Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 304

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The Legendary Man

The Demonic Terminator

“Yes, sir!” Once Nathan gave his order, more than a dozen burly men charged toward Jonathan with
weapons in their hands.

At that moment, Nathan’s eyes were filled with hatred.

He wished to skin Jonathan alive.

How dare he hurt my grandson. I want the toyboy to beg me to spare his life!

“You want to end my life with these vermins?” Noticing that the burly men were charging toward him,
Jonathan was unperturbed. He didn’t even spare them a glance.

“Nathan, don’t you think that you’ve underestimated me so much?”

Without saying more, he turned around and gave a loud shout to the empty front yard. “Andy, get over

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, the people caught a glimpse of a dark figure. Then, someone
suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was Andy Morsley.

Before they could comprehend what was happening, Andy had stood in front of Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

Andy kneeled on one knee and awaited Jonathan’s instruction.

“Teach these vermins a lesson. I want their lives to end. Remember to do it properly. I don’t want their
blood to splatter on the front yard.”

He didn’t think that they were worth the time for him to deal with them personally.

“Okay, Mr. Goldstein!”

Having said that, Andy turned to face the burly men. His aura changed all of a sudden. A strong
murderous intent had exuded from him.

It was as if he was a Demonic Terminator who had just returned from the battlefield.

His aura was enough to make everyone gasp in fear.

Casually, Jonathan lit a cigarette. “I’ll give you time until I finish smoking this cigarette. Is it enough?”

“It’s more than enough.”

Andy was filled with confidence. Not only the group of vermin, but he also believed that he could even
end the lives of dozens of elite soldiers of the Four Asura Guards within the time frame as well.

His position as the King of War of Asura’s Office wasn’t something that he had bought with money.

Instead, he earned it by blood, sweat, and tears.

Nathan sneered upon seeing Andy, who stood in front of Jonathan. With a cold smile and a disdainful
look in his eyes, Nathan said to Jonathan, “I was wondering where you found your confidence. So this
is it. You have a backup with you. But he’s alone. I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for him to protect your
worthless life.”

Then, he turned to Andy and said, “Do you think that when you have the same first name as the King of
War of Asura’s Office, you would be him?”

He shouted to the burly men, “Guys, take them down! Both of them!”

With a wave of his hand, the burly men lifted their weapons simultaneously and charged toward Andy.
Meanwhile, Andy could see that they were either holding swinging clubs, spears, or machetes in their

If one of them were able to strike Andy, he would surely either end up dead or paralyzed for life.

Nevertheless, Andy remained unfazed while facing dozens of burly men with weapons in their hands.
In fact, he was looking at them condescendingly.

Old-fashioned weapons? How dare they use old-fashioned weapons in front of me? During all these
years on the battlefield, I’ve never backed away when facing thousands of men with deadly weapons.
This time, these losers aren’t even worthy of going to the battlefield. But here they are, wishing to fight
against me. Do they have a death wish?

All of a sudden, they saw Andy’s face darkened as he charged toward them.

With just one punch, he crushed the head of a burly man who was at the frontline. Then, he turned
around and elbowed another burly man. He had managed to crush the man’s throat.

Whenever he made a move, it was always an ultimate blow.

He didn’t wish to delay the matter any longer.

For him, he would end someone’s life once he made a move.

On a battlefield, there was no chance for dirty tricks. Survival was the only thing that mattered.

No one would have any time to spare.


Andy proceeded to kick a burly man’s thigh. Then, he continued to grab the man’s neck. Using his
strength, he twisted the man’s neck. The sound of a crack was heard in the air. The burly man didn’t
even have time to cry in pain when he dropped to the ground.

Blood began gushing out of his orifices.

The entire scene was brutal and vicious.

In less than a minute, he had ended the lives of half the burly men who had first charged forward.

The rest of the burly men looked at the Demonic Terminator with fear in their eyes. Almost immediately,
their knees went weak. Then, they turned around and ran away.

Who are we kidding? Is he even human? In less than a minute, he ended the lives of half our men. We
are retired soldiers hired from overseas. Before this, we had encountered many brutal and bloody
situations. Moreover, we have ended many people’s lives. But it looks like we can’t even stand a
chance when we fight against Andy. How can he be a human being? He is the devil!

The remaining people exchanged looks among themselves. In unison, they shouted, “Run!” Nothing
else was said. They turned around and ran away.

Once Andy realized their intention, he gave a cold smile. Darting forward, he grabbed a burly man’s
neck and twisted it hard. With the sound of a crack, Andy had broken the man’s neck. The man didn’t
even have the time to turn his head around.

“Are you trying to run away? Have I allowed you to do that?”

Immediately, he pushed the lifeless body away. Then, he charged once again into the crowd and
started his massacre.

The minutes ticked away.

There was no survival among the dozens of burly men once Jonathan’s cigar had burned halfway

It was just in the blink of an eye.

The burly men who followed Nathan had ended up being cold and lifeless corpses.

The moment Nathan saw the situation, he was scared out of his wits.

H-How is this possible? That guy used less than five minutes to end the lives of the retired soldiers. But
these are the foreign professional mercenaries I have hired using an enormous amount of money. Is
this a joke? Even the Four Asura Guards of Asura’s Office wouldn’t be able to do what he had just

Thus, Nathan’s whole body trembled. Looking at the Demonic Terminator in front of him, he blurted out,
“Wh-Who are you? Where are you from?”

Andy, meanwhile, merely gave him a cold look. It was as if Andy was looking at a dead person. “Do you
think that you are entitled to know my name?”

To him, Nathan was no different from being dead. It didn’t matter what his identity or his social status

Therefore, a dead person wouldn’t be qualified to ask for his name.


Andy’s words had left Nathan flustered. The Zeller family was one of the four prominent families. Thus,
as the head of the Zeller family, he deemed it impossible not to have the right to know Andy’s real


It was a great humiliation for him.

After ending the lives of all the burly men, Andy turned to look at Jonathan, who was standing behind
him. “Mr. Goldstein, did I exceed the time?”

“No, you didn’t.”

Shaking his head, Jonathan threw the last part of the cigarette butt onto the ground.

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