Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 310

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The Legendary Man

The Siege

“Andy Morsley!” the middle-aged soldier casually uttered his name.

The moment when Michael heard the name, his feet instantly felt like jelly, and he almost went down to
his knees on the spot.

Andy Morsley? The legendary person in control of 100 thousand Dragon Scale Guards and also one of
the Four Kings of War of Asura’s Office who’s elected by Asura personally? Demonic Terminator, Andy
Morsley? What’s he doing here? There’s no enmity between us, but why did he suddenly lead the
troops to besiege the Zeller residence?

“Commander Morsley, wh-what are you doing here? Have we done anything wrong and offended
Asura’s Office? Or is there anyone ignorant from the Zeller family who ruffled your feathers?” The
moment when Michael realized that the middle-aged soldier in front of him was Andy, his attitude
changed drastically in an instant.

“The Zeller family didn’t get on my nerves but has offended someone scarier than me!” Andy cast a
glance indifferently at Michael. “I’m here today on a command to exterminate the Zeller family! The
person that you’ve offended has made his order, that he doesn’t want any nonsensical four prominent
families to exist in Yaleview! Do you understand what I mean?”

Wipe out the Zeller family? Michael’s expression abruptly changed the moment when he heard these
few words. He looked at Andy with a flash of disbelief in his eyes. “C-Commander Morsley, did I hear
you right? Did you just say that you’re going to wipe out the Zeller family?”

“You’ve heard it right!” Andy glanced at Michael. He then waved his hand and instantly ordered, “At my
command, Dragon Scale Guards! Take every one of the Zeller family back! No mercy for those who
dare to resist!”

“Yes, sir!”

At a word of command from Andy, countless heavily-armored soldiers behind him held the rifles up in
their hands and swiftly barged into the Zeller residence without demur.

Everything turned upside down in a split second. Chaos and screams resounded through the Zeller

“Commander Morsley, wh-what exactly happened? Is there some misunderstanding?” Michael instantly
felt at a loss, seeing was going on in front of him.

As the nominated successor and the eldest son of the Zeller family, Michael could do nothing but watch
Dragon Scale Guards, who were behaving bestially in the Zeller residence.

Michael had to be losing his mind if he dared to play tricks with Dragon Scale Guards, as there would
then be dozens of rifles blowing him to bits on the spot at a command from Andy.

“Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding do you think there is?” Hearing Michael’s words, Andy
glanced at him coldly. “You have only yourself to blame for offending someone whom you can’t afford
to! He’s someone that the Zeller family should never mess with! Since you’ve done so, the whole Zeller
family is going to end up in ashes from now on!”

The moment Andy finished his words, he didn’t even bother to lay his eyes on Michael. He strode
toward the living room of the Zeller residence and snarled, “Hurry up! Don’t waste time, and take them
down quickly! Act like a soldier! Gather at the door within half an hour! We’re moving to the next place!”

“Yes, sir!”

Endless howls roared in the courtyard, yet Michael could only look at everything in front of him with his
face as white as a sheet.

He had never thought of running away. Even if he wished to do so, the tens of thousands of soldiers
from Dragon Scale Guards wouldn’t let him off!

After half an hour, hundreds of members from the entire Zeller family were all retained in the back of
the military trucks with nobody spared.

The whole process turned out to be unusually smooth, as nobody dared to defy the troop of black-
armored soldiers.

Indeed, no one would have the audacity to do so in front of innumerable black muzzles.

Otherwise, they had to be courting death.

“Is everyone here?” Andy turned around and looked at the lieutenant commander indifferently, who was
behind him.

“Yes, Commander! Everyone’s here!” the soldier roared.

“Take all of them to the military camp to wait for the verdict!” Andy waved his hand. “Everyone else,
follow me to the next place!”

“Yes, sir!”

With bellows of roars, the loud rumbling noise of military trucks rang out again, and the destination this
time was the Maxwell residence.

Half an hour later, countless military trucks, military off-road vehicles, and military tanks stopped at the
door of the Maxwell residence.

When the servant of the Maxwells standing at the door saw this scene, his face instantly paled with
terror. He then turned around and ran away.

“Oh, no! It’s terrible! Something bad has happened!”

With a shriek, the servant hastily ran into the living room of the Maxwell residence.

The head of the Maxwells, Bernard Maxwell, was making the tea inside the living room and about to
taste it. The moment he heard the servant’s scream, his hand trembled, and the teacup in his hand
dropped to the ground with a clacking sound.

“D*mn it!”

Bernard’s expression changed. He looked at the servant frigidly. “What are you shouting for? Is the
world collapsing? Why are you yelling and getting so riled up? Get on your knees!”

With a bellow from Bernard, the servant instantly kneeled in fright in front of him. “Old Mr. Maxwell,
something bad has happened! Many soldiers have besieged the Maxwell residence outside of the

“What?” Bernard’s expression abruptly changed once he heard that. At the same time, the initially
boisterous living room of the Maxwell residence instantly fell into dead silence.

“What in the world has happened? Make yourself clear!” The eldest son of Bernard, Zayne Maxwell,
also stepped forward at this moment.

“I don’t know what’s going on too. I saw many soldiers with a murderous look and rifles in their hands
showing up at the door. I was terrified and immediately rushed over here to report it to you!” The
servant kneeled on the ground and answered while shivering in trepidation, “There’re also many
military trucks out there, and even a lot of military tanks too!”

“What? Even the military tanks are dispatched?” The moment when Bernard heard the servant, he
instantly realized that something was wrong. He hurriedly ordered, “Hey, you! Hurry up and flee with
others during the chaos! The Maxwells might be in trouble!”

“Dad, is that necessary? Could there be a misunderstanding?” Hearing Bernard’s orders, Zayne
frowned slightly. “We haven’t done anything pestilent recently, and there’s also no animosity between
Asura’s Office and us! So what if the troop of soldiers out there has surrounded the Maxwell residence?
There’s nothing to be afraid of! We’re in Yaleview, the place in the authority of Asura’s Office. Even if
those soldiers are atrocious, they won’t dare to mess around, right?”

“You have no idea! Do you think anyone could simply dispatch the military tanks in Yaleview?” Hearing
Zayne, Bernard couldn’t help staring at him viciously at once. “In Yaleview, only Asura’s Office can
send the military tanks in action!”

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