Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 312

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The Legendary Man

Last Hope

“Sir, we have captured all thirty-seven people of the Maxwell family!” In the courtyard, a soldier dressed
in black armor bellowed as he stood in front of Andy.

“Take all of them away!”

With a wave of his hand, Andy turned around and walked out of the door. But just then, a voice yelled
out from the courtyard, “Andy, what rights do you have to capture all of the Maxwell family?”

“Exactly. Even if you’re one of the four Kings of War of Asura’s Office, you can’t do as you please.”

“What’s wrong with the Maxwell family? What did we even do wrong? What rights do you have to do

“Even if you’re part of the Asura’s Office, you can’t wipe out the entire Maxwell family without reason.”

“Shut up, you brat!” When he heard the yells, Bernard, who had long given up on retaliating, suddenly
fumed. He kicked Zayne’s belly out of rage, causing the latter to collapse to the floor. “Are you in any
position to speak now?”


Even after being kicked by Bernard, Zayne still wore a disgruntled look on his face.

“Just shut up, you fool!” Bernard was so furious that his expression turned as dark as thunder.

“You want me to give you an explanation, don’t you?” After hearing Zayne’s words, Andy suddenly
stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at the former. “All right. Very well then. Since you want

an explanation, I’ll give you one.”

The moment he finished his words, Andy pulled out a gun from his waist and pointed it at Zayne’s

“Is the gun that I’m pointing at your head a good enough explanation for you? If it isn’t, I still have one
hundred thousand other similar guns. Will that be enough for you? If it still isn’t enough, I have tens of
military tanks outside waiting to burn the Maxwell residence to the ground. Is that enough for you?”

“Y-You’re just being unreasonable!” Zayne’s confidence instantly shrunk when he saw the gun in Andy’s

“What did you say? Unreasonable? Did I hear you correctly?” When he heard this, Andy couldn’t help
but scoff. “You want me to be reasonable with you? Let me tell you this. The gun that I’m holding is the
most reasoning you’ll ever get!”

“How dare you try to reason with me. If I’m really going to be reasonable, the Maxwell family would
have been finished three years ago! You won’t even have the chance to try to reason with me now,” he

Once he finished speaking, Andy couldn’t be bothered to waste time with him anymore.

He waved them off and commanded, “Take all of them away!”

“Yes, Sir!”

At his command, countless soldiers decked in black armor dragged the members of the Maxwell family
and headed toward the door. Just then, a weak and soft voice sounded from the crowd. In the
quietness, the voice seemed especially piercing. “I-Is he Andy Morsley?”

“Quieten down. Do you want to die? Do you think that you’re fit to call his name?” Bernard turned
around and glared at the source of the feeble voice.

Upon hearing Bernard’s scolding, the girl who spoke instantly cowered in fear and kept her mouth shut.

“Do you know me?” When he heard the voice behind him, Andy, who had already walked out of the
door, stopped and looked at the girl behind him.

“I-I don’t!” The girl hurriedly shook her head in fear. “I just remembered that my friend brought up your
name, and he said that you were his comrade.”


Upon hearing this, a look of confusion flashed across Andy’s eyes. “What’s the name of your friend?”

“Jonathan Goldstein,” the girl said his name in a low voice.

The moment he heard this name, the expression on Andy’s face instantly changed. He took a big step
forward and stood in front of the girl. “Do you know Jonathan Goldstein?”

“I-I do…”

The girl was shocked by Andy’s sudden movement, and her face turned pale. “H-He said that you were
comrades who slept on the same bunk. He also said that you fought on the battlefield and killed
enemies together…”

“When did he tell you this?” asked Andy casually.

“A-A few days ago…”

As she looked into Andy’s cold gaze, the girl was so nervous that she stuttered, “H-He isn’t lying to me,
is he?”

“He didn’t lie to you!”

Upon seeing how frightened she was, Andy couldn’t help but chuckle. “Don’t be nervous. He really was
my comrade and shared the same bunk as me. It’s just that he slept on top, and I slept on the bottom.
And he didn’t even allow me to switch places with him!”

When he heard the last few sentences of the girl’s words, Andy knew that Jonathan had been using
him as a gimmick outside again.

Back then, he also tricked Sophia in the same way.

Whatever he said about them sharing a bunk and going to battle together was just a lie.

Andy was in no position to share a bunk with Jonathan.

He had never even entered Jonathan’s room, let alone been able to share the same bunk as him.

However, Andy didn’t expose Jonathan’s lie and could only continue covering up for him. “Oh right.
What’s your name?”

“L-Lydia Maxwell,” the girl said in a low voice.

“Lydia Maxwell…” After hearing her name, Andy glanced at her nonchalantly and asked, “How are you
related to the Maxwell family?”

Before Lydia could respond, Bernard chimed in, “She’s my daughter!”

“I was asking her, not you!” Andy shot him a cold glare. Bernard was frightened and instantly kept quiet.

“I-I’m his daughter…” Lydia responded with her head lowered.

There was no way that she dared to be as brazen in front of Andy as how she was with Jonathan and

At Lydia’s reply, Andy immediately commanded, “You can stay. Take the rest of them away!”

Lydia was stunned when she heard this and didn’t have the chance to respond.

Is Andy letting me off just because I mentioned Jonathan’s name?

“Save me, Lydia. I’m your dad!”

When he saw that Lydia could stay behind while the rest were going to be dragged away by the
soldiers in black armor, Bernard started to panic.

“Lydia, don’t forget about me. I’m your biological brother! Help me!” Zayne also started to shout

It was only then that the entire Maxwell family saw that Lydia was their last hope.

“Dad, I…”

Upon hearing Bernard and Zayne’s cries, a look of helplessness flashed across Lydia’s face.

In fact, Zayne and Bernard never treated her well usually, especially Zayne. He wouldn’t even spare a
glance at her most of the time.

Despite that, she was still Bernard’s daughter after all.

All of a sudden, she took a deep breath and bit her lip as she looked at Andy.

“Colonel Morsley, c-can you let my father go too?”

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