Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 318

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The Legendary Man

The Banquet Of The Maxwells

Sophia became the center of attention as soon as she got out of the car.

She was still the most outstanding in the crowd despite not intentionally dressed and freshened up,
even appearing somewhat exhausted.

She did not need to showcase herself on purpose to stand out and attract everyone’s attention.

“Jonathan, let’s go in!” Although the wealthy ladies were whispering, Sophia still heard them.
Nevertheless, she was too lazy to care.

After all, she was not a confrontative person and did not like arguing with others.

She would simply avoid those that she did not like.

“All right!”

Jonathan nodded and started walking toward the Maxwell residence.

As for those gossipy women outside the door, he merely regarded them as nonexistent.

Sophia might not pick a fight with others, but that did not mean others would not cross her.

The moment she reached the doorway, a woman in a red dress instantly blocked Sophia’s way.

“Wow. Isn’t this Sophia Goldstein, the third daughter of the Goldstein family? What brings you here
today? Aren’t you always high and mighty and dislike attending banquets?” The red-dressed woman
pursed her lips as she stood in Sophia’s path.

“Lydia invited me here!”

Sophia did not want to waste time on them, nor did she want to get into a dispute.

She would absolutely not have come here if it weren’t because Lydia was going to leave Yaleview

Sophia did not like rowdy events and preferred quietness, to begin with.

“You’re here just because Lydia asked you to?” The woman’s lips twitched as she said, “Why didn’t you
at least dress up before attending, then? Don’t you know the banquet tonight is the biggest one the
Maxwells have ever hosted? Aren’t you embarrassed to arrive wearing this?”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? Aren’t you also here, dressed like that?” Sophia might have a
good temper, but that did not mean Jonathan did too.

“Who do you think you are? You have no right to speak.” The red-dressed woman’s expression
changed when she heard Jonathan’s words. She then looked at Sophia mockingly. “Sophia, I genuinely
didn’t expect you to secretly keep a toyboy! You’ve always pretended to be aloof. You know what, even
if you did, you shouldn’t have brought him here. You ought to let him look himself in the mirror.
Someone like him does not belong in a high-end event like this.”

“You’d better stop spewing nonsense. He’s my nephew!” explained Sophia in a hurry when she heard
the red-dressed woman calling Jonathan a toyboy.

Jonathan was not one to have a good temper.

The last time someone called him that, he had broken all of that person’s limbs.

Sophia did not wish the red-dressed woman to end up like that person.

“What nephew? Step-nephew or blood-related nephew?” The woman chuckled coldly. “If it’s the former,
are you two sharing a bed?”

The group of girls behind her instantly covered their mouths and snickered upon hearing that.

It was evident that everyone understood her meaning.


Sophia’s expression scrunched up in rage. She was about to say something, but Jonathan beat her to
it. He glanced at the woman in red dress icily and uttered, “You should speak less if you’re not good at
it! Do you believe I will tear your mouth to pieces if you say another word?”

To hell with compassion toward women. There’s no such thing as not hitting girls in my book. Several
women have died in my hands throughout the years! Aside from the few women I care about, the rest
are no different than men! I’ll kill anyone who offends me!

“Do you dare?” The woman in red glared at him when she heard that. “Try touching a single strand of
hair on my head and see what happens.”

“Say one more word and see if I dare!” At that moment, Jonathan’s gaze turned chilly.

The initially conceited woman immediately cowered when she met his icy gaze and did not dare to say
anything else. Her heart skipped a beat.

His gaze seemed like he was looking at a dead person, making her tremble in fear involuntarily.

“Aunt Sophia, don’t bother to respond when you meet people like this next time. Just slap her, and she
won’t dare to act up anymore.” Jonathan’s frosty gaze swept across the woman in red before he turned
to say to Sophia, “Let’s go!”

With that, he started walking away, whereas the red-dressed woman behind him stood there shell-

When Jonathan disappeared from sight, she said through gritted teeth, “How pretentious! Aren’t you
simply a toyboy? Just wait and see how I’ll deal with you soon enough!”

Jonathan was not at all concerned about what the woman outside the door was saying.

He was used to meeting women like her who relied on their family background and assumed they were
better than everyone else.

As a result, he was too lazy to waste time on such people.

If she completely pissed him off, he could simply finish her off. There was no need to waste his saliva

Meanwhile, the living room was already filled with people.

Even though the Maxwells were no longer at their peak, they were ultimately one of the four prominent
families of Yaleview. All it took was one invitation from them to gather all the distinguished people in the
city, even if they were going to be chased out of Yaleview the same night.

There were people from prominent families, political figures, and even people from the governor’s office
of Yaleview present.

Those people wore black suits and held champagne or red wine, walking through the crowd smilingly
as they socialized.

Just from that scene, one could never tell that the Maxwells would disappear into the history of
Yaleview after midnight.

“Sophia, Jonathan, you guys are here!”

The duo instantly saw Lydia, who was waiting by the entrance, when they stepped inside.

Evidently, Lydia had dressed up exquisitely tonight.

She was wearing a pink gown and appeared more feminine than her usual carefree demeanor.

However, no matter how intricate her makeup was, the fatigue under her eyes could not be concealed.

Her bloodshot eyes showed she had cried a lot as they were still puffy.

“Lydia, are you okay?” asked Sophia in concern when she saw Lydia’s exhausted gaze.

“I’m fine!”

The latter forced a smile and answered, “Sophia, I’m sorry for tonight. I was planning only to invite you
and Jonathan, but my dad and the rest insisted on hosting a banquet before leaving. They want to have
one last farewell ceremony for the Maxwell family. I know you don’t like rowdy events, but can you bear
with it for my sake?”

Lydia’s gaze was slightly apologetic.

She had known Sophia for a long time and was well aware of the latter’s personality.

Had it not been because Lydia was leaving Yaleview tonight, Sophia would likely never attend such a
farewell ceremony even if she were to be beaten to death.

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