Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 317

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The Legendary Man

The Invitation From Lydia

“What do you think?” Jonathan asked as he glanced at him.

“Sir, that’s the West Region!” Andy’s expression suddenly turned bitter. It was known that in the past
thousands of years throughout Chanaea, only Asura Jonathan had managed to lead his troop to
conquer the West Region and combine it with Chanaea!

Jonathan was missing for a year. During that period, the West Region had rebelled, launching a
counterattack toward Beshya, and fought in full swing with the Thunder King of War, Kane.

At that time, the Thunder King of War, Kane, had 300 thousand Anima Dragon Guards under his

Even so, they couldn’t take over the West Region. Thus, how could Andy have hoped to do so with
only 100 thousand Dragon Scale Guards?

Isn’t this just a baseless dream?

“I know.”

Jonathan said nonchalantly, “Isn’t West Region a small area? Shouldn’t 100 thousand Dragon Scale
Guards be adequate?”

The West Region is a small area?

Hearing it, Andrew was speechless.

In this world, no one else but Jonathan would dare to say that the West Region was a small area.

After the rebellion in the West Region, many countries had secretly supported them in secret and were
providing them with funds, equipment, and even the latest type of deadly weapons.

Whether it was their combat power or the backing from various foreign countries, they were much
stronger than the small unmentionable small country located oversea.

How could he expect me to conquer the West Region with only 100 thousand Dragon Scale Guards?
It’s an impossible feat!

“Mr. Goldstein, can you send in more troops?” Andy cautiously looked over to Jonathan and swallowed

“At most, I could let Kane work with you. As for more soldiers, I can’t allocate any to you.” Jonathan
rejected him without any hesitation. “This is my condition. If you accept it, I’ll help you train those
incompetent soldiers of yours!”

He continued, “If you can’t accept my terms, you should run as far as you can when you still can! Don’t
hinder me from eating my beef stew.”

Jonathan proceeded to take a step back and walk away. Watching Jonathan leave just like that, Andy
gritted his teeth and declared. “I’ll accept it, Mr. Goldstein.”

“So, you have decided?” Hearing his declaration, Jonathan stopped as his eyes flashed with

That’s how it should be! There should be no cowards among the soldiers led by me.

“I have decided!” Andy said between clenched teeth. “Isn’t the West Region just a small area? I’ll do it!”

“Pick me up from the Goldstein residence in a week!” As soon as he finished speaking, Jonathan
turned around to walk out of the Goldstein residence with Sophia.

After half an hour, they stopped by a small restaurant near the museum.

Even though the store wasn’t huge, there were already a lot of customers there.

It was the right decision to feast on beef stew, especially in this chilly weather.

“What about this place?” Jonathan asked as he looked at Sophia.

“Up to you.”

Sophia nodded and walked in with Jonathan. However, just as the two of them walked into the store,
they suddenly heard a phone ringing.

Right after, Sophia took out her phone and accepted the call.

“Sophia, are you still in the hospital?” she could hear Lydia’s voice on the other end, but her voice
sounded a little horse and not as energetic as before.

“I just got out of the hospital. What’s wrong, Lydia?” Sophia asked in concern.

She could hear through Lydia’s voice that something wasn’t right.

“It’s nothing, but I’ll be leaving Yaleview after tonight. So, I want to hold a final party at home. Would
you come and join me?” Lydia asked with a sad voice. “Just think of it as a farewell meetup.”

She continued, “It’s alright even if you couldn’t come, but I don’t know when we can meet again in the

After saying that, there was a long sigh from the other end of the line.

When she heard of it, Sophia suddenly felt a little sad.

Lydia was her best friend at Yaleview, and there was no one else.

However, Lydia was now leaving Yaleview.

Thinking of it, Sophia placed down the call and looked over at Jonathan. “Lydia wants to invite me over
for dinner. Please let me see her off. She’ll be leaving Yaleview after tonight.”

Sophia gently bit her lips. She knew that she would need Jonathan’s permission.

However, she didn’t know what to do.

Although she was very reluctant for Lydia to leave Yaleview, she didn’t want to disrupt Jonathan’s plan
just because of her feelings.

For now, she was in a dilemma.

“If that’s the case, just go.”

Seeing Sophia’s embarrassed face, Jonathan smiled lightly. “Don’t worry about me. I won’t leave
Yaleview for the time being. You can invite me to eat beef stew again when you have the time.”

“Can you accompany me? Sophia said as she bit her lip.

“I got her expelled from Yaleview, and you still want me to see her off?” Jonathan couldn’t help laughing
when he heard what Sophia said.


Instantly, an embarrassed expression flashed across Sophia’s face.

“Alright, I’ll go with you,” Jonathan said when he saw Sophia’s embarrassed face. He then patted her
head with a smile. “I hope they won’t throw me out!”

He ended the discussion with that.

Before Sophia could say anything, Jonathan stopped a taxi and looked back at Sophia, who was
behind. “Do you have the address of her residence?”

“I do!”

Sophia nodded and told the taxi driver the address.

After that, the taxi driver immediately stepped on the pedal and accelerated off. The taxi was out of
sight in an instant, leaving only a trail of smoke behind.

Around half an hour later, the taxi stopped in front of the Maxwell residence in Yaleview.

Today, the Maxwell residence looked especially lively.

Many branded luxury cars, Porche, Bentley, Maybach, and even Rolls Royce, were parked in the
parking lot in the front.

The taxi looked particularly shabby when placed among the luxury cars.

So, when Jonathan and Sophia got off the taxi, they instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Those that were present today were all members of the noble families.

They would never even consider taking such a shabby ride.

“Quick, come and see who they are.”

“Isn’t that Sophia, the lady of the Goldstein family?”

“Why would she take such a ride? Does she have no dignity at all?” Jonathan and Sophia had just
alighted from the taxi and overheard the young ladies as they were gossiping at the door of the
Maxwell residence.

“Look at the person next to her. Is he her boyfriend?” A girl wearing a white gown with silver earrings
was gossiping.

“How is that possible?” When another girl in a red dress heard the girl in the long white dress, she
pursed her lips. “She didn’t even approve of all the rich and powerful men that had gone after her. Why
would she date a person that looks like a pauper?”

“I think it’s just the secret toyboy!”

“Shush, keep your voice down, or they might hear you!”

“So what if they hear us? Why must the Ximenez family be afraid of the Goldstein family:”

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