Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 315

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The Legendary Man

The Richest Person In Yaleview

The person who said those words to Jonathan was his own father, Daniel Goldstein.

Jonathan’s thoughts went back in time to ten years ago as he stared down at the black-and-white
photograph in his hand.

“Dad, Mom… you two aren’t even here anymore, so why are you still making cruel jokes like this?”
Jonathan’s eyes reddened. He stuffed the photo back into his pocket.

Just as he resumed sweeping the room, light footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

Immediately after, an exhausted-looking Sophia entered the room.


“Aunt Sophia, why are you here?” Jonathan was surprised to see Sophia when he saw her come in.

“I was worried about leaving you home alone,” Sophia said as she saw his slightly reddened eyes. She
stepped forward and grabbed the broom from Jonathan. “Sit down and rest for a bit. Leave the cleaning
to me.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll do it myself.” Jonathan waved his hand. “I haven’t cleaned their room in over ten
years. It’s better if I do it.”

Lowering his head, Jonathan continued sweeping after speaking.

Sophia’s eyes reddened subconsciously when she saw the way Jonathan acted.

If she had not personally witnessed the scene before her, she would not have believed that Asura, who
single-handedly razed the four prominent families to the ground, would have such a vulnerable side to

“Oh, that’s right! Aunt Sophia, did you give Lydia my phone number?” Jonathan asked as he continued
to sweep the room.

“Yeah, I did.” Sophia nodded. “She called me, looking for you. I-I… didn’t know what to do, so I gave
her your phone number. I hope she didn’t give you any trouble?”

Sophia was slightly flustered after hearing her nephew’s words. She was worried that her actions might
have troubled him.

“How can that be possible?” Jonathan smiled. “Aunt Sophia, you don’t have to be so nervous when
speaking with me. It doesn’t matter if I’m Asura or Jonathan Goldstein. I will always be your nephew!
This fact can never be changed by anyone. I don’t wish for there to be a sense of estrangement
between us because of my identity. Compared to the current situation, I much preferred it when you
called me a snob!”

Jonathan had expected Sophia’s attitude to change after she found out about his identity. He had
resigned himself to a certain level of estrangement. However, in truth, it was much worse than he

“Little snob…” Sophia heaved a sigh of relief after hearing the man’s words. She glared at Jonathan.
“What? Are you itching for a beating just because I stopped calling you a snob? How dare you lecture
me? I don’t care if you’re Asura. I refuse to acknowledge this! I only know the kid who burrowed himself
into my blankets after listening to a horror story. I only know the snob who was too afraid to go to the
toilet by himself afterward.”

“Aunt Sophia, can we please not talk about the toilet incident?” Jonathan suddenly became anxious
after hearing Sophia bring up his childhood stories. He was eager to leave his childish past behind.

“All right, I’ll stop.” Sophia rolled her eyes. “So, what of Lydia’s request?”

“It’s been settled,” said Jonathan. He then added, “I asked Andy to let them go.”

“You let them all go?” Upon hearing his words, Sophia was surprised. “D-Did you do it because of me?”

If he did it because of me, didn’t I just make things more difficult for him?

“What do you think?” Jonathan smiled as he stared at her.

If it had not been for Sophia, none of the four prominent families of Yaleview would have survived, nor
would a single one of them would have been able to leave Yaleview.

“S-So I didn’t cause you any trouble, right?” Sophia bit her lip and asked in a soft voice.


Jonathan could not help himself from reaching out and patting her head when he saw Sophia’s
flustered look. “It’s only the Maxwell family. It doesn’t matter if we let them go. Besides, they can’t
cause much trouble in Yaleview anyway.”

“Oh, that’s right. It’s almost mealtime. Are you hungry? Shall we go out for a meal?” he asked.

Jonathan checked the time after putting the broom down. It was past six o’clock in the evening,
meaning the sky would darken soon.

“I’m a bit hungry,” said Sophia as she rubbed her stomach. She had not eaten a bite since earlier that
morning. In truth, she was so hungry that her stomach was starting to hurt.

“All right, let’s go get some beef stew!” Jonathan strode out of the room. Outside the house, Andy had
long since returned with the troops. They were all on standby in the yard.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Andy immediately bent down on one knee the moment he spotted Jonathan.

The countless black-armored soldiers behind Andy immediately followed suit the moment they saw the
former get on his knee. Kneeling down, they roared, “Asura!”

“Get up.”

Jonathan casually waved his hand. He looked at Andy and asked, “Did you take care of the matter?’

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. It has been resolved. The four prominent families will be exiled from Yaleview
before twelve o’clock midnight.”

“The four prominent families?” Jonathan wrinkled his brow slightly when he heard Andy’s reply. “Even
the Morsley family?”

“Yes. The Morsley family will also leave Yaleview before twelve o’clock midnight!” Andy nodded in

“Didn’t I tell you to make an exception for the Morsley family?” Jonathan frowned.

“It’s best if they leave, lest they cause more trouble in Yaleview in the future,” Andy replied. He did not
lift his head. “Anyway, It’s good that they are leaving. It will do them good to be far away from this

“I’m leaving it to you.” Since Andy had already made the decision, Jonathan wasn’t about to meddle.
“Oh, right. Leave one hundred Dragon Scale Guards to guard the Goldstein family later. Swap them out
every month.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Andy could not help but ask, “Mr. Goldstein, are a hundred guards

“That’s enough,” Jonathan said. He then added, “In addition, send someone to handle the four
prominent families’ properties and businesses. Transfer all of them to my aunt.”

“Transfer them to me?” Sophia was momentarily shocked when she heard Jonathan’s words. She
hurriedly shook her hands. “No, no! Don’t transfer the ownership to me!”

Are you kidding? These were the four prominent families!

They controlled one-third of the economy in Yaleview. If their properties and businesses were all
transferred to her, she would become the richest person in Yaleview overnight.

In fact, she could even be the richest person in the entire world!

Everybody knew that the four prominent families owned legitimate businesses worth over one hundred

Obviously, one could not leave out the shady businesses. They were probably worth over two hundred

With just a word from Jonathan, all of these could belong to her, Sophia Goldstein.

There is no way I can accept this!

If another person had heard that they would become the richest person in Yaleview overnight, they
would surely be over the moon.

However, Sophia was not that sort of person.

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