Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 320

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The Legendary Man

You Are A Step Behind

There were countless reputable political figures in the hall exchanging drinks and making merry.

Meanwhile, Zayne was chatting with a few young scions of Yaleview’s notable families.

He hid the fact that the Maxwells would be exiled out of Yaleview, so no one knew that he would no
longer be one of the legendary Baykeep’s Four Elites after tonight.

“Zayne, why did your family suddenly organize such a lavish party tonight?” a middle-aged man in a
pair of gold-rimmed glasses asked after taking a sip of his red wine.

It had to be said that the Maxwell residence was a place most people could only dream of entering.

Although they were all Yaleview’s well-known scions, there was a stark difference between them and
the Maxwells of the four prominent families.

“Nothing much. My dad just wanted to hold a banquet in celebration of the achievements of our family
for the past few decades. Hence, I took the opportunity to invite you guys over to our house.” Zayne
maintained his composure and smiled faintly. He did not reveal any hint that their family would not be a
part of Yaleview after tonight.

It was their way of preserving the Maxwells’ pride.

Anyone who dared to expose them would be their lifelong enemy. Therefore, they would not allow
anyone to give them away.

“No wonder! Given your dad’s personality, he would not have organized such a grand banquet for no
reason.” After hearing Zayne’s words, the middle-aged man in gold-rimmed glasses shook his head
and laughed.

At the same time, his gaze inadvertently landed on Sophia, who just entered the room with Lydia.
“Look, Zayne! Isn’t that Sophia Goldstein, the one Troy wooed for years in futile?”

“Sophia?” Upon hearing that name, Zayne turned his head subconsciously.

He was pretty familiar with that name as his sister, Lydia, had been a good friend of Sophia since a
long time ago.

He had even tried to secretly court the woman in the past. However, Sophia did not reciprocate his

Coincidentally, a female celebrity was trying to get close to him then, so he did not bother to put any
more effort into Sophia.

Women! As long as I have money and status, I can get all kinds of women I want.

He would not waste his time and effort on a mere Sophia.

“You haven’t heard, have you?” The same middle-aged man in gold-rimmed glasses glanced at Zayne
and said, “There’s a rumor saying that Troy’s arms and legs were broken by someone a while ago. He
has been in the hospital for almost a week and is still in the intensive care unit as of now!”

“Troy’s limbs were broken?” A hint of surprise flashed across Zayne’s eyes. “When did that happen?
Why haven’t I heard of it?”

Troy is the only grandson of the Zeller family’s leader, Nathan! He’s the sole heir to the Zellers! Who
would dare to cripple him? That person must be courting death.

“Who else could it be?” After hearing Zayne’s words, the middle-aged man in gold-rimmed glasses
sneered. “Of course, it’s all because of that woman, Sophia.”

He added, “Rumors have it that after being scolded by Troy, the toyboy she was keeping outside was
furious and broke Troy’s limbs in a fit of rage. I, too, don’t understand what Troy was thinking. He’s the
prominent son of the Zeller family. Why did he have to provoke a toyboy? He should have simply gotten
someone to break the dude’s legs. Look at him now! He’s lying in the hospital and can’t even get out. I
reckon it would be like this for the rest of his life. He’s a cripple now!”

“Toyboy?” Zayne frowned subconsciously. “You’re saying that Sophia is keeping a toyboy secretly, and
the man broke Troy’s limbs?”

“That’s right! Almost everyone in Yaleview knows about it. How come you haven’t heard of it?” The
middle-aged man in gold-rimmed glasses couldn’t help taking a double take at Zayne.

“Then, what happened after that?” Zayne asked casually. “Is that toyboy dead?”

“No idea!” Shaking his head, the middle-aged man answered, “I heard Nathan was enraged and
declared that they would make the Goldstein family pay for their crimes and kill that toyboy. But, I don’t
know what exactly was done.”

Pay for their crimes? When Zayne heard that phrase, he shook his head, his gaze flickering with a
tinge of frostiness.

It’s impossible to realize it anymore. It might be possible if it were the Zeller family in the past. Alas, the
plight of the Zellers is now the same as us Maxwells. All of us will have to get out of Yaleview after
tonight. What else can they do to make the Goldstein family pay for their crimes?

While Zayne and the few of them continued their conversation, Jonathan entered the hall of the
Maxwell residence.

There were numerous men in suits and ties holding glasses of wine in the room. Meanwhile, petite
women stood beside the men, showcasing their figures and beauty. The ladies would occasionally take
a sip from their wine glasses. Every gesture was seductive and alluring.

“Jonathan, I’m here!” Right after Jonathan stepped in, he heard Sophia’s voice.

He looked at her and saw she had a plate of fruits and cakes while walking toward him. “Are you
hungry? Do you want to eat something first?”

“It’s okay. I’m not hungry.” The man shook his head, but Sophia did not intend to let it up. “Come on,
stop pretending. You haven’t had anything since morning. How can you not be hungry? What? Does
Asura not need to eat?”

As she spoke, she rolled her eyes and picked up a piece of mango with her fork, sending it in front of
Jonathan’s mouth.

“Do you need me to feed you, you snob?”

“No. I’ll do it myself.” Seeing that Sophia was still treating him as if he were a five-year-old kid,
Jonathan helplessly took the fruit from her hand.

“That’s right. What’s the point of playing cool all day long?” Sophia snorted and took a bite of cake.
“Snob, do you want to find a place to chill out? I doubt you’d like to be part of such events.”

“Indeed, I don’t.” Jonathan nodded. He did not know anyone else in the hall apart from Sophia and

Such events were deemed meaningless in his opinion.

He would not have come if it weren’t for Sophia, even if Nathan went down on his knees and begged

“Let’s go! There happens to be a seat there.” Sophia coincidentally spotted a corner and tugged
Jonathan there by his arm.

Right when they were about to sit down, a woman in a red gown snatched their seats all of a sudden.

“Sorry, you’re a step behind.” The red-dressed lady eyed Sophia haughtily with eyes full of provocation.

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