Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 321

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The Legendary Man


“Don’t you think you’re going overboard, Greta?”

Sophia’s face fell when she looked at the woman who snatched her seat from her.

She just has to take my seat even though there are so many other seats around us! It’s obvious she’s
targeting me!

“Why would you make such an accusation?” Upon hearing Sophia’s words, the woman, Greta
Ximenez, pouted. “This seat doesn’t belong to you. Why can’t I sit here if you can? It’s your fault for
being a slowpoke and coming later than me. Am I right, Jane?”

As she spoke, Greta even directed her attention at the woman in a white dress beside her. After
hearing Greta’s question, the woman in white chimed in, “Yeah!”


Sophia was so riled up by them echoing the same shenanigans that her face paled. Then, she took a
deep breath and turned to look at Jonathan. “Fine. Jonathan, let’s go somewhere else.”

She never liked having disputes with others. It’s just a seat. I’ll just change a seat then.

However, the woman in a red dress had no intention of letting Sophia leave despite the latter intending
to do so. Staring at Sophia’s back, she provoked, “What is it? Are you going to just leave because you
can’t get the seat? You should’ve left long ago! You shouldn’t even have attended this banquet, to
begin with! Sophia, I don’t think you have realized, but there isn’t even a seat reserved for you at this
banquet held by the Maxwells!”

Sophia, who had turned to leave, stopped in her tracks when she heard that. Her body was trembling.

While she might not like to fight with others over anything, it didn’t mean she would allow others to
humiliate her.

“You’d better speak less if you can’t control what you say. Otherwise, I might as well just make you shut

Without waiting for Sophia to say a word, Jonathan turned around and snapped at the woman in a red
dress in a harsh tone of voice.

While Sophia might be more on the soft-spoken side, it didn’t mean he was the same.

“It’s fine, Jonathan. Let’s go…” Seeing that Jonathan was simmering with anger, Sophia quickly tugged
on his arm.

That was the Maxwells’ last banquet before leaving Yaleview, so she didn’t want to stir up a ruckus.

“Why would you think this is fine?” Jonathan whipped his head around to glance at Sophia casually
after hearing what she said. “Aunt Sophia, do you think a person like her would let you off the hook
after you tolerated her behavior once? No, she won’t! Instead, she’ll think you’re a pushover and pester
you incessantly. She’ll be buzzing around your ear all day long like a fly! Don’t you think it’s a bother?”

“Brat, who are you belittling as a fly?” Hearing Jonathan comparing her to a fly infuriated the woman in

“You, listen up! It’s humiliating for a fly to be compared to you. In fact, you’re even worse than a fly!”
Jonathan was relentless.

“You little toyboy! You-”

In her rage, the woman in red reached her hand out, wanting to slap Jonathan on the face. Seeing her
reaction, Jonathan’s gaze turned chilly in an instant. The woman felt as if she were under the stare of
the grim reaper and that he would wield a scythe to cut her head off at the next moment, leading her to
immediate death.

“What is it? Do you still want to fight me now?” Jonathan glared at the woman in red. “I’ll make sure to
break your arm if you move it any closer to me. Would you like to bet on this?”


The woman in red shuddered, frightened by what she heard Jonathan say.

At the same time, a middle-aged man in golden-rimmed glasses who was chatting happily with Zayne
at the side witnessed that scene, so he marched forward while asking aloud, “What happened? What’s
going on here?”

“Darling, someone’s bullying me!”

The moment the woman in red saw the middle-aged man, a look of aggrievedness crept onto her face.

“What is it? Who’s bullying you? Nobody will do that to you as long as I’m with you!” After hearing what
the woman in red told him, the middle-aged man marched over to Jonathan to question the latter coldly,
“What’s wrong? What do you think you’re achieving by bullying a woman?”

“Me, bullying her?” Jonathan smirked as soon as he heard what the middle-aged man said. “Shouldn’t
you be the one who knows your wife best? Do you seriously think she’s someone who would be

Of course, she wasn’t someone like that, and he, for one, knew that better than anybody else.

She’s spoiled ever since she was young and likes to run her mouth, so nobody dares bully her.
However, do I have another choice other than to come to my wife’s defense while we’re in public?

“Hmph! Stop wasting your breath with me!” After hearing what Jonathan said, the middle-aged man
huffed and looked at the woman in red who was standing behind her. “Fear not, Darling! Tell me what
happened, and I’ll stand up for you!”

Upon hearing the middle-aged man’s words, the woman in red stuck herself so close to him that she
was practically all over him. With a scheming look on her face, she said, “Darling! They were verbally
assaulting me even though I had just accidentally taken their seat! This guy even threatened to make
me shut up! Darling, they’ve gone overboard! You have to stand up for me!”

“Don’t worry. With me here, nobody would be able to make you shut up!” The middle-aged man huffed
as he looked at Jonathan. “Brat, are you the one who threatened to shut my wife up?”

Jonathan glanced at the middle-aged man aloofly. “Yeah, I am! I’ll even gladly make you shut up if you
can’t stop your wife from spewing insults at other people!”

“You brat! What did you just say?”

The man was enraged when he heard what Jonathan had said.

After all, they were currently at the largest banquet that the Maxwell family had ever held. Those who
were present were either influential politicians, famous people, or heads of prestigious families.

Thus, it was unthinkable to him that someone would dare claim to want to make him shut up.

“You brat! Do you even know where you are now? Why don’t you try laying a finger on me? See if you
can walk out of the Maxwell residence alive after even plucking out a single strand of my hair,” said the
man as he stared at Jonathan distantly.

“Is that so? I sure would like to know if I can walk out of the Maxwell residence alive after doing this to
you!” As soon as he said so, Jonathan lifted his right leg and kicked the middle-aged man on his
stomach, making a loud noise as he did so.

After the kick, the middle-aged man’s knees gave out immediately before he kneeled before Jonathan
with a loud thud.

“You rascal! How dare you actually hit me?”

A fleeting look of disbelief crossed the man’s eyes while staring at Jonathan, who kicked him on his
stomach without hesitating at all.

Never had he expected Jonathan to actually assault him in the face of so many prestigious people.
How dare he kick me, the heir of the Leeroy family? Does he have a death wish?

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