Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 303

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The Legendary Man

What Real Hell Feels Like

“Nathan, you…” The moment Emmett heard what Nathan said, his expression darkened.

He had never felt such humiliation in his life before.

Not to mention, both his legs were broken by Jonathan, and he was then cast out from the Goldstein
family by the latter. In the end, he was even blocked by Nathan at the entrance of his house.

After all, he was the head of the Goldstein family. There was no way he could take in such insult.

“What about me?”

At that instance, Nathan displayed a cold smile. “Emmett, let me tell you. If you don’t want to die, hand
over your shameless daughter and that toyboy. If not, it’ll be the end for the Goldstein family today!”

“Sophia, go and find Jonathan now!” Emmett’s first reaction upon hearing Nathan’s words was to ask
Sophia to escape.

Go and find Jonathan! At this point, only he can rescue you!

However, as soon as he finished his sentence, Nathan stretched his hand and blocked Sophia’s way.
“Do you want to escape? Do you really think you can do that? Come. Tie this b*tch up!”


The second he gave out his order, a dozen of bulky men approached without hesitation and
surrounded Sophia completely.

Upon seeing that scene, Sophia’s face darkened, asking anxiously, “Wh-What do you guys want?”

“What do we want? I want to kill you!” With a cold look, Nathan scolded fiercely, “What are you guys
waiting for? Tie her up right now!”


Soon after, those men grabbed Sophia’s arm and pinned her to the ground.

With her body size, there was no way she could possibly beat a dozen of strong men.

Before she could even resist, she was tied up by those men.

“Tie these two old things up too!” After seeing Sophia getting tied up, Nathan displayed a cold look as
he shifted his gaze toward Emmett and Loretta.

“Since you two old things wish to die, I’ll fulfill your wish! Today, I’ll have the entire Goldstein buried
together with my grandson! Do it now!”

Right after he gave his order, those men approached and kicked Emmett and Loretta, who were both
lame and had no strength to fight back at all.

Right after they both collapsed to the ground, those men tied them up.

In the blink of an eye, the three of them were all tied up.

After that, Nathan scanned them coldly. “There’s another one left! Sophia, where’s the toyboy that’s
under your care? Where is he? Hand him over to me now!”

“What toyboy? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Sophia said while biting her lip.

“Are you playing dumb with me?” Nathan sneered after hearing Sophia’s words. “Sophia, do you think
playing dumb is going to help you survive? Mark my words. Even If I have to dig through the entire
Yaleview, I will find that toyboy! Then, I’ll cut down his meat little by little until he dies!”

Upon saying that, Nathan waved his hand. “Search for him! Don’t let anyone alive escape from the
Goldstein family! Capture everyone who’s alive, and let no one escape!”


As another order was announced, those men took their weapons and charged toward the courtyard.

Yet, the moment they rushed into it, they saw a young man, who still looked like a student, showing up
in front of them suddenly.

“There’s no need to search. Besides me, there’s no one alive left in the courtyard!” the young man

“Who are you then?”

Nathan’s expression darkened the moment he saw the young man.

“If I’m not mistaken, I’m the toyboy that you mentioned.” Jonathan looked at him nonchalantly.

“You’re that toyboy?” The second Nathan heard what Jonathan said, his gaze was locked on Jonathan
and was filled with rage. “So, you’re the one who broke my grandson’s arms and legs?”

“That’s right. I was the one!” Jonathan had no intention to deny it at all. “It looks like I was being too
lenient! If I had hit him harder, there would be no trouble now! I won’t even have you bunch of pests
bothering me now!”

What is this Zeller family? So what if they are one of the four prominent families in Yaleview?

In Jonathan’s eyes, they were nothing more than a bunch of ordinary useless humans.

“What did you say?” Nathan’s expression darkened after he heard Jonathan’s words. He couldn’t
believe his own ears.

What did he just say? He was being lenient? He had broken my grandson’s limbs and still has the guts
to say that?

“Was I not loud enough? Did you not hear it clearly?” Looking at Nathan’s befuddled face, Jonathan
repeated, “I said that it looks like I was being too lenient! If I see him again, not only will I break his
arms and legs, but I’ll also take his life! At the same time, I’ll destroy the entire Zeller family!”

At that moment, Jonathan’s gaze turned utterly cold.

The second he saw Sophia getting tied up by them, he had made up his mind to pronounce the Zeller
family dead.

In truth, he didn’t have many close ones in this world, and Sophia was one of them.

As such, whoever laid their hands on her might as well dug their own grave.

“What did you say? Young man, did I hear it wrongly? What makes you think you can destroy the Zeller
family?” Nathan thought he had heard some kind of joke. “Even Emmett won’t dare to say such a thing,
let alone you, toyboy!”

“I’m different from Emmett!” Upon hearing Nathan’s words, Jonathan glanced at him faintly. “He didn’t
dare to break your grandson’s limbs, but I did!”

“Go to hell!”

Hearing Jonathan mentioning his grandson’s broken limbs again, Nathan was beyond exasperated.
“No wonder Sophia, this bitch, has a thing for you! Besides having a bold look, you also have a bold
mouth as well! However, there’s no use having a bold mouth! It can’t save you!”

Upon saying that, Nathan waved his hand while giving out an order. “Do it, but don’t kill him yet. Keep
him alive. I want to torture him slowly and cut his flesh down slice by slice! I want to show him what real
hell feels like!”

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