Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 314

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The Legendary Man

The Monochrome Photo

“Release all of them?”

Lydia was startled the moment she heard that.

She would thank the Lord and be grateful if Andy decided to release her parents. Never had she ever
imagined that he would let go of everyone from the Maxwell family after a single phone call from

“Commander Morsley, t-thank you.” Lydia bit her lips while looking at Andy, her eyes filling with fear.

Indeed, she was afraid of Andy.

“There’s no need to thank me.” Andy looked at her indifferently and said, “You should be thanking the
person who called!”

After saying that, he continued in a low voice, “However, I have a condition before I release them!

“What is it?” Lydia asked, her tone laced with anxiousness.

“From now onward, the Maxwells are banned from entering Yaleview. I will show no mercy if any of you
take a single step into Yaleview.” Andy’s eyes immediately turned cold as he spoke.

Upon hearing that, the Maxwells shivered in fear and involuntarily felt goosebumps all over their body
despite the distance.

There was no mercy.

The Maxwells were banned from entering Yaleview.

Doesn’t that mean the Maxwells were getting exiled?

“Understood. We will leave Yaleview at once. We will leave tonight and never return!” Bernard, the
head of the Maxwell family, responded quickly. He knew what he should prioritize now.

It didn’t matter if they couldn’t return to Yaleview. At least they got to stay alive.

If they chose to stubbornly remain in Yaleview, that would mean losing their lives.

“Release them!”

As soon as Andy gave his order, the black-armored soldiers took a step back immediately and made
way for the Maxwells.

It wasn’t until all of the Maxwells got off the military trucks that Andy sat in the green SUV.

“Forward. March!”

“Yes, Sir!”

With Andy’s order, a loud sound rang out once again.

Soon, a tail smoke drifted in the air, and the convoy disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In less than a day, the four prominent families of Yaleview got exiled from Yaleview. All of this
happened even before sunset.

When this news got out, it instantly shocked the whole of Yaleview.

No one ever imagined that the four prominent families that had controlled Yaleview for the past three
years would experience their collective downfall within one day.

All the more, to be exiled from Yaleview.

Especially when the four prominent families included the Morsley. They were Andy’s family, and he was
one of the Kings of War of Asura’s Office.

There was only one person in Yaleview capable of doing this.

That would be the legendary Asura!

Asura was like a godlike existence.

However, a year ago, Asura mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Could it be that he had returned?

Suddenly, everyone in Yaleview felt their lives were in imminent peril.

Especially the distinguished families, they frantically left Yaleview in the middle of the night. Some fled
overseas overnight, while others fled to Gronga and Durbaine.

Also, some people chartered a plane overnight and flew directly to the other side of the earth.

All of that happened due to the return of the legendary man.

Meanwhile, as everyone in Yaleview got thrown into chaos, Jonathan stood in front of a room in the
Goldstein residence. He did not open the door for a long time.

The room belonged to none other than his parents.

It had been more than ten years since he last stepped into this room.

At that time, he didn’t know that someday, he would become an orphan.

Also, he didn’t know he would get kicked out of the Goldstein family one day.

Thus, becoming the legendary abandoned son of the Goldstein family.

With a loud screech, Jonathan pushed open the door.

Soon, a stale smell filled his nostrils.

The room was covered with dust.

There were many spiderwebs hanging around.

Even the table in the room was covered with moss and became moldy.

However, Jonathan didn’t show the slightest contempt. Instead, he picked up a broom and started
cleaning the room slowly.

He slowly removed those messy spiderwebs and the mosses on the table.

As he cleaned the mosses on the table, he unexpectedly discovered a black-and-white photo in the
place where the table peeled off.

The photo was small, only a few inches big.

It was so small that one could easily overlook it.

Moreover, it was under the vinyl of the tabletop. If it weren’t for the fact that this room had not been
occupied for a long time and had not been taken care of, no one would have discovered this small

black-and-white photo under the tabletop.

“Why is there a photo here?” Jonathan took the black-and-white photo from the table in confusion.

When he picked up the photo, he was surprised to find a group photo of three people.

In the photo, a young couple was smiling at the camera, and in their arms was a little boy who was only
a few years old!

The little boy was him, Jonathan Goldstein.

As for the young couple, they were his parents, naturally.

Daniel Goldstein and Elizabeth Stone.

“Why is this photo hidden here?” Jonathan was doubtful as he flipped the photo over. The moment he
flipped it over, he unexpectedly discovered a line of tiny black words written on the back of it.

The words read: Son, when you see this photo, your dad and I should have been gone long ago, right?
You were only three years old when we took this photo. Your dad and I decided to hide this photo under
the tabletop so that one day, when you grow up and pick up these relics, you will realize that I have
secretly hidden it here. Let me tell you a secret. Your dad doesn’t even know about this photo! My silly
boy, don’t cry. My biggest wish is to watch you grow up, get married, and have your own family. I don’t
know if I’ll be blessed to see this one day. If I’m gone when you see this photo, I want to tell you just
one thing. I will bless you even when I’m six feet under.

The black font looked very graceful.

The photo was so small yet filled with tiny black words. There was no doubt that it was Elizabeth’s
handwriting that Jonathan could recognize at a single glance.

This handwriting was all too familiar to him.

Be it signing the exam papers when he was young or secretly helping him with those unfinished
summer homework behind Daniel’s back, Elizabeth had left too many traces behind.

“Mom, you’re a grown-up. Why are you still playing hide and seek with me?” Jonathan couldn’t help but
chuckle while looking at the words written on the back of the photo.

Soon, his eyes grew red and brimmed with tears as his chuckles slowly faded.

In Jonathan’s memory, he had rarely cried in his whole lifetime.

He did not shed a tear even when he got kicked out of the Goldstein family.

That was all because someone once told him something when he was young.

Men should not cry easily.

Jonathan recalled what he heard. “You are a man. You should grit your teeth and brave out whatever
setbacks and difficulties you face. It’s because you’re a man!”

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