Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 311

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The Legendary Man

Decree Of Asura

Asura’s Office?

The crowd fell into a pin-drop silence upon hearing these two words.

Everyone present knew clearly what Asura’s Office represented.

In the entire Yaleview or even the whole country, all wealthy or distinguished families were nothing but
a speck of dust before Asura’s Office.

Asura’s Office could sentence anyone to death if they wanted to.

There was no doubt about that.

“How is that possible, Dad? Our family has never offended Asura’s Office. So why would they send
their troops to surround us?”

Despite saying that, Zayne felt a bout of fear deep down.

After all, the Maxwells were considered insignificant in the presence of Asura’s Office.

So much for being part of the four prominent families. Once we stand before this mighty department,
we are akin to an ant!

“Cut the crap. Didn’t I tell you to bring the people away? Leave now!” Bernard glared at his son and
continued, “Bring your mother with you. Later, you should take advantage of the chaos and flee!”

Once he finished his sentence, Bernard quickly trotted out of the living room without hesitation.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man dressed in an army green camouflage uniform stood majestically in the
courtyard. Behind him were many soldiers clad in black armor.

They are the Asura Guards!

Bernard could recognize the black armor worn by the soldiers with just a glance.

Only the Asura Guards’ soldiers in the army were permitted to wear those black armor uniforms. On the
other hand, other soldiers could only wear an army green camouflage uniform.

It was the rule of Asura’s Office.

“Hello, Commander. May I know the purpose of your visit?” Bernard took the initiative by humbling
himself and greeted Andy.

Even though he was the respected head of the Maxwells to outsiders, his status wasn’t even worth
mentioning in front of Asura’s Office.

“I’ve been ordered to wipe out the four prominent families!” Andy looked at him coldly before adding,
“The Zeller family is down. It’s your family’s turn now!”

Wipe out the four prominent families?

Upon hearing that, Bernard felt his heart skip a beat. His expression also drastically changed. “May I
know who gave you this order?”

“It’s the Decree of Asura!” Andy spat out the name in a bleak tone.

The moment Bernard heard the name, he suddenly felt weak in the knees, and his mind went blank for
a second.

Decree of Asura? How could that be? Didn’t Asura mysteriously disappear into thin air or something a
year ago? So how could he suddenly issue a Decree of Asura? Moreover, it’s to deal with the four
prominent families in Yaleview!

“E-Excuse me, commander. Could the Decree of Asura you are referring to be issued by Asura?”
Bernard stammered.

According to legend, once the Decree of Asura was issued, it was as if the heavens had given a

No one could defy its order, and no mercy would be shown.

The Decree of Asura was the highest order in the entire Chanaea.

Once the Decree of Asura was issued, no matter where the 800 thousand Divine Slayer Guards or
millions of soldiers might be in the world, whether dead or alive with one foot in the grave, they had to
obey the command as long as their hearts were still beating.

That was the authority of the Decree of Asura.

Since the day Asura led millions of soldiers to conquer the world, the Decree of Asura had become the
most fearsome existence on earth.

Even Asura’s Office and the Eight Kings of War had to comply with the Decree of Asura without any

“What do you think?” Andy shot daggers at Bernard after listening to his words. He added, “Besides
Asura, who do you think in this world dare to issue a Decree of Asura? Unless that person has a death

Andy’s comments immediately caused Bernard to tremble in fear.

At this moment, he instantly gave up all thoughts of resistance.

What the heck? If I try to defy the Decree of Asura, it’s equivalent to making myself an enemy to the

“Would you please tell me your name?” Bernard clenched his teeth as he turned his gaze to Andy,
seemingly wanting to carve his face into his memory.

“Andy Morsley!” he casually revealed his name.

“Andy Morsley? You’re Andy Morsley?” Bernard’s expression fluctuated.

As the head of the Maxwells that was part of the four prominent families in Yaleview, he undoubtedly
knew Andy’s identity – one of the Four Kings of War of Asura’s Office who had absolute control of the
one hundred thousand Dragon Scale Guards.

Only one person in this world could make a high-rank person like Andy lead his troop here personally,
and that was Asura.


When Andy heard what Bernard said, the look in his eyes immediately turned frigid.

At that very moment, Bernard abandoned all thoughts of resisting at once. He lowered his head and
slumped in dejection. “My family admits defeat. Andy, make your move however you want!”


After listening to what he said, Andy also had enough of the meaningless conversation and ordered
with a flourish of his hand, “Starting from now, seal off the entire Maxwell residence. Without my
permission, nobody is allowed to step out of the house! No mercy for those who violate the rule!”

“Yes, sir!”

With Andy’s order, numerous soldiers clad in black armor straight away rushed inside the Maxwell

Upon hearing Andy giving out a command to seal off the whole house, gloominess shadowed
Bernard’s face for a split second. Strength departed him, and he dropped to his knees.

It’s over! We’re doomed this time! I was trying to stall for time here to give my son a chance to escape.
However, Andy seemed to have expected that to happen. He’s not allowing any of my family members
to escape!

“Andy, do you have to be this ruthless?” Bernard gritted his teeth and looked at the other party. “Are
you not even going to give us a chance of survival?”

“Not possible!”

Andy’s gaze was cold and detached. “An order is an order. None of the four prominent families is
allowed to exist. That also includes the Morsley family, get it?”


A gleam of disbelief passed through Bernard’s eyes when he heard the man mention the Morsley
family. “Andy, you won’t even spare your own family?”

“That’s right.” Andy looked at him expressionlessly. “Enough with your nonsense. That’s not something
you can bargain with!”

With that said, he didn’t allow Bernard to continue babbling. He directly waved his hand. “Someone
take him away!”

“Yes, sir!”

At once, a dozen of soldiers in black armor immediately came forth and arrested Bernard.

Right when they took action, a commotion ensued in the Maxwell residence.

Some people were fleeing, some got thrown into confusion, and some were begging on their knees.
There were even a few of them who wanted to resist.

However, no matter what they did, under the Dragon Scale Guards’ blockade, not even a fly could
escape. Hence, there was no way a living person could flee.

In less than ten minutes, all the Maxwells, without exception, fell into the hands of Dragon Scale

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