Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 306

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The Legendary Man

Time For You To Go

How is this possible? How can he be Andy Morsley? That man is one of the Four Kings of War of
Asura’s Office! He’s also the man who commands a hundred thousand Dragon Scale Guards! Why on
earth would he kneel in front of Sophia’s toyboy? But Andy, as one of the Kings of War, only listens to
the command of one person in this world. That will be Asura himself, the legendary and mysterious

Upon seeing Nathan’s bewildered look, Andy glanced at him coldly. “Haven’t I told you my name from
earlier on? Your son is in Asura’s Office. Didn’t he tell you who is the real master of Dragon Scale

“Impossible! It’s absolutely completely impossible. Something must be wrong somewhere!” Nathan
looked dejected. He wasn’t willing to believe what had happened.

Indeed, Colin had informed him of the real master of Dragon Scale Guards.

Also, Colin had told Nathan that Andy, the King of War for Dragon Scale Guards, was the former’s

But why is Andy here in the Goldstein residence? Why would he kneel to a toyboy? How is this even

Andy continued to stare at Nathan icily. “It looks like your son didn’t tell you who is the real master of
Dragon Scale Guards. If that’s the case, I think that he can’t become the chiliarch anymore. If he
doesn’t even know who he is serving, what is the use of him being a chiliarch?”

Having said that, Andy turned to look at the soldier standing in front of him. “Relay my command to the
others. Colin Zeller, the chiliarch of Dragon Scale Guards, is officially dismissed from his position from
today onward. Also, he’ll be in detention for one year. He won’t be allowed to step out of the base camp
for Dragon Scale Guards camp. Those who violated this command will have their lives ended without

“Yes, sir!”

With that said, the soldier immediately walked out.

After he had left, Nathan finally realized that he was in deep trouble. Previously, Asura had brought
eight teams of Asura Guards to conquer Yaleview. The Zeller family was able to survive the massacre
and become one of Yaleview’s four prominent families because Nathan’s son was the chiliarch of
Asura’s Office. Now that his son had been dismissed, it would mean that the Zeller family would be in
trouble as well.

Gritting his teeth, Nathan said, “Andy, this has nothing to do with my son. You can take revenge on me,
but don’t drag my son into this matter!”

Upon hearing his remark, Andy gave him another icy stare. “If your son is involved in this matter, he
won’t just be locked up for one year. I’ll end his life immediately. That’s enough. Stop talking nonsense.
It’s time for you to go.”

As soon as he finished, Andy flicked his wrist. A black gun appeared in his hand. He pulled the trigger
immediately. The loud bang of a gunshot was heard. The gold-colored bullet went straight into Nathan’s


With bewildered eyes, Nathan slumped hard onto the ground.

He had died with an unresolved grievance.

Till the end, he didn’t understand where it went wrong.

He didn’t know why the Zeller family was destroyed. At the same time, he didn’t know what he had
done to offend Andy.

Moreover, he didn’t know why Andy would listen to the toyboy.

Could it be…

Before Nathan lost his consciousness, he finally understood it.

In the whole world, Andy would only listen to the commands of one particular person.

That man would be Asura.

The moment Nathan dropped to the ground, Andy turned to look at Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, I’ve
ended the lives of the vermins. Do you have further instructions?”

After giving him a nonchalant look, Jonathan said, “That’s all. Continue to kneel here.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Without saying more, Andy immediately kneeled on the ground.

At the same time, Jonathan walked up to Sophia hurriedly. He quickly loosened the ropes on her body.
As for Emmett and Loretta, he didn’t bother to even look at them.

He wasn’t concerned with the well-being of the two people.

“Aunt Sophia, are you okay?” Jonathan asked softly.

“I-I’m okay.” She then shook her head hastily.

Sophia looked self-conscious when she looked at him.

It wasn’t because she was afraid of him. Instead, she found it hard to accept the sudden change in his

Previously, she was able to use her status as an elder to bully him occasionally and flick his forehead
many times.

Once she knew that he was the legendary Asura, she realized that she would no longer dare to touch
him even if she was allowed to do it.

What a joke! Jonathan doesn’t even have to lift his finger. With just a word, he can command a hundred
thousand Asura Guards to destroy the Goldstein residence whenever he wants. Even Andy, one of the
famous Four Kings of War of Asura’s office, can only kneel on the ground obediently. The legendary
Demonic Terminator doesn’t even dare to stand up without Jonathan’s instruction. I wouldn’t even dare
to flick his forehead anymore. I don’t want to have a death wish.

“Aunt Sophia, you don’t have to be awkward with me. No matter what happens, I’ll always be the
Jonathan you know.”

After seeing the uncomfortable look in her eyes, Jonathan couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

From the start, he knew that the situation would be inevitable the moment his identity was revealed.

It was just as what he had expected.

The moment that his identity had been revealed, he noticed the distant feeling between himself and

“Okay. I-I understand.” Even after hearing his words, Sophia’s awkwardness didn’t disappear
immediately. Instead, she fumbled to untie the ropes on Emmett and Loretta. After helping them up,
she added, “Jonathan, if there’s nothing else, I’m going to send them to the hospital! If we delay it any
longer, I’m worried that they might have some problems…”

She kept looking here and there. It was as if she didn’t dare to look Jonathan directly in the eyes.

“I’ll arrange someone to fetch you.” He decided not to force her to behave just like she had been
previously. Instead, he turned to Andy and said, “Get some men to send them to the hospital.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”

With a nod, Andy stood up and left.

There were soldiers already waiting for them at the entrance when Sophia walked out with Emmett and

The moment they walked out of the residence, they immediately saw the black-armored soldiers.

At a glance, they were amazed because they couldn’t tell how many people were there.

Moreover, they were unable to see the faces clearly.

It was because all the soldiers wore the same uniform and had the same posture. Everything was the
same, including the expression in their eyes. Their gaze was filled with murderous intent.

At that moment, guns were directed at the Goldstein residence.

Meanwhile, their hands were placed on the trigger.

It was as if they were waiting for an order. An order that would command them to destroy the Goldstein
residence at any time.

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