Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 309

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The Legendary Man

Follow Me Into War

“Relax. I was only asking!” Jonathan glanced at Andy when he saw the latter’s face turned pale from
fear and said, “You only need to tell me if the Morsley family is one of the four prominent families. Yes
or no?”

“Yes!” Andy said with his head lowered.

“From today onward, I don’t wish to see that there’s such thing as the four prominent families in
Yaleview, including the Morsley family. Do you understand?” said Jonathan as he gave Andy a look.

“I understand!” answered Andy without looking up.

“The Morsley family may exist, but the Morsley family of the four prominent families must disappear. Do
you get it?”

Jonathan’s gaze swept across Andy, and he stood up, walking toward the living room.

His message was clear.

The Morsley family could live, but the four prominent families had to die!

The four prominent families relied on the reputation of Asura’s Office for protection and committed
many sins through the years.

Even a tiny chiliarch of the Dragon Scale Guards could make the Zeller family into one of the four
prominent families. Then what about the other families?

Who could be sure that Asura’s Office didn’t have a hand in that?

“I got it, Mr. Goldstein!”

Andy instantly snapped back to his senses when he heard Jonathan’s words and walked out the door
with a cold expression on his face.

Outside stood countless soldiers with guns pointed toward the Goldstein residence.

They could only be on guard without Andy’s orders.

“Attention, Dragon Scale Guards, on my command!” Andy’s aura changed the moment he stepped
outside. He was like a sharp blade that was unsheathed, and he said, “Follow me into war this instant!”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldiers in black armor let out an ear-shattering roar when they heard Andy say war.

A soldier’s fate was to go into war and kill their enemies.

No matter who the enemy was and where they were heading to fight, what they needed to do was to
obey orders and kill.

“Let’s go!”

Following Andy’s command, a loud roar filled the air. Countless soldiers in black armor instantly held
their weapons and got onto the vehicles. The numerous military tanks started with a booming sound
and crushed the ground they passed.

In the living room of the Zeller family in Yaleview, Nathan’s eldest son, Michael, was in charge of the
Zeller family when he wasn’t around.

At that moment, Michael was somewhat restless.

In front of him were some of the members of the Zeller family. They were looking at him and waiting for
his response. “Michael, how’s the situation on Nathan’s side?”

“Why is there no news after he’s been gone for so long?”

“Logically, he should’ve dealt with the Goldstein family within half an hour with their lacking

“That’s right. Michael, why don’t you call and ask to see what’s the situation like?”

When Nathan brought men to attack the Goldstein family, the members of the Zeller family were
waiting for his response.

Finishing off the Goldstein family was nothing significant to the Zeller family.

However, the business and territory of the Goldstein family were of great concern to them.

Nathan had the final say in how the things were distributed, to whom they were given, and who would
be responsible for them.

That was why the earlier they went there and waited, the higher their chances of getting a bigger slice
of the cake.

“I tried calling, but the call isn’t getting through!” Michael’s face was dark, and he said, “I had sent
people to the Goldstein residence. If nothing goes wrong, there should be a response very soon!”

The group was anxious, and Michael himself was too.

Myson’s legs were broken by the Goldstein family’s promiscuous slut and her toyboy. Moreover, he’s
my only son. Who would take over the massive Zeller family if anything were to happen to Troy?

That was why Michael was the most anxious person in the entire Zeller family after Nathan.

He couldn’t wait to destroy Sophia’s face.

Michael was in a hurry to break Jonathan’s limbs and make the latter beg for death.

“Mr. Zeller, bad news!” Just as Michael finished his sentence, a servant frantically rushed in suddenly.

Michael frowned when he saw the servant’s flustered manner and scolded, “What’s the matter with
you? What happened? Speak!”

“Mr. Zeller, there’s a lot of soldiers outside. They have surrounded the Zeller residence!” answered the
servant anxiously.

“What did you say? A group of soldiers surrounded the Zeller residence?” Michael’s expression
changed when he heard that and asked, “Where? Bring me there!”

“Right outside!”

The servant immediately led the way, hearing Michael’s orders.

When Michael stepped out of the living room, he saw a middle-aged man clad in a military outfit
standing in the Zeller residence’s courtyard. Behind him were more than ten soldiers in black armor.

“Who are you all? Who allowed you all to trespass into the Zeller residence? Do you know where this
is?” Michael didn’t hold back when he saw the middle-aged soldier.

Aren’t they just ordinary soldiers? What’s there to be scared of? There are people from the Zeller
holding essential positions in Asura’s Office. There’s no need to be afraid of a few soldiers.

“Trespass?” The middle-aged soldier coldly laughed when he heard that and asked, “Is the Zeller
residence some military base? How dare you use the word trespass?”

“Cut the crap. Who told you to surround the Zeller residence? Do you know what you’re doing? Do you
believe I will call Asura’s Office this instance?” said Michael with an annoyed expression.

“Call Asura’s Office?” The middle-aged soldier couldn’t hold back his laughter when he heard Michael’s
words and said, “I think that you’re not going to call Asura’s Office but Colin Zeller?”

“You know Colin?” Surprise flashed across Michael’s face when he heard the soldier mention Colin’s

“Of course I do. Colin, the chiliarch of the Dragon Scale Guards at Asura’s Office. How could I not know
about him?” said the middle-aged soldier with a laugh.

“Since you know him, how dare you surround the Zeller residence?” Michael’s expression turned cold,
and he threatened, “Do you believe I can get you fired instantly just by making a call?”

“I don’t!”

The middle-aged soldier shook his head and said, “You don’t have to make the call. Colin is currently
locked up in the isolation room. Ask him if he dares to take a step out of the military camp without my

“Your orders?”

Michael’s expression changed when he heard that, and a feeling of dread filled him. “Who exactly are
you?” he asked.

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