Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 305

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The Legendary Man

Are You Threatening Me

“That’s good to hear.”

Andy heaved a sigh of relief. He took a brief glance at Nathan, who was trembling slightly. Then, he
turned to Jonathan and said, “Mr. Goldstein, this old man is the only one still alive. Do you want me to
end his life as well?”

Without lifting his head, Jonathan replied, “Do it.”

The moment Nathan brought the group of burly men to enter the Goldstein residence, it meant that he
was already as good as dead.

Upon hearing Jonathan’s instruction, Andy replied, “Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Then, he strode toward Nathan. In an instant, Nathan’s heart skipped a beat. With face pale as a sheet,
he said, “Wh-What do you want to do?”

“What do you think?” Andy asked coldly.

“D-Don’t come here!” Watching Andy getting closer, Nathan was overwhelmed by an immense fear that
he had never felt before.

It was a feeling that he had never experienced in such a long time.

The Zeller family was one of the four prominent families in Yaleview. As Nathan was the head of the
Zeller family, no one dared to threaten him for many years.

In fact, he had forgotten when was the last time he was threatened.

“Let me tell you something. I am Nathan Zeller, the head of the Zeller family. We’re one of the four
prominent families in Yaleview. If you dare to hurt me even for the slightest bit today, the Zeller family
won’t forgive you!” As there was nothing else he could do, he had no choice but to mention the Zeller

He wanted to use the name to scare Andy off.

What he didn’t know was that Andy would never be scared of the Zeller family.

Is he joking? I won’t even raise an eyebrow if all four families join forces to fight against me. Why does
he think I will be scared of the Zeller family alone?

With a cold smile, Andy responded, “Yaleview’s four prominent families? The Zeller family? In my eyes,
you’re worth nothing! I’m not afraid of the Zeller family. To me, I think you are merely ants that I can
trample on. I’m not worried even if the four families join forces to fight against me.”

What is this nonsense about the Zeller family and the four families? They’re worth nothing in the eyes
of Asura’s Office. Just an instruction from Jonathan will make the Zeller family and even the whole
Yaleview be destroyed in an instant.


Nathan was filled with rage upon realizing that Andy didn’t seem to be worried about the Zeller family.
“Young man, think about it carefully. If you dare to invoke the anger of the Zeller family, you won’t be
able to handle it. Nothing will happen to you after you’re dead. But it won’t be the same thing if your
family is dragged into the mess.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Upon hearing Nathan’s remark, Andy’s face darkened. All of a sudden, he charged forward. Lifting his
leg, he kicked Nathan’s stomach hard. There was a loud thudding sound.

The kick was enough to make Nathan, who had threatened Andy, crumple and kneel in front of the

Andy’s eyes darkened while he stared at the man kneeling in front of him. “Nathan, do you know how
many years has it been since someone dared to threaten me? The last person who dared to do so had
long died.”

Having said that, Andy lifted his left hand and grabbed Nathan’s neck. With a loud thud, Nathan was
thrown heavily to the ground.

Following that, Nathan spat out a mouthful of dark blood.

Meanwhile, he felt as if his body was fallen apart.

The moment he saw Andy approaching him slowly, he panicked all of a sudden. “Young man, d-don’t
be rash!”

In an instant, the feeling of fear that he had never experienced before filled his body.

“If you dare to end my life, the Zeller family won’t forgive you. Colin won’t let you off easily as well!”

When Andy heard the name, he frowned. “Colin? Are you talking about the chiliarch of Dragon Scale
Guards, Colin Zeller?”

The moment Nathan realized that Andy knew Colin, his eyes brightened. “Yes, that’s him! He’s my

“Colin’s your son?” A conflicted expression appeared on Andy’s face.

As the King of War for Dragon Scale Guards of Asura’s Office, how could I never know the chiliarch is
actually Nathan’s son? In fact, Colin is my subordinate!

Upon seeing the conflict on Andy’s face, Nathan thought that Andy was finally worried to hear the name
of someone that Nathan knew. Without any delay, he started to threaten Andy by saying, “Yes, that’s
right. Young man, let me tell you. If you dare to hurt me, Colin won’t forgive you. Even if you run to the
end of the world, he’ll still be able to find you and end your life. Moreover, he’ll skin you alive. Other
than you, your whole family will suffer as well.”

When he heard the words, Andy couldn’t help but give a cold smirk. “End my life? Skin me alive?
Nathan, I have nothing against you. But even if Colin is standing here right now, you can ask him if he
dares to speak that way to me.”

As soon as he finished, Andy didn’t wish to waste his time anymore. Lifting his left hand, he gave a
hard punch. He intended to end Nathan’s life quickly.

Before he could swing his fist, a loud rumbling sound was heard outside the Goldstein residence.

Shortly after, many black-armored soldiers gathered quickly outside the residence. All of them were
fully armed with heavy artilleries in their hands.

Once they had assembled together, they quickly pointed their gun toward the Goldstein residence.

At the same time, there were countless military trucks and tanks surrounding the whole Goldstein

Wh-What is going on?

Baffled, Nathan found the situation to be very puzzling.

At the same time, the expression on Emmett and Loretta’s faces changed as well.

I-Is this the army? Why are they surrounding the residence?

While everyone was stupefied, a black-armored soldier holding heavy artillery entered the Goldstein
residence quickly. He then kneeled on one knee in front of Andy. Solemnly, he said, “Greetings,
Commander! Following your order, a hundred thousand Dragon Scale Guards of Asura’s Office have
gathered outside. Commander, please give your order!”

“Get up.”

Andy waved his hand dismissively. The soldier quickly stood up. Nathan, meanwhile, watched the
whole exchange with a horrified expression.

Commander? The Commander of Dragon Scale Guards of Asura’s Office?

In the world, there were only two persons worthy of being called Commander by Dragon Scale Guards.
Moreover, the two people were the only ones who could give commands to a hundred thousand Asura
Guards in the team of Dragon Scale Guards.

One was Asura himself.

The other one was Andy Morsley, one of the Four Kings of War of Asura’s Office.

“You’re actually Andy Morsley?” At that moment, Nathan felt that his knees had buckled. Suddenly, a
cold shiver ran down his spine.

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