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Chapter 319

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The Legendary Man


“Stop saying that, Lydia. I don’t feel that way at all,” Sophia responded. As she noticed Lydia was
forcing a smile, she instantly felt her heart aching, so she walked toward the latter to give her a tight
hug. She whispered into Lydia’s ear, “No matter where you’re heading in the future, let me know. I’ll go
over and visit you whenever I have the chance.”

“Remember what you said. You can’t lie to me!” With a smile, Lydia stretched out her pinky finger to
Sophia. “Pinky swear!”

“Okay, pinky swear!”

Seeing Lydia behave like a child, Sophia could not help but beam. She hooked her pinky with the
former’s and promised, “I’ll keep my promise for a hundred years, or I’ll be a j*rk if I break it!”

At that moment, the two women in their thirties looked like children who were playing a childish game.

“All right. Do not cry, Sophia. Many people are watching. You won’t look pretty with teary eyes.” Lydia
gently patted Sophia’s shoulders after seeing the latter’s slightly reddened eyes.

Next, she turned to Jonathan, bit her lip lightly, and uttered, “Jonathan, thank you so much for this
afternoon. Without your help, I don’t know what I would’ve done!”

“There’s no need to thank me. You should thank Aunt Sophia instead.” Jonathan looked indifferently at
Sophia afterward.

In actuality, he would not have cared about the business of the Maxwells if it weren’t for Sophia, as he
was always a person who did not like troublesome matters.

“No matter what, I still want to express my gratitude.” As soon as Lydia finished her words, she lowered
her head respectfully.

Upon seeing Lydia’s action, Sophia opened her mouth but ultimately said nothing.

However, right then, she unexpectedly heard Jonathan saying, “You don’t have to do this. After all, I’m
the one who’s chasing the Maxwells out of Yaleview!”


Sophia blanched when she heard the man’s words. This situation was what she feared the most.

One was her best friend, while the other was her biological nephew—the only child of her deceased
older brother.

Consequently, she was stuck in a dilemma.

“W-What did you just say?” Lydia stiffened instantaneously. With a forlorn expression, she glanced at
Sophia, then turned to gaze at Jonathan. “Jonathan, you’re joking with me, right? Isn’t it the legendary
Asura who expelled us from Yaleview?”

Regardless of how slow-witted she was, she was still aware that the only person who could command
Asura’s Office’s Andy, one of the four Kings of War, was Asura.

But, why is Jonathan saying that it was him?

“I’m not joking with you.” As he saw Lydia’s rigid movements, he replied coolly, “I’m the person who
sent Andy and ordered to kick out the four prominent families of Yaleview.”

“W-What kind of joke is this, Jonathan?” Lydia subconsciously chuckled. “How could that be possible
that you’re the one who gave the order? Didn’t you say you’re Andy’s roommate who shares the same

bunk? How did you suddenly become Asura?”

“I lied to you,” Jonathan casually admitted. “I didn’t want to expose my identity too early at that time.
Now that it’s revealed, there’s no need for me to hide it anymore.”

He had hidden his identity previously because he did not want Sophia to learn about it.

Since she already knew his position, there was nothing for him to conceal anymore.

“Sophia, did Jonathan drink too much? Why is he starting to talk nonsense?” Lydia looked at Sophia
helplessly. To her shock, all she got in response was the latter’s nod.

“Lydia, Jonathan isn’t joking with you. He’s indeed the person who ordered to chase away the four
prominent families from Yaleview. I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Don’t tell me you teamed up with him to trick me, Sophia,” Lydia insisted. Though she heard Sophia
blurting out the fact, she still could not believe it. “H-How could he be the legendary Asura?”

Asura is such a godlike existence!

Not only her, but everyone in Chanaea also saw Asura as great as God.

After all, he had once led the Four Asura Guards to sweep and conquer the whole country in merely
three years!

In the whole of Chanaea, who could ever achieve such a thing other than Asura? Even if there were, h-
how could it be Jonathan?

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. I simply wanted to tell you the truth, anyway.”
Indifferently, Jonathan stared at the bewildered Lydia and continued, “Besides, this action is not solely
targeting the Maxwells but all four prominent families, including the Morsleys, Andy’s family. If you don’t

welcome me here, I can leave this place at any moment. There’s one more thing I want to tell you,
though. Aunt Sophia wasn’t involved in this incident. I was the one who gave the order!”

Jonathan’s journey was full of killing. As he took part in numerous battles, experienced multiple life-
and-death situations, and led the Four Asura Guards in fighting fiercely, he became the Asura of today.

Thus, deceiving anyone was not something he would do.

Having given the order at the beginning, he never intended to change it as his main goal was to kick
out the four prominent families of Yaleview.

He would not allow anyone to change his mind, not even Sophia.

Nonetheless, he did not wish this matter to cause a misunderstanding between Lydia and Sophia.

Of course, if it weren’t for Sophia, he would also be too lazy to explain the whole thing.

In his perspective, the Maxwell family meant nothing to him, and it was simply a waste of his time to
invest his energy.

“I know. How can a kind girl like Sophia give such an order?” Lydia smiled and looked at Sophia after
hearing Jonathan’s words.

She had known Sophia for years, so she naturally knew the latter very well. Sophia was a person who
wouldn’t even kill an ant, let alone expel the four prominent families from the city.

“Still, I ought to thank you, Jonathan!” Lydia turned to Jonathan smilingly and stated, “If it weren’t for
you, Andy would have already taken us Maxwells back to the army. Our lives and deaths would’ve
been unpredictable, much less for my dad to host such a farewell ceremony. Oh, no. I shouldn’t call
you Jonathan anymore. It should be Asura!”

As she spoke, she stuck out her tongue playfully and teased, “Jonathan, since you’re the real Asura,
you won’t argue with a woman like me, right?”

“Of course not!”

Jonathan shook his head and remarked, “Just call me Jonathan as usual.”

“Nope! Like Sophia, I want to call you a snob!” Lydia snorted. Afterward, she grabbed Sophia’s hand
and turned around to run. While doing so, she said softly, “Sophia, let’s run before Asura gets angry!”

“Hurry up and run!”

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