Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 307

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The Legendary Man

It Was My Fault

“Ms. Sophia, please get into the car.”

Andy personally stepped forward and opened the car door for her.


Sophia nodded and sorted her thoughts. She then helped Emmett and Loretta get into the military SUV
one after another. Looking out the window of the vehicle, they saw countless heavily armored soldiers.
Emmett’s gaze had mixed emotions instantly.

He never dreamed that the abandoned child who was kicked out of the Goldstein family by him more
than ten years ago would one day return like that!

Asura? That abandoned child is the legendary Asura? How is this possible?

Even at that moment, Emmett still couldn’t accept that the abandoned child who was kicked out of the
Goldstein family and forbade to set foot in Yaleview for the rest of his life turned out to be the legendary
godlike man!

How is this possible? How could Jonathan be Asura?

“Dad, stop watching. Let’s go!” Looking at Emmett’s eyes filled with complicated emotions, Sophia
couldn’t help but speak to interrupt his thoughts.

“Sophia, do you think I made the wrong choice back then?” Emmett’s eyes flashed with confusion. He
thought that if he hadn’t kicked Jonathan out of the family and Yaleview and had kept him, the

Goldstein family might already be the head of the four prominent families.

The Zeller family could become one of the four prominent families in Yaleview by having just one
chiliarch of the Dragon Scale Guards. So, with Jonathan, could the Goldstein family become the largest
elite family in Chanaea?

Thinking of that, Emmett wanted nothing more than to slap himself in the face.

Oh, Emmett! You’re smart and can predict anything! Despite that, you never expected that the
abandoned child would become the legendary godlike man Asura who led the Eight Asura Guards to
sweep and conquer all of Chanaea! The four prominent families are useless! In front of the Asura’s
Office, they’re just ants! Jonathan can level the entire Yaleview with just one step! What’s so special
about the strong Zeller family, one of the four prominent families anyway? With just one single order,
Andy can destroy them alone! Compared to the Asura’s Office, the four prominent families of Yaleview
aren’t even worth mentioning!

Hearing Emmett’s words, Sophia couldn’t help but glance at him and ask, “What do you think? Dad, the
reason why I’m still willing to stay by your side isn’t that I think what you are doing is right or wrong, but
because I’m your daughter! You’re the one who brought me into this world!”

She continued, “Besides, I have no choice. I can’t watch you die in front of me! For the so-called
Goldstein family and the so-called position as the head of the family, you have done so many wrong
things for so many years. That year when Daniel and his wife had just died, you kicked their only
bloodline in this world out of the house! If they know about this, they won’t let you go even if they
become ghosts!”

Even if they did something wrong, he still rushed to the front and protected them.

At the time, the Goldstein family wasn’t constantly fighting, harsh, and scheming against each other.
They only had familial affection.

However, after the unexpected death of Daniel and his wife, the entire Goldstein family seemed to have
changed in an instant.

They became cold-hearted, indifferent, and without a trace of affection.

In the eyes of other people, there were only personal gains in the Goldstein family.

They didn’t care for familial affection at all.

“I did this for the Goldstein family…” Emmett couldn’t help but lower his head when he heard what
Sophia said. He gave himself an excuse that he didn’t even believe himself would say.

“For the Goldstein family?” Hearing that, Sophia couldn’t help but sneer, “Do you believe this excuse
yourself? For the Goldstein family, you kicked Jonathan out of the house after Daniel and his wife had
just died? For the Goldstein family, you sent someone to assassinate your daughter? It’s not for the
Goldstein family at all but you, right?”

Sophia didn’t hesitate to expose Emmett.

He only cared about himself and his position as the head of the family.

Hearing Sophia’s words, Emmett tried to explain himself with his head lowered. “If I send someone to
kill you and Jonathan, the Zeller family will lead their troops to destroy our family. I did it for our family. I
had no choice but to sacrifice you and Jonathan! You saw it just now that Nathan personally led troops
to our family. If Jonathan wasn’t there, who would be able to protect our family?”

Sophia sneered, “You have to sacrifice your daughter and your grandson for our family? Nathan
annihilated and made the Goldstein family’s blood splatter for the sake of his grandson, but you? You
wanted to make your daughter and grandson die for the so-called Goldstein family! Emmett, if it isn’t for
me being your daughter, even I would look down on you!”

The reason why Sophia was still sitting there and staying by Emmett and Loretta’s side wasn’t that she
had forgiven them both. It was because she wasn’t as ruthless as the two of them. She couldn’t bear to
watch her parents die in front of her.

“Stop talking and leave me alone for a while!” Emmett’s head was lowered, and his expression was

On the other hand, when Loretta heard what Sophia said, her face looked perplexed immediately.

At the time when she was at Jadeborough, she coerced and lured Jonathan back to Yaleview using the
title of the successor of the Goldstein family.

After she was rejected by Jonathan, he even scolded her.

It seemed that the words she said at the time felt like a slap that landed harshly on her face.

At that moment, she felt like a fool.

In front of Asura, let alone the title of a mere successor of the Goldstein family, even the whole
Goldstein family was probably like an ant in his eyes.

The car slowly drove out of the Goldstein residence.

Emmett’s head became lower and lower as he looked at the rows of black-armored soldiers outside the
window. His body became more and more stooped.

Suddenly, he looked up at Sophia and said, “Sophia, I’m sorry! It was my fault!”

After saying that, Emmett seemed to have aged several decades.

He had never lowered his head and admitted his fault to anyone in his life, let alone his daughter.

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