’t with him. Thus, he
could only put all his hopes on Zayne to provide help.

If I were at home, I would’ve told my men to break this brat’s leg!

“Calm down!” Hearing the man’s request, Zayne didn’t call for backup right away to capture Jonathan in
a fit of anger. Instead, Zayne continued knitting his brows, then took a glance at Jonathan and said,
“Mister, you seem unfamiliar. I’m sure I haven’t met you before, have I?”

“No, you haven’t,” replied Jonathan, shaking his head.

“If that’s the case, may I know why you’re at our family’s banquet?” Giving Jonathan an icy stare,
Zayne said, “I don’t think I invited you.”

Before Jonathan could explain himself, Sophia, who was standing beside him, interrupted the
conversation. “I brought him here.”

“Sophia? You brought him here?” It was only then that Zayne noticed Sophia, who had been next to
Jonathan the whole time. Initially, Zayne had thought that the woman showed up to merely witness the

He didn’t think of connecting the two whatsoever.

“That’s right. I brought him here.” Nodding, Sophia said, “Zayne, I’m sorry. Jonathan’s quite hot-
tempered. I apologize for the trouble caused.”

“Is he a friend of yours?” asked Zayne as his gaze shifted back and forth from Sophia’s to Jonathan’s
face. The former was seemingly trying to guess the relationship between the two.

“Nonsense! A friend? He’s clearly her toyboy!” the woman in red chimed in before giving Sophia a
chance to speak.

Sophia has a toyboy?

The expression of Zayne, as well as that of the husband of the woman, drastically changed upon
hearing that.

Evidently, the two were reminded of the toyboy who broke all of Troy’s limbs.

“Greta Ximenez, you’d better stop spewing nonsense. He’s my nephew!” explained Sophia hurriedly
when she heard the woman’s ridiculous claims.

“Aunt Sophia, why did you have to explain to that sort of person? It’s nothing but a waste of effort.”
Jonathan then flashed his aunt a look of indifference and said, “To deal with people like her, you just
have to do this!”

Having said that, Jonathan adjusted his sleeves and lifted his right hand. In a flash, the woman in red
felt a hard slap.

As soon as the slap landed on her face, it became swollen.

All of a sudden, the woman’s face turned ashen. Screaming, she ran toward Jonathan with her hair
disheveled. “How dare you hit me! I’m going to kill you, toyboy!”

“Believe it or not, if you take another step forward, I’ll break your leg straight away,” warned Jonathan
as a frosty glint flashed in his eyes. The moment the woman’s eyes met his, she didn’t dare to walk up
to him.

“You can try if you’ve got the guts to do so!” she shouted.

“If you dare to break my leg, you won’t be able to leave here alive! Try me!” Although Jonathan’s glare
scared her out of her wits, the woman in red still acted tough, attempting to threaten him.

“I broke all of Troy Zeller’s limbs. Do you think I don’t dare to break one of yours?” said Jonathan. As
he continued glaring daggers at the woman, she felt goosebumps all over her skin.

A week before, she had already heard of someone breaking all four of Troy’s limbs.

Yet, she had never found out who it was.

Little did she know, it was the so-called toyboy standing in front of her.

“You broke Troy’s arms and legs?” Zayne was shocked when he heard Jonathan’s confession.

I can’t believe Jonathan, who did all that to Troy, is still alive and is even able to join our banquet.

“So what if I did?” asked Jonathan coldly.

“Mister, I don’t care whose limbs you broke or how you escaped the Zeller family’s pursuit. I only have
one thing to tell you—don’t forget where you are right now!” Zayne threw Jonathan a glacial look and
added, “This is the Maxwell residence. You have no right to wreak havoc here! For Sophia’s sake, I can
pretend like nothing has happened today as long as you apologize to both of them. However, if you

Even before the following words could come out of Zayne’s mouth, there was already a menacing look
in his eyes.

“Oh?” As soon as he heard Zayne’s threat, Jonathan couldn’t help chuckling. He said, “If I don’t
apologize, what are you going to do?”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave this place!” exclaimed Zayne.

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