Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 308

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The Legendary Man

Wipe Them All Out

The moment Emmett lowered his head and admitted his mistake, Sophia couldn’t help but look at him
and say, “It’s not me who you should say sorry to, but Jonathan! Do you know how he survived in the
past ten years? Do you know what it means for a teenage child to be kicked out of the house by you
and not allowed to step into Yaleview for the rest of his life? It means that you have driven him to a
dead-end! There was no way for him to survive except to keep moving forward!”

Sophia suddenly became very agitated.


She couldn’t calm down at all.

It was because that was her nephew.

Her eldest brother and sister-in-law’s only bloodline in the world!

That was why she couldn’t calm down.

“However, it’s all thanks to you guys. Otherwise, how can Jonathan become that legendary man?” said


That was the only god in the minds of countless people throughout Chanaea.

In less than three years, that one person had led the Four Kings of War and the Eight Asura Guards to
sweep and conquer all of Chanaea.

It was also because of him that Chanaea changed from a collapsing war-torn world to a country with
short-term peace.

All of that was caused by a man who came out of nowhere.

Despite that, Sophia had never imagined that the legendary godlike man would be her nephew.

It was undoubtedly unbelievable.

If it weren’t for the fact that she saw the countless black-armored soldiers gathering quickly at the door
of the Goldstein residence within ten minutes because of an order from Jonathan and pointing their
guns at the residence, she wouldn’t have believed it.

Jonathan is Asura!

“Forget about that. Even if I kneel in front of him, he probably won’t forgive me!” Emmett
subconsciously shook his head when he heard Sophia ask him to apologize to Jonathan.

It’s impossible. More than ten years ago, I was the one who kicked Jonathan out of his house and out
of Yaleview.

Jonathan was only ten at that time.

More than ten years later, Emmett even sent someone to assassinate Jonathan.

How could Jonathan even forgive him after all of that?

The man didn’t end Emmett because of Sophia. Otherwise, Emmett might already be dead by
Jonathan’s gunshot.

“If you truly repent and know that you’re wrong, I think Jonathan will give you a chance.” Sophia shook
her head and sighed.

Jonathan wasn’t a heartless person. Otherwise, when he led hundreds of thousands of his troops to
pacify Yaleview a few years ago, he would’ve already destroyed the Goldstein family.

The family wouldn’t even have a chance to provoke Jonathan again and again.

“However, I hope you know that you’re wrong, not because of Jonathan being Asura! If this is your
reason for repentance, forget about Jonathan’s unwillingness to forgive you, even I won’t forgive you

Silence filled the entire car upon hearing Sophia’s words.

Only everyone’s breathing could be heard.

The car was shuttling quickly between the high-rise buildings.

On the other hand, in the courtyard of the Goldstein residence, Jonathan lit a cigarette and sat on a

That stone was his best playmate as a kid.

Whenever Daniel went out to work, Jonathan liked to sit quietly on a stone alone. He watched the birds
flying in the sky and the ants crawling on the ground.

He hadn’t been back there for more than ten years.

That meant it had been more than ten years since he last sat on that stone!

“Dad, Mom, are you seeing this? After more than ten years, I’m back! However, this time, no one can
kick me out of the house again! No one will stop me from setting foot in Yaleview again! Your son had
grown up and became stronger! Are you two seeing this?” Jonathan muttered to himself while looking
up at the sky.

Meanwhile, after Sophia got in the car, Andy walked in from the door and said, “Mr. Goldstein, they
have already boarded the car!”


Jonathan then nodded and simply gave a wave. “Have a seat!”

“Okay, Mr. Goldstein!”

With Jonathan’s order, Andy no longer kneeled. He found a stone and sat in front of Jonathan. “Mr.
Goldstein, what are you going to do with the Zeller family?” asked Andy.

The death of Nathan didn’t mean that the Zeller family was done for good.

There was still his son and hundreds of members from the entire Zeller family.

Also, there was another son of Nathan, who was the chiliarch of the Dragon Scale Guards at Asura’s

Jonathan replied nonchalantly, “Wipe them all out! From now on, I don’t want to see Yaleview having
the four prominent families or the Zeller family! Do you understand?”

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

The moment Andy heard what Jonathan said, he was immediately shocked.

Andy was well aware of the weight of Jonathan’s words. He also knew what it meant.

From that day onward, the four prominent families would be no more in Yaleview.

Because of Jonathan’s words, the domineering four prominent families that controlled half of Yaleview
were about to be wiped out.

They were going to be completely crumbled.

“Hang on. I remember that the Morsley family of yours is also one of the four prominent families, right?”
Jonathan casually flicked the cigarette ash while looking at Andy.

Upon hearing that, Andy’s face immediately turned pale. He then stood up suddenly and, with a thud,
he kneeled in front of Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, let me explain! The Morsley family had never wanted to
be one of the four prominent families in Yaleview!”

Andy continued, “The title of the four prominent families is made up by the outsiders, and the Morsley
family has nothing to do with this! Besides, I warned them a long time ago that they aren’t allowed to
use my reputation to be domineering and bully other weak families! Mr. Goldstein, over the years, the
Morsley family has never been involved in anything in Yaleview. Also, we have never used the title to
do anything that shouldn’t be done!”

Jonathan’s words had scared him a lot.

Andy had always been high and mighty when he was in front of outsiders. A 100 thousand Dragon
Scale Guards were at his command, and his actions could determine the survival of the entire nation.
He was the King of War in the Asura’s Office and controlled the lives of countless people.

However, in front of Jonathan, Andy was only a lucky person who was chosen by Jonathan himself.

He was extremely aware of how he came to hold the title of King of War.

Andy was also aware that only a word from Jonathan would be enough for him to be stripped of his title
at any time. He might also have his title changed within a night from King of War in the Asura’s Office to

a prisoner!

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