Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 313

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The Legendary Man

Kicked Out Of Yaleview

“What do you think?”

Upon hearing Lydia’s question, Andy, who was just about to leave, stopped in his tracks. He glared at
her coldly. “Lydia, I think you don’t really understand something here. The only reason why I’m letting
you off is that you know my comrade. That’s not a reason for you to try to push your luck. Do you

“Commander Morsley, I-” When she heard this and looked at his icy gaze, Lydia panicked, and her
palms started to sweat.

“All right. That’s enough.”

With a wave of his hand, Andy cut her off. With that, the black-armored soldiers dragged Bernard and
Zayne toward the door. At that moment, Lydia bit her lip and whipped out her phone to call someone.

After a moment, Sophia’s voice rang out on the other end of the call. “What’s wrong, Lydia?”

“Sophia, can you contact Jonathan for me?” Lydia sounded as if she was about to cry.

“What’s wrong, Lydia?” When she heard that Lydia was choking up, a wave of anxiety hit Sophia.
“What happened? Tell me about it slowly.”

“Sophia, the Maxwell family is in trouble. Asura’s Office caught our family. I have no other choice but to
ask Jonathan for help,” Lydia wailed. “The head of Asura’s Office is Andy. Didn’t Jonathan say that they
used to be comrades who shared the same bunk? Can you get him to plea for mercy for my family and
get Andy to let us off?”

“Asura’s Office brought men to the Maxwell residence, and Andy was the one who led them?” The
moment she heard Lydia’s words, Sophia instantly understood what was going on.

Around half an hour earlier, Andy was still at the Goldstein residence.

As for the men from Asura’s Office that Lydia was referring to, they were naturally Dragon Scale
Guards from the Goldstein family.

“Don’t worry, Lydia. I’m not with Jonathan. I’m at the hospital at the moment. How about this? I’ll give
you his number, and you can call him yourself.”

As Sophia comforted Lydia, she gave Jonathan’s number to the latter at the same time. “But I can’t
guarantee that Jonathan will be able to help you. Besides, he’s in a bad mood now. Remember to
watch your tone.”

She was well aware of Lydia’s personality, and she was also clear about the state that Jonathan was in
at that moment.

He wouldn’t directly send Andy to go after the Maxwell family if it wasn’t out of rage.

The only possibility was that Jonathan sent Andy to get rid of the four prominent families out of fury.

“I got it, Sophia. Thank you!” After Sophia’s advice, Lydia couldn’t care less about anything else and
hung up the phone. Following that, she immediately called Jonathan.


Beep. Beep.

The phone rang endlessly on the other end, but no one picked up. The soldiers outside the door had
already brought the entire Maxwell family onto the military truck.

As she saw this, Lydia panicked and rushed after them.

“Lydia, save me!” Bernard instantly shouted the moment he saw Lydia.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, the soldier beside him kicked him. “Keep quiet!”

Bernard obediently shut up after getting kicked.

“Let’s go!”

With a wave of Andy’s hand, countless military trucks prepared to set off, and a loud rumbling sound
filled the air.

Just as Lydia was about to cry, a hoarse voice sounded from the other end of the phone. “Hello?”

“Jonathan, is it you? It’s Lydia. We met before. Do you remember me?” Lydia hurriedly replied once the
call got through.

“I know. Why are you calling me?” Jonathan sounded slightly lethargic.

“Jonathan, can you do me a favor?” Lydia bit her lip as she continued embarrassedly, “The Maxwell
family is in trouble. Asura’s Office came to capture our entire family, and Andy Morsley was the one
who led them. Can you help plea for mercy and get Andy to let us off?”

“Andy caught you?” Jonathan seemed surprised. “Pass him the phone. I’ll get him to let you go.”

“He didn’t catch me,” Lydia hurriedly explained. “He let me off after knowing that I knew you, but…”

“But what?”

“But he caught my parents and the rest of my family…” Lydia was so anxious that she was about to cry.
“Jonathan, just take it that I’m begging you. Can you help me out just this once? As long as you help

me, I’ll agree to anything. Even if it’s not on my behalf, can you help me on Sophia’s behalf? Please
just help me this once!”

If Jonathan was in front of her, Lydia would have kneeled before him without hesitation.

No matter how badly Bernard treated her, he was still her father after all.

There was no way that she could watch as Asura’s Office took him away.

“Pass him the phone.”

After a long silence, Jonathan finally spoke. Upon hearing Jonathan’s reply, Lydia immediately ran after
the truck and shouted, “Wait! Wait!”

“What’s the matter?” Hearing her shouts, Andy waved his hand, and the truck halted to a stop.

“T-The phone!” Lydia panted as she ran up to Andy. She passed his phone to him and said, “J-
Jonathan is looking for you.”

Mr. Goldstein?

Andy instantly understood what was going on when he heard Lydia’s words. He took the phone over
from her and said, “Mr. Goldstein!”

“Let them go,” Jonathan replied mildly.

“All of them?” Andy was taken aback.


“Just chase them out of Yaleview. There’s no need for you to bring them back.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”

After receiving Jonathan’s order, Andy wasted no time, and neither did he ask further. Jonathan’s
decision had nothing to do with him.

All he had to do was carry out Jonathan’s orders.

“As for the other families, you can let them go as well. Chase all of them out of Yaleview and only leave
the Morsley family behind.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”

The moment he finished speaking, Jonathan had already hung up. Immediately after, Andy returned
the phone to Lydia.

“What did he say?” Lydia asked anxiously.

Andy glanced at her nonchalantly but didn’t reply to her. He simply opened the car door and came out
of the SUV. Waving toward the soldiers on the military truck, he then said, “Release them all!”

At Andy’s order, the soldiers who were previously in control of the Maxwell family instantly kept their
guns and let go of them without hesitation.

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